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1 . My personal encounter involves a mix of secular and religious study in the area of therapies.

This kind of experience and education has led to a realization that however are a range of opposing elements in the values and theories used in both, the two are neither completely oppositional to each other nor contradictory. In lots of ways the views and techniques of both could be combined to generate a very effective therapies technique and a well rounded counselor (McMinn, 1996). Seglar counseling features numerous ideas on how persons learn and that the ways they learn affect the methods required to modify bad behaviors.

These tactics can work to some extent, such as providing a money for getting top marks on a daily news. Kids then become more motivated to get A’s. These kinds of techniques frequently fail to create long term effects however , as people often get tired plus the excitement from the reward ends. Then they go back to outdated ways. When the eternal rewards of spiritual therapies are added, however , the motivation intended for long term behavior change turns into much more permanent.

The two ways of counseling vary most greatly in life’s focus. Secular counselling teaches that the strong sense of home will fix all complications, where as spiritual counseling teaches to focus every thing around God and the concerns will reduce (Kajer, 2006). These can however become combined with the give attention to God, while still stimulating the person to forgive himself and be more comfortable with himself because the person Our god created.

This will keep the focus where it is supposed to be while aiding the person recognize himself as being a creation by God. I use learned to discover a combination of these views simply by realizing how come secular counselling often does not work out, and realizing that although a person needs to be humble this individual still needs to respect precisely what is God’s creation and take care of that. 2 . Most human beings possess sinned, but is not all of psychology is sinful or thinking about humans as sinful.

Psychology is around the study of human being behavior also because much of man behavior especially that demanding counseling is definitely sinful, there is a degree of sin involved. This does not make psychology guilty. There are plenty of psychologists and secular counselors with spiritual views and backgrounds. Most of them are bound by legalities and job guidelines to keep the spiritual part of counseling out of the job, although not only because they can be sinful individuals or as they are thinking about guilty humans. Most of the theorists in psychology allow us theories that contradict various Biblical theories, the most notable one being home actualization.

In this theory, the person’s main goal is to reach the ideal self at which time this individual has come to the ultimate existence. This also is based on the idea that individuals are innately good but not evil and can naturally distinguish between right and wrong (Management, 2005). Clearly this kind of thinking is guilty as spiritual people are meant to strive to always be closer to Our god and to live according to his will in order to reach the ultimate existence.

If a counselor can stability the basic thought of psychology (the study of human behavior) and the biblical values, you cannot find any reason mindset should be considered a sinful study or practice. It can focus on the behavior of humans and how to alter deviant behavior to make that more positive. It is based on discovering how people find out and then choosing that expertise to help alter behavior.

It simply becomes a sinful practice when ever those learning or educating it contradict God’s theories. 3. My goal being a counselor ought to be to help lessen the discomfort and negative effects of battling and to assist in preventing as many foreseeable future problems as possible. For a counselor to continue to work and carry out the job efficiently, it is important to not forget and recognize that there is no way to prevent every reason behind pain and heal every suffering. There is no way to completely take away the soreness a child seems after losing a parent or prevent an accident from going on.

It could not be realistic for any counselor to think it will be possible or even best to keep all pain from happening. People are allowed to undergo disappointments, collection backs and losses to make certain that they learn from these people (Gress, 2007). If everything resolved exactly as people wanted those to and there are never any kind of disappointments the world would be filled with a bunch of ruined adults, who were unable to love anything. Advisors who enter in the profession together with the belief they can solve every problem and make everyone’s pain totally go away happen to be setting themselves up for failing and disappointment, because they are expecting to accomplish the impossible.

Those who arranged the genuine goals of providing ease and comfort, minimizing grieving, speeding psychological healing, and modifying tendencies when needed are the counselors most likely to stay in the field permanent. Those hope to solve everyone’s complications have a tendency to take the problems after themselves and burn out relatively rapidly. Counselors need to focus on the most significant difficulty for each person and work on one thing at a time. 4. The topic of a healthy perception of self is a single major difference between psychology and theology.

Both landscapes involve those people who are happy, and focused on a goal, but the sights differ significantly in the center of major. Many psychological theories concentrate on making persons feel good about themselves and after that everything else in the world will get into place. In this case a healthy sense of self is essentially a puffed up self, or a individual who thinks of himself as the utmost important person in the world and will do zero wrong. This involves producing the person end up being the center of his World.

The Biblical view of a healthy feeling of home places God in the correct place as the center of man’s galaxy and when primary is about God, the rest falls into place. This requires anybody to learn humbleness and to give God his proper credit rating for the role this individual plays in a person’s lifestyle. The lovely view here is that after a person is aimed at living life to get God, he will be cheerful and comforted in the knowledge that he is applying his ideal effort pertaining to God. A person which has a true healthy sense of self might be a person who beliefs himself as being a creation of God and a member of staff for him.

