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“There is no chance of the welfare of the world unless the health of women has been enhanced. It is not easy for a parrot to take flight on one side. “

– Swami Vivekananda

The most important and greatest social movements continuing is movement pertaining to emancipation of women. Though the major goal for ladies empowerment is always to improve the quality lifestyle of women however it has also deep ramifications in social, monetary and personal scenario of body polity. The mass media through their reach to people at large has been instrumental even though not to the extent wanted in helping the movement for women emancipation by focusing neglect and marginalization of the position in the women in society.

It sounds stimulating how by a highly dignified position in India’s mythological history, over in India has been relegated to a secondary position. The vested pursuits of the ruling elite plus the male lobby influenced by simply alien ethnicities legitimised female as a person of very little consequence.

It would be a sad commentary around the subordinate position of women in India when ever woman is ideally viewed as Shakti (Power), the origin of power on its own but in fact found since helpless, hapless woman without the identity only that of a better half, or the mom who has hardly any voice in decision making and has almost no by way of her own standard choice. Although discrimination against and exploitation of women are global phenomena, their implications are more tragic in the a lot of parts of the globe particularly in under developed countries where, lack of knowledge, deprivation of the basic


Address by simply Mr. Proper rights G. And. Ray, Chairman, Press Council of India at the inauguration session of National Press Day in November sixteen, 2008 in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. 2 necessities of your life, and the ever-growing pressure of transition from tradition to modernity- all combine to aggravate the inequalities that girls suffer to a point at which their living is reduced to a ongoing battle to get survival. Improving the status of women is among the key to narrowing the sexuality gap and achieving a better standard of living.

Women will be under superb social control and overview which has constrained what they know and wherever and to which. Cultural techniques in almost every interpersonal set-up decide women’s socialization in simply no uncertain terms. This has a crucial bearing issues ability to communicate and communicate their thoughts.

To discuss girls empowerment you need to deal with the current situation of ladies in India. I would like to briefly discuss certain important aspects associated with the women which in turn media will need to adequately cover and aid the process of personal strength of women.

Gender Inequality

A vast majority of Indian ladies work through out their lives but the fact is that it can be not officially recognized. Statistics on work force shows low figure of ladies workers. There is also a serious underestimation of could contribution because workers although when provided a chance they have convincingly proven their ability. Women’s labor force participation – the percentage of adult ladies who are actually doing work is acknowledged indicator of women’s status and component of the Gender Empowerment Evaluate (GEM) utilized in GNDP Individual Development Reports. According into a survey executed by NCW covering above 1200 women in the two organized and unorganized sector it has been discovered that 50% experienced male or female discrimination by using physical and mental nuisance of women at the job.

The survey reported splendour not only in income but likewise in special offers, work syndication and functioning hours. Endorsing gender equal rights was determined by the Federal government as top priority strategic objective for the UN System in3 India under ESTE Development Assistance Framework. We have to not forget that Gender Equal rights is not just a women’s issue. It is an concern for the nation.

Wage elegance

Women generally earn a far lower salary than males doing similar work. In no point out in India women and men earn equal wage in farming. This is evenly applicable to other areas of works including mining, operate, transport providers etc . Inside the various work sectors average wages attained by guy is more compared to the wages gained by woman.

I would emphasize on the conclusions of UNDP which were posted as Man Development Survey concerning male or female equality. It says: “Women’s work is greatly undervalued in economical term. The cost of household and community work transcends their market value. “

The media can certainly bring a few of these biases in to light. Especially, women press must consider up this kind of cause. The Indian cosmetic makes it mandatory to give equal protection to every citizen. Thus sympathetic media, judiciary and executive should stand for this together. Reform movement also is necessary regarding this.

