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In this newspaper I will discuss the issues of malaria disease. Let me

discuss the symptoms of malaria, the preventions of wechselfieber, and the

treatment of malaria. In my conclusion Let me sum up all the details

and the person reads my paper may have a good knowledge of this disease

and the reassurance that if they ever run into this in their life time

they are able to deal with it will especially if they are going to be a

nurse. Most people in America don’t know very much about this disease but its

good to know mainly because our country has a lot of people coming from all more than

the world as nurses we need to give care to these persons and we should

have understanding about different disease that might not be so common in America

although is around the earth. One day it could be common with this country as well

by people bring it to this country therefore we should find out about this significant and

fatal disease. After which when you are infected by the disease you have to get

treated over the following 2 a few months but doesnt mean that you’ll certainly be showing

indications of the disease

Malaria a few

There are 2 . 1 million people moving into malaria parts of the world and

that 270 million persons develop fresh malaria infections every year (Hoffman

1991). Wechselfieber is one of the exoplanets deadliest disease and one of many

leading factors behind sickness in poor expanding countries. Wechselfieber is a

severe, sometimes embrionario disease caused by a parasite. You will find four types

of malaria that contaminate people: Plasmodium Falciparum, S. Vivax, P. Ovale

and P. Wechselfieber. Because of this disease I will notify about each of the symptoms

preventions, and the treatment to better inform you.

Malaria affects mostly kids and pregnant women. Malaria influences

children mostly under five years of age. Every sixty seconds malaria eliminates three

kids a day (Rabinovich, 2002). Pregnant women with malaria are the majority of

likely to develop anemia and with severe anemia we have a high risk to

maternal loss of life. Infants delivered with mothers with malaria are more likely to

possess low delivery weight, which can be the single greatest risk element for fatality

during the initial months of life. Since nurses we could to tell anyone who is

going to a unique country specifically one that can be infected with malaria

that they have to take every one of the precautions to avoid malaria. If they are

taking children, planning to include children, or they are currently pregnant

you as nurses have to give all the information to them to stop the

risk of all of them or youngsters from any harm.

The very first thing I wanted to discuss was the symptoms of malaria.

If you are infected with malaria disease you may not even know you were

contaminated. Most people get symptoms start ten times to 4 weeks after

contaminated. They can experience ill early on as 8 days or perhaps up to a yr later. This

type of wechselfieber P. Vivax, P. Ovale can others in the

Malaria 4

liver for several months up to four years after infection and later invade

blood causing sickness. Symptoms of malaria include fever, flu

just like illness, banging chills, head aches, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting

and bloody diarrhea. Wechselfieber can also cause jaundice due to loss of

red blood. If you have Plasmodium Falciparum you will get kidney

inability, seizures, mental confusion, coma, and loss of life. As rns if a

individual comes in with these symptoms you can merely say their flu because

malaria can be like you possess flu however you dont. You will need to ask them in the event that

they have been to the different country lately specifically one with malaria.

There were a lot of deaths that may have been avoided if only the

nurses and doctors experienced determined it wasnt a flu yet malaria and treated

that properly.

I second thing wanted to speak about are the preventions of wechselfieber.

Malaria occurs mostly during the night when the pests come out to feed. You may have

to wear very long sleeve tshirts and lengthy pants and ensure you arent wearing

dark color garments. You also have to be sure you have insect-repellent

on when skin is exposed. When ever sleeping at night make sure to sleeping under

insect repellant nets to prevent contamination.

The treatment of wechselfieber includes many drugs. Chloroquine

Mefloquine is effective against all four human malaria (Hoffman, 1991).

Malaria prevention is difficult and likely to change during the coming

years. None

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