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Fight Of Tiny Big Hornbattle of little big car horn

Five springs in the past I, with many Sioux Indians, took straight down and packed up the

tipis and moved by Cheyenne riv to the Rosebud river, where we

stayed on a camp site a few days and nights, then took down and packed up our lodges and transferred

to the Small Bighorn river and pitched our lodges with the large camp of

Sioux. The Sioux were camped on the Little Bighorn river as follows: The

lodges of the Uncpapas were pitched highest in the river under a bluff. The

Santee lodges were pitched next. The Oglalas lodges were pitched next. The

Brule lodges were pitched next. The Minneconjou lodges were pitched next.

The Sans Charmilles lodges had been pitched subsequent. The Blackfeet lodges had been pitched

next. The Cheyenne lodges were pitched up coming. A few Arikara Indians had been

among the Sioux (being devoid of lodges of their own). Two-Kettles, among

the other Sioux (without lodges). I was a Sioux primary in the council lodge. My

lodge was pitched in the center of the camp. The day in the attack My spouse and i and four

women were a shorter distance through the camp searching wild turnips. Suddenly

among the women drawn my awareness of a impair of particles rising a shorter

distance coming from camp. My spouse and i soon found that the military were recharging the camp. To

the camp I actually and the girls ran. While i arrived a person informed me to hurry to

the authorities lodge. The soldiers billed so quickly we could not talk

(council). We came out of the council lodge and talked everywhere. The

Habile mount race horses, take weapons, and get fight the soldiers. Ladies and

children support horses and go, that means to get from the way. Among the list of

soldiers was an official who rode a horse with several white foot. The Sioux have for any long

time fought a large number of brave guys of different persons, but the Sioux say this kind of officer

was the bravest person they had at any time fought. I actually dont know whether this is

Gen. Custer or not. Many of the Sioux men that I hear talking tell me it was. I

noticed this expert in the fight many times, although did not discover his human body. It has been

explained that he was killed with a Santee American indian, who took his horses. This

official wore a large-brimmed head wear and a deerskin layer. This expert saved the

lives of numerous soldiers simply by turning his horse and covering the retreat. Sioux claim

this official was the bravest man they will ever fought. I saw two officers seeking

alike, both having lengthy yellowish hair. Before the attack the Sioux were

stayed on a camp site on the Rosebud river. Habile moved straight down a water running into the

Little Bighorn river, entered the Little Bighorn river, and camped in its western

bank. This day a Sioux man begun to go to Reddish colored Cloud

agency, but when he had gone a shorter distance via camp this individual saw a cloud of

dust particles rising and turned as well as said he thought a herd of buffalo was coming

nearby the village. The morning was popular. In a short time the soldiers recharged the

camp. The troops

came around the trail manufactured by the Habile camp in moving, and crossed the small

Bighorn lake above in which the Sioux entered, and assaulted the lodges of the

Uncpapas, farthest the river. The ladies and kids ran over the Little

Bighorn river a quick distance to a ravine. The soldiers established fire to the lodges.

Each of the Sioux today charged the soldiers and drove them in misunderstandings across

the tiny Bighorn lake, which was incredibly rapid, and several soldiers had been

drowned in it. On a hill the soldiers ended and the Sioux surrounded them.

A Habile man emerged and declared a different get together of Troops had every one of the

women and children prisoners. Such as a whirlwind the phrase went about, and

the Sioux almost all heard this and still left the military on the mountain and proceeded to go quickly just to save

the women and children. Through the hill the fact that soldiers had been on to the place

where the distinct soldiers been seen in

was level ground with the exception of a creek. Sioux believed the soldiers on

the hill could charge these people in rear, but when they did

not the Sioux thought the military on the hill were away of ink cartridges. As soon

as we had murdered all the different troops the Habile all went back to destroy the

troops on the hill. All the Sioux watched around the hill on what were the

soldiers till a Habile man arrived and explained many jogging soldiers were coming

around. The coming in the walking military was the saving of the troops on the

hillside. Sioux are unable to fight the walking military, being scared of them, thus

the Habile hurriedly still left. The soldiers charged the Sioux camp about midday.

The military were divided, one get together charging straight into the camp. After

traveling these troops across the lake, the Sioux charged the several soldiers

under, and travel them in confusion, these soldiers became

foolish, many throwing away their guns and raising their particular hands, declaring, Sioux

shame us, take us prisoners. The Habile did not require a single gift prisoner

yet killed every one of them, none had been left alive for a few minutes. These kinds of

different soldiers discharged all their guns but little. My spouse and i took a gun and two belts

off two lifeless soldiers, out of one belt two carts and catomizers were removed, out of the

additional five. The Sioux took the pistols and cartridges off the lifeless soldiers and

went to the hill which the troops were, encircled and battled them with

the guns and cartridges with the dead soldiers. Had the soldiers not divided I actually

think they can have murdered many Sioux. The different military that the Sioux killed manufactured five daring stands. As soon as the Sioux

charged right accompanied by the different military and existing them all

fighting among the troops hand at hand. One group of soldiers was in backside of

the Sioux. When ever this group of soldiers charged, the Sioux dropped back, and the

Sioux plus the soldiers was standing facing the other person. Then every one of the Sioux became

brave and charged the soldiers. The Sioux gone but a shorter distance just before

they separated and encircled the soldiers. I could view the officers traveling in

front with the soldiers and hear them shooting. Now the Sioux had a large number of killed.

The soldiers slain 136 and wounded one hundred sixty Sioux. The Sioux murdered all these

several soldiers in the ravine. The soldiers charged the Habile camp furthest

up the river. A short time after the different troops charged the village

beneath. While the different soldiers and Sioux had been fighting together the Sioux

chief said, Sioux men, go view soldiers within the hill and prevent their joining

the different soldiers. The Sioux men got the clothing off of the dead and

dressed themselves in it. Among the soldiers were white-colored men who were not

military. The Habile dressed in the soldiers and white mens clothing fought against

the troops on the slope. The banking institutions of the Very little Bighorn river were substantial, and

the Sioux slain many of the troops while traversing. The military on the mountain

dug up the ground, and the soldiers and Sioux

battled at long range, sometimes the Sioux asking close up. The fight

continued at long-range until a Sioux guy saw the walking soldiers coming.

When the walking soldiers came near the Sioux became afraid and ran apart.

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