Crime against women

The soaring crime rates and assault against girls in the country shows women since weaker sex who will be being dominated and used. They deal with violence inside and outside the family through their lives. The Criminal offenses Record Bureau of India’s website shows that in the year 2006 (latest data available on website) total criminal offense reported against women was 1, 91731. Police record shows that a woman is molested in the country just about every 20 minutes; a rape occurs every single 34 moments and every 43 minutes an incident of sexual nuisance takes place. Just about every 43 moments a woman can be kidnapped each 93 a few minutes, a woman can be killed. 4

Before empowerment of women could be achieved it is necessary to enable women to give voice to their knowledge, their sufferings, and for culture to understand all of them as man and interact to them with sensitivity.

Under Representation in significant position

Women are below represented in governance and decision making positions. At present females represent about 8-9% of Parliamentary seats and less than 6% of cabinet positions. Less than 4% seats in High Process of law and Great Courts will be occupied simply by women. Less than 3% of administrators are women.


Millions of American indian women merely lack the freedom to go out of the house in search of health services they need. According to National Overall health Survey – 2 simply 52% girls in India are not even consulted about decision of the own overall health. The antenatal and postnatal care are beyond the reach of countless Indian females. The Countrywide Health Review – a couple of estimate says that several 1, 00, 000 to 1, 20, 000 women perish every year because of pregnancy related causes. In some States death rate is pretty high and alarming. The pace in India is quite greater than the mother’s mortality price surveyed in Cuba, China, Srilanka and Vietnam.

The majority of women proceed through life in state of nutritional pressure. They are frail and under nourished. Girls and females face elegance within the family; eating last and least.

Difference on Male-Female Ratio

Men out amount women in India, unlike in many countries where case is definitely otherwise. The main cause of the gap in the male female ratio is definitely prevailing practice of female fetus eradicating specially high in Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. In these says, the ratio is shockingly low as compared to other Indian states. Girl infant mortality rates are higher than male infant 5 mortality costs. Sample Enrollment System (2000) reveals that female toddler mortality rate is seventy four per multitude of live beginning.

The advertising needs to concentrate on this health issue of women. The different scheme integrated by the government. requires wider coverage in order that women especially from monetarily weaker section can be tips from them.

Women Education

Education of women permits them to set their particular priorities, seek knowledge and information to create their informed choices. The literacy level among women continues to be lower than individuals for men. As per data of 2004-2005 available with the Countrywide Sample Review, literacy level per 1000 amongst non-urban women is approximately 450 and amongst urban female is practically 700. If we view overall position, there is a positive creation and female literacy rate has gone up 50% as per the Countrywide Sample Survey 1997 survey. Despite this progress more than 245 million Indian women cannot read and write.

Just 50% of Indian ladies are well written as compared to 65. 5% of men. Significantly fewer women than young boys go to university. Even if they can be enrolled, most of the girl pupils drop out in the school. Women adult literacy rate in Malaysia, Srilanka, China, Vietnam, and Philippines is more than 70% and higher than that in India.

Media’s Position in empowerment of women in India

Communication is extremely important intended for women’s development and mass media play significant role. You should be known that regarding women’s education and their admittance into employment have written for the growth of media. In all spheres of life if for managing population development, spread of literacy or perhaps improving quality of life for great masses, ladies have vital role to experience. However , girls can be expected to experience this part when they turn into conscious of potency and efficacy and are not really deliberately marginalised by guy domination. In this context, media has an important role to play – to create waking up in girls to achieve their potential since the prime movers of difference in society. Today, print and electronic mass media play a huge role in efficiently conveying message that needs to be conveyed.

Portrayal of ladies by the Multimedia

By and large the media field in India is that press does not addresses serious problems about exploitation and inequal treatment to women in different spheres yet is willing in reporting sex related incidents by way of sensationalizing reports of atrocities on women. Thus instead of highlighting the exploitation of woman they will end up turning into one of the reasons in increase of violence as their coverage more often than not tend to glorify the criminal offenses against women. It is authentic that multimedia has brought to light, because never ahead of, certain misdemeanours against females but in a really subtle way it also perpetuated the o image of female as a householder and a great inconsequential organization in the traditional value system.

