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Most of the people dream of living a regular, usual everyday life and watching their children

grow up and have groups of their own, nevertheless for some people these kinds of dreams and all their

memories from their past can be removed and misplaced in an timeless disease that influences more

then simply four mil Americans today. Alzheimers Disease is a progressive disease that may differ

from person to person and robs it is victims with their past and future. Alzheimers Disease can be

known as the Great Eraser and turns each day normal people into weak and dull

individuals who are left being maintained by a care-giver such as relatives or friends because

they are unable to take care of themselves. Besides this disease affect the person

who has the illness but as well takes a superb toll on the family members who have to live

with all the victims. Alzheimers leaves loved ones feeling weak, sad, confused and

furious because they will feel that there exists more that they can could perform or that they can could have done

with them in the past whenever they were more healthier and were able to carry out more things.

Today more after that 100, 000 Americans expire each year coming from Alzheimers Disease. The number

of deaths maintain rising which is giving families of the victims looking for answers to

questions that not even researchers or doctors can find out about the condition, like why this

disease is triggered and how this disease can be cured.

Alzheimers Disease is known as a progressive and irreversible human brain disorder that destroys

mental and physical functioning in human beings and in the end leads to fatality, not

due to disease itself but as the disease eventually causes your body to

arrêt the parts a body needs to keep a person alive. Alzheimers Disease is definitely the fourth

leading cause of fatalities in adults. Alzheimers Disease can be described as neurological disease that takes

aside a persons memory space of their previous and future. Alzheimers Disease eventually causes a

person to not be able to take care of themselves anymore. The folks who develop

Alzheimers Disease often experience a wide variety and mixture of thoughts, they are

usually confused, disappointed, angry, scared and feel depression. The victims truly feel this way

because they shed their cultural and fascination abilities that interfere with each day functions.

Alzheimers Disease aggravates with the improving of age, although there is no

evidence that it is caused by the aging process. The standard life expectancy of any person

who have Alzheimers Disease is from five to ten years, however, many patients today

can meet fifteen years due to the advancements of modern technology and

medications. The cause of Alzheimers Disease remains to be today not known and have not yet

been discovered by scientist or perhaps doctors. Alzheimers Disease may also not end up being absolutely

confirmed in the body until an autopsy continues to be done as well as the brain cells have been

analyzed thoroughly and completely. While there is no cure or no method to prevent

Alzheimers Disease, analysts have made great progress within the last five years or so.


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