“A Young Birch” by Robert Frost Poetry Analysis Essay

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In the poem “A Young Birch”, Robert Ice establishes the futility of existence despite having magnificence through the use of icons, structure, and imagery. Although the birch shrub is amazing, its life is meaningless as well as its death is definitely unavoidable. The speaker describes the birch tree’s life, but in the conclusion, the struggles that the birch tree confronted were useless. Frost establishes the birch tree’s magnificence through the use of emblems in the shade white. Along with white is a symbol of beauty and purity.

Frost compares the birch’s splendor to the sun’s ability to become bright. “Soon entirely light / To double day time and lower in half the dark” (ll 4-5) The speaker responses on the birch’s ability, staying beautiful, to help make the days twice as bright, building the dazzling beauty from the birch shrub. The colour white symbolizes not only beauty, nevertheless death. Ice uses this symbolism to establish the inevitability of fatality. “…crack it’s outer sheath / Of baby green and show the white beneath” (ll 1-2) Frost uses the speaker’s comment on the growth of the birch tree to ascertain the beauty that was constantly within the shrub, but as well death, which is apart of each natural human being.

Frost establishes the birch tree’s magnificence, but likewise the unavoidable death in his use of symbolism in the coloring white. Frost establishes the futility of existence through the use of symbols. The speaker explains the growth of the birch forest through the comparison of its size to different man-made objects, the cane plus the fishing pole.

The cane plus the fishing pole happen to be symbols from the birch tree’s growth. “At first to become no greater than a cane, / And after that no greater than a butterfly net, ” (ll 14-15) The cane as well as the fishing pole also represent the birch tree’s inevitable fatality. These man-made objects are created from wood, that happen to be essentially dead trees. The speaker describes the ever-present force of death, also in the developing stages of life. Frost establishes a feeling of futility in the birch tree’s growth.

Frost establishes the lack of meaning in the birch tree’s life. The word schmuck represents the birch tree’s meaningless your life, although becoming beautiful. This kind of symbol establishes that the just purpose of the birch’s life is to be a fabulous object certainly nothing more. “To live its life out as an ornament” (ll 22) The speaker feedback that the birch tree’s a lot more fruitless. Frost establishes the futility of existence in growing and living due to a purposeless existence through his use of icons.

 Frost establishes life and growth because futile through his make use of structure. The poem, “A Young Birch”, is split up into two sections through the tense that is used, present tense and past tense, establishing that life is simply a small part of existence and this death may be the overpowering push. Frost uses sentence structure and length to symbolize the birch tree’s growth. Each sentence in your essay, with the exception of the transition sentence and ending sentence, is usually slightly larger than the last.

While the birch tree’s development is explained in the poem, the length of the sentences increases too. The sentence lengths reach a climax of 10 lines and it is lower short suddenly, representing the way in which death slashes life. Ice establishes fatality as dominant to life through his make use of structure.

Frost establishes the birch tree’s imminent death through his use of images. The presenter describes requirements of the birch tree disregarding out of its outer cover, a stage in the maturity and growth. “The birch starts to crack it is outer sheath / Of baby green and show the white beneath” (ll 1-2) The breaking out of the exterior layer from the birch gives a vivid information of the birch tree’s struggles in life. Frost emphasizes the futility in the struggle of life, because death is usually unavoidable. Ice establishes the ever-present possibility of being slain in his brilliant description of death.

The speaker explains those that had been killed surrounding the birch plus the ease where the birch on its own can perish. “He spared it in the number of the slain. ” (ll 13) The image of death emphasizes the isolation of the birch tree, inspite of having beauty, and the inevitability of fatality in the birch tree as well. Frost creates the weakness of living things and the gain in receiving death through his usage of imagery. Frost establishes the dominant nature of fatality to life plus the lack of purpose and meaning in life. This individual establishes that even in growth, purity, and splendor, death is definitely unavoidable and acceptance of death is helpful.

Frost establishes the imminent nature of fatality and the failure of existence in “A Young Birch” through his use of symbolism, structure, and symbols.

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