Generally, women’s problems never figure within the front page of a magazine unless it is a gruesome homicide or a circumstance of rape. Newspapers actually on could page would not usually addresses relevant concerns for women empowerment but revealing is concerned with beauty tips quality recipes, fashion symptoms etc . 7 It is unlucky that there is not enough sensitivity among the newspapers generally speaking to women and their problems. I would like to relate to the Study conducted by Media Advocation Group viz. “Violence against Women: Press Coverage and Representation”. The Media Advocation Group produced the following recommendations on reporting physical violence against the ladies.

(i) Multimedia needs to consider an extended, larger view of crimes against women. It must be instrumental in conducting a social examine on elements responsible for elevating crimes, especially against women and children, which includes indifferent examinative procedures, losing the unborn baby of justice, and developing social impunity of the perpetrators of criminal offenses. (ii) Additionally, it has to be instrumental in creating an awareness between civil world of the triggers and nature of the criminal offense itself, and of the preventive steps.

(iii) When treating problems, media has to be extremely factual and empirical.

The study likewise stated which the only rules that governs a delicate reporting within this issue would be that the rape victim’s name must not be disclosed. Barring this, the analysis found that everything else is usually graphically reported. Often the victim’s family brand and treat is offered, making a mockery inside the letter and spirit of the regulation. Though much of this violation and malpractice will be committed by a small group of publications, other folks are sparked on to replicate and keep speed with the incredible trend. Consequently , I desire the multimedia to take a serious look within the issue and do self-regulation and self-monitoring with extreme care and caution.

Aarushi murder case is another perfect example of irresponsible and incredible reporting by Media. The gruesome homicide of a teenage girl for the have been requirements basis of elevated TRPs in the News Channels. The press both electric and print are morally and bound legally to avoid sensationalisation of news concerning victims of crimes. The Press Authorities of almost 8 India experienced already attracted guidelines on the subject and appeals to media to adhere to them meticulously while reporting atrocities on women/child. It is necessary for me to pertain at this point of your time to, likewise an important concern that tremendously and gravely impacts women in overt as well as covert manner, the HIV/AIDS reportage by the mass media. The Press Council experienced focused on the issue way back in 1993 when the HELPS was cared for as a great incurable ‘epidemic’ and anyone that contacted it was pariah. The best sufferers of such ostracization were the women, being remedied as a crucial cause and carrier in the so-called desease.

Much normal water has flown down the ganges, since then and with medical advances, it is now necessary for the media to focus on the issue with not just a positive but positive approach. Consequently , the Press Council provides in appointment with the UNDP and the activists of the discipline redrawn the rules for multimedia reportage that find put in place the memorabilia that is to be shortly introduced. I hope that guidelines, by means of easy to direct ‘Dos’ and Don’ts’ and detailed types for indepth understanding of the problem, will find put on the workplace of every media person and their coverage in the HIV/AIDS tales will help the world handle the situation with higher sensitivity.

Limited coverage in Media

Papers cover could problems drawing the attention of policymakers to issues necessitating immediate focus such as the undesirable sex rate, infant and maternal mortality, crime against women and the consequence of poverty in women and their loved ones. But this kind of coverage is extremely limited with all the rest of the space occupied by cinema performers, models, online video jockeys (veejays) and the rich women and all their hobbies. Most of the women’s publications are devoted to fashion, glamour, beauty assists, weight reduction, cookery and how to touch up ‘feminine instincts’ to keep males and their inlaws happy. You will discover comparatively fewer articles on career chances, health understanding, entrepreneurship, legal aid, therapy, childcare9 companies and financial management. A study in this regard was conducted in Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.