This can be a person who is aware of his place in the world, however places major of the world on God. As anyone strives to become more like Our god, he values what Goodness has supplied him and uses the talents God features given him. Your husband is cheerful and well adjusted for the world around him.

He is aware of his abilities and his mission and uses them to expand closer to Our god. This information of a healthy sense of self will lean more towards the Biblical view, but does place value within the person and God’s creation and instructs the person to have respect to get himself. This is in line with God’s instructing that the person is his temple and that we all need to maintain their systems and esteem them. a few.

Scripture can offer answers to essentially any problem that is experienced by people. Verses that say through God all things are possible or I can do all things through Christ who have strengthens me (NIV) give people with the ability that they need not face problems alone which there is expect. Each time a counselor is definitely allowed to make use of scripture as well as the hope it provides, the counselor has a good deal more reassuring hope to give the person who is usually suffering.

The instruction and guidance offered by scripture provides the counselor with a immense amount of information and guidance to assist the counselee though most of life’s conditions. It additionally delivers more appropriate alternatives to deviant behavior and offers people with strategies to resist the temptation of falling back to old harmful habits. In more intense cases the Bible can show examples of what has occurred to people who have could not transform behavior and/or unable to turn problems to God. In addition to rendering the counselor with the most effective tool readily available, it can give a source of comfort and hope for the counselor too.

If a counselor begins to feel overwhelmed or helpless, the same passages that provide comfort to the counselees facing turmoil can provide reconditioned strength and hope for the counselor. Scripture provides the hope, answers, and promises to help people overcome the best obstacles, however they need to follow the directions and examples the Bible delivers. 6. Many secular therapies jobs do not allow counselors to work with scripture or perhaps express their very own personal faith based beliefs to counselees.

The purpose of this can be to avoid providing pressure people into complying with beliefs that go against their religious values. In america people perform have the correct of religious independence. The rights of others have to be respected by the counselor.

Using prayer during these settings might lead to the counselor to lose his job, or perhaps the counselee could lose value for the professionalism from the counselor. Faith based counselors convey more freedom in this field due to the fact that they can be counseling within a spiritual primarily based setting. When people look for the help of these kinds of counselors, they will know they will likely a person who uses the Holy book as a reference point and a basis intended for the guidance.

Paying customer is more recognized and sometimes anticipated in these counselling settings and can be very helpful with counselees who need the hope and advice of Goodness (Goliath, 2007). A counselor with a new counselee should request the person if perhaps they would like to hope, this provides the counselee the option of staying prayed for if they would like it. For those who do not feel comfortable with plea or may not take the plea seriously on top of that have the option of passing onto it. The counselor can hope for those who select against prayer when the period is over.

During the personal times of plea the counselor can look for guidance to aid the person not only overcome the crisis, but to grow much more comfortable with plea and asking God for his support. Everybody needs plea, but if a person likes private plea or offers different morals than the counselor, it can possibly cause the counselee not to return or perhaps can cause a setback in the counseling procedure. Counselees need to feel comfortable during counseling sessions for progress to get made.

6th. Sin is normally the source in the problems for which people look for counseling. In order for the situation to get resolved plus the person to get past this, the bad thing has to at some time be confronted. The web how a counselor should go about confronting the sin. If the bad thing is faced before the counselee is ready to admit that sin is definitely the cause of the situation, there is a possibility he will leave and the issue will not receive resolved.

If the counselor however spends too much time making the counselee comfortable and avoiding the problem, the desprovisto will not be probably confronted plus the situation continue to stands the possibility of to not get resolved. In the very first treatment, the counselor needs to get yourself a back ground of why the counselee provides either searched for or recently been referred intended for counseling. One of the best ways to do this is to ask him.

Along with this is an excellent time to request if there is any bad thing involved which should be forgiven. If they can state the sin and talk about it then the trouble should be faced and settled very early in the therapies. Then healing can begin quickly. If the person refuses sin while playing a component in the situation, then your instigating situation needs to be talked about in greater detail and possible reasons behind that which includes sin stated.

When the person is able to understand there exists sin in the life, in that case is the best time to talk about strategies to have the sins forgiven both by God and anyone that was sinned against. The ultimate way to confront sin is to inquire abuout and to give guidance as needed. Immediate confrontation generally leads individuals to be genuinely offended and close, but questions oftentimes leads them to uncover the problem independently. Even though it is never easy to confront somebody on desprovisto, a counselor or house of worship leader should do it in order to help these in want overcome the sin (Adams, 1980)

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