Two regional newspaper publishers and two English newspapers were chosen for the analysis. Prominent magazines only post 5% of women related concerns and 8% are posted on primary page and remaining are put inside. Research showed zero importance is given to advancement issues of ladies. In the television serials ladies are the central characters, but are portrayed typically as tormentors or the victims while the males very often take sideline and seem trapped in a world wide web of unfavourable circumstances. Television culture offers portrayed a breed of weak, indecisive guys ensnared simply by sexy females when in reality men likewise play a working role in oppressing girls in various methods including disclosing them to physical assault, rasurado, pushing them into the sex trade and in many cases abandoning all of them. It is only desirable that serials should be near to reality and give message to the viewers where and how the society is going wrong.

This portrayal of women in mass media has led the National Commission rate for Women to recommend amendment in the Indecent Representation of girls (Prohibition Act), 1986. The NCW wants to include fresh technologies just like MMS and the electronic media and some that were left out side the ambience of the Act like posters and TV serials which perpetuate stereotypes of women. Explaining the real reason for including cleansers in proposed amendment inside the Act, Nationwide Commission for ladies has stated that “women are both being portrayed as Sita (Ramayana) or as Kaikayee (Ramayana) and there seems to be nothing in the middle the two serious characters being shown in Soaps. Divorces, adultery are highlighted often in Soaps where personas break the law without repercussion. “

Adverse images or perhaps portraying reality is not enough. Infact, it can typically be harmful. It has been observed that pure duplication from the dark side of life can frequently lead to apathy and passivity. This can be prevented by10 describing the positive photos or successes of women in whatever sphere they happen.

There is ought to produce programs that speak about income generating schemes for women. Unfortunately, in these kinds of ventures typical “womanly jobs” just like papad-making, stitching, embroidery, pickles making etc . are propagated. Stress ought to be given upon non-traditional expertise which can break the myth that ladies are suitable for certain kinds of jobs just. A systematic review of the existing schemes (Government/nonGovernment) and business presentation of the research and alterations needed to update the strategies which would make them even more purposeful is important. The distance between women and mass media not only deprives the women of their right to info and understanding but as well keeps the women in the dark regarding the blatant improper use of the woman and the bias of the fact.

Although the photos of women since reflected by different advertising in the country are not very different, it will probably be an interesting workout to study just how these images feed and reinforce the stereotypes. The distortion of realities by media has grown the gap of understanding between the several sections of contemporary society. Effective useful communication is one of the most important stations for the expansion and development of women in the informal or perhaps unorganized sector, as devoid of information relating to services and benefits available through legal guidelines, government techniques, banks and voluntary companies, women may hardly benefit from them. Hence the media should take into account the following factors.

(i) The media need to project the working women in the unorganized sector as worker and not merely as performing the duties of wife/daughter. They will being main earners, they have to be projected as suppliers and not merely customers. 11

(ii) The media should generate deliberate endeavors to not simply project the issues of women in poverty, nevertheless should monitor in such a way that inconsistant role designs are not portrayed, nor negative references with their work are produced.

(iii) To further improve content and coverage, synchronised efforts for increased conversation between NGO’s, women’s interpersonal action group, research organizations, institutes of mass conversation, and the mass media personnel should be developed.

There are quite a few Reports findings within the complex concerns relating to females empowerment. Frequently the press come up with examine on females related subject matter which generally are powered by market forces. New research claims that girls prefer men with cross types cars while another says women will be genetically devised to shop. After that there is a research which says women are usually more attracted to hooligan types. This kind of reveals that ladies have become new research subject matter mostly in less significant areas. Actually research is required to understand ladies in its potentiality to usher in a fresh era. It is hard to distinguish between genuine research and studies that are angles more so when ever news studies do not recognize where these studies happen to be coming from.

A large percentage of00 the research studies published in major reports outlets today is sensationally packaged to draw focus. This is where the media need to step in to aid readers to be aware of relevant details concerning ladies empowerment. It can be only suitable if inside the interests of full disclosure, they should explain in their information who was funding the study and which medical journal printed it. These details can help readers to decide on their own which pieces of research happen to be closer to the reality and which are not.

Different studies were undertaken for the women and press to ascertain how a media shows women and how a women related issues are presented, how much significance is given to all of them. Such examine has revealed that issues pertaining12 to progress women are never emphasized effectively. Women are portrayed not for feminine natural beauty and artistic portrayal but also for infusing sexual intercourse appeal generally entering the arena of obscenity. It is necessary to have fair in-depth study by interpersonal activists and media to see why obscenity has risen so much in media. Unless there is any kind of change in the social understanding of women, will probably be difficult to reduce obscenity in media.

Ladies Journalist in Media

In that rapidly changing environment, women in mass media have a big responsibility in not only changing attitude towards women yet also framing public opinion. With ladies holding liable position in newspapers or perhaps electronic media, their proficiency should prolong to a larger area and a range of issues. Moreover, a woman reporter is likely to show more sensitivity to issues relating to women and to even more meaningful insights and perspectives.

Like most occupations, in the multimedia too, girls have struck out boldly, beating a path, which can be both amazing and inspiring. The last five years have seen them pouring out into the popular, acquiring formerly unattainable positions and demonstrating their mettle, be it printed or the television set media. In a nutshell, women are becoming indispensable during a call. Women’s companies and media groups must play an energetic role to promote this change. It is heartening that a wide selection of women’s media initiatives make a positive effects.

Women have been completely latecomers in media occupation owing to sociable, religious taboos which operated as interpersonal sanctions. The employment of women in multimedia assumes vital importance at this juncture of your economic expansion. Beside Impartial Public Organization of Press (DD&AIR), 13 the private owners of TV channels with title of Terrestrial outlets and satellite up linking facilities in region itself possess flourished. It has brought a boom in employment thus increasing the proportion of women media professionals.

The rough quotes however show that even though the number of ladies in the media has grown in overall terms, their particular ratio to men recieve more or less remained static. A deliberate policy pertaining to ensuring adequate representation of girls both in the private and non-private sectors in the media can be therefore a necessity, not only pertaining to giving ladies a way to obtain livelihood although also to ensure their enough and powerful representation, and to help make it the multimedia truly national and consultant in character.

A significant quantity of women press are very good in magazines coping with various concerns of women and child. With sensitivity and skill intended for analyzing incidents in depth, issues such as girls abuse and exploitation, harassment of women in workplace as well as the trauma of HIV afflicted women, female infanticide in rural areas find a dominant place in this kind of magazines. The magazines deal with the issues more in depth in comparison to newspapers and ladies are considered qualified to handle this sort of stories. According to a study in the NCR there are around nine hundred women journalists and even in cities like Chennai the number is definitely impressive two hundred. Journalism is no more a male website.

This new pattern has also generated a change in the portrayal of women in the mass media in general and newspaper especially. It will not be away of circumstance to mention here the success of ‘Khabar Lahariya’. Several eight ladies belonging to backwards class bring out this newspaper from the Bundelkhand region. This kind of paper which can be being funded by a great NGO was started with an make an effort to encourage females to fight for their own rights. such kind of initiative are essential in every space and part of our region, so as to allow the women for grass basic level.

The hazards women inside the media confront, both in the urban and rural areas, have also to become seriously considered. Even as move straight down, from the14 metropolitan cities and the express capitals, the hazards increase. On the district and taluk amounts, from in which the bulk of the print media is usually published, and which are more news-worthy places for the local and regional information contents, there exists more conservation, more strict social prospect and greater resistance to cultural change and new tendencies. In these areas women sign up for new careers like journalism sparingly. In remoter rural areas a woman journalist and particularly a reporter is a novelty not really easily recognized and assimilated in the interpersonal milieu.

The result is media females have to function almost in isolation specifically at the ground levels, if they happen to be at all applied. The instances of intimate assault and harassment of girls reporters are very often reported. Women in such instances have to take a calculated risk in signing up for the profession. Odd hours of job make the ladies journalists weak. Recent tough of Ms. Soumya Vishwanathan, Producer of stories TV funnel in Delhi shows ladies journalist employees are more encountered with the risk of physical assault, possibly their life.

It is pointed out that more and more young graduates happen to be joining the journalism level and degree or diploma courses, with an aspirations to make a indicate in the profession, and quite a great proportion of them are girls. While using rapid growth, almost a proliferation in the electronic mass media through dish channels, together with the popularity of the FM within the radio and with the growth of printed media, in spite of the electronic media, now there is a good scope for absorption of both men and women qualified journalists in various mass media outlets. Ladies, young and old, are prepared to weather the potential risks. The culture, therefore , must make arrangements to provide adequate security to the weak section of females in the multimedia to promote all their participation at all levels.

My spouse and i find really appropriate here to refer for the recommendations made by the Joshi Committee concerning positive characterization of women about Doordarshan. But these recommendations happen to be equally tightly related to all sort of media. These recommendations, if followed in letter and spirit would likely 15 go in long way in enhancement of women’s personal strength and help drastic lowering of cultural biases as well as gender biases. They can be 1 . The women’s issue one of the maximum significance for the country as a whole and there is need for a popular understanding that area cannot progress, as long as girls are left out as the lesser 50 % of society.

Therefore , the improvement of women’s circumstances, status and image should be defined as a major target for press channels. 2 . The Government must at the original formulate clear guidelines about the positive characterization of women on tv. This characterization must be aware of women in all of the facts of their lives: as workers and significant input to friends and family survival plus the national economy: it must even more endeavour to integrate girls on terms of equality in all sectors of national life and the development method. These guidelines must emphasis that the “women’s dimension” need to from a fundamental element of all programmes and not end up being merely confined to Women’s Programs, nor to isolated efforts to discuss could issues.

a few. The number of commercial formula movies screened must be drastically lowered, the affordable song-and-dance collection totally taken away and the content material of such programmes cautiously scrutinized with regards to their portrayal of women.

5. Women must not be portrayed in stereotyped pictures that emphasis passive, obedient, compliant, acquiescent, subservient, docile, meek, dutiful, tractable qualities and encourage them to play a subordinate secondary role in the as well as society. Both males and females should be pictured in ways that provide mutual esteem and a spirit of give and take between the sexes.

a few. The foreign exchange resource should be spent on importing worthwhile educative programmes, particularly those that demonstrate roles, lives and problems of women in neighbouring and also other Third World countries so that a larger understanding and a shared perspective upon problems is created. 16

6. It is necessary to ensure that a large number of rural women gain access to TV. Therefore , in the placement of community TV sets desire should be provided to the conference place of Mandals; Mahila Mandals should also be involved in the community observing arrangement. “

Everywhere the media provides the potential to help to make a far greater contribution to the growth of women. They will create self-regulatory mechanisms that will help to eliminate deceiving and improper gender centered programming.

Multimedia, which wields immense electrical power in a democracy – a power which can be only expanding and not diminishing, needs conducting a focused interest about women- related problems and the characterization of women. It really is, perhaps, required that the stabilizing force of women must be provided home to to the American indian people. In every single family and world, there is an ethical and spiritual space, which has been customarily dominated by simply women. The main character in Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion bemoans, ‘why can’t woman wind up as man! ‘ The mass media can perform a salutary and a liberating role to give for the women the distinctive and the exclusive space, which must belong to them to enable these to generate the ethical and moralizing urges for the entire society.

The subject Ladies and Media is pretty relevant in these days context. From this platform the topic on the subject will be initiated. The debate on this issue will be proposed to get discussed with the State level and the Press Council is keen that seminars and workshops on this subject happen to be organised for different Says and at several levels. We sincerely hope that this kind of initiative will probably be fruitful. Let this beginning be auspicious (Aiomaramba Subhaya Bhabatu).


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