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The very first thing to establish this is what technological equipment are both obtainable and relevant to me being a distance student. Essentially the only tools I am using are my laptop and the internet.

My pc will be pertaining to collating information in my ePortfolio, writing works, and being able to access the internet. I have divided my ePorfolio into four sections: coursework, refractive notes, research, and self-assessment activities. The necessary ICT skills here are: word processing, scanning and producing, drawing chart and layouts. I completed a study course in expression processing and data examination so I i am relatively efficient at this.

On the other hand I have recently been refreshing my own knowledge with the Microsoft Office Help, Training and Tutorials’ page2, especially for drawing blueprints, an area I actually haven’t had much use pertaining to recently. Keeping in mind to organise and data file relevant details and responsibilities into the ideal folders, and ensuring that by the end of each unit I have create a comprehensive report on my analyze methods and what I have got learnt are the most necessary components in this article. In concluding this course the web is my greatest instrument, and can be split up into many sub-categories.

Beneath is a fundamental system plan of how I actually am getting at the internet to complete my own course assignments: To help me personally research and study, I can go online and use: ebooks, journals, content, videos, podcasts, and journals from governments and respected coaching organisations. I will go into increased detail afterwards, on precisely which websites I was utilising. On the other hand as a brief example: Discovering counselling skills with a great emphasis on ICT. I did a basic search for counselling resources on the web.

I discovered a site run by a qualified, practicing, experienced, counsellor in the UK. three or more This website provided me with general information, a PDF FILE ebook about training to become counsellor, four and links videos offering online lessons on guidance skills and concepts. five I returned to my original search and implemented a link to resources proposed by a UK university due to its students doing a comparable course. 6 This kind of gave me a list of books and journals that undergraduates will be using to check out counselling abilities. 7 I actually looked at the recommended books on amazon online and ordered sample content material of those readily available as e-books.

I then would web searches on the various authors, and contributors to chapters, to both examine their qualifications and see if perhaps they provided any solutions on their practice / university / personal website. We went back towards the recommended browsing list and looked at the recommended journals and found links to these people, eg. United kingdom Journal of Psychology. 8 I came back to my original search and started investigating counselling organisations and the publications which include: UKCP, on the lookout for BPS, twelve the BACP, 11 plus the CPCAB12 My spouse and i went to the UN, 13 and EUROPEAN, 14 websites to check their publications concerning counselling. Finally I examined the PubMed15 website to look for more links to relevant journals.

We noted all these links to be used when researching other more specific areas of counselling. c) Evaluate how performing a SWOT examination can help you research. I was not really acquainted with the idea of SWOT analysis before beginning this device so in the beginning I did a lot of background research on the concept16 and looked at an index of Authur Humphrey’s, the inventor of SWOT, main principles and conclusions. 18 I then searched the internet intended for ideas about exactly how to spot my own particular strengths and weaknesses. I found mindtools18 especially helpful because it gave me suggestions to consider?nternet site looked at every section. I actually also performed a persona test19, to see the strengths and weaknesses of my particular personality type.

This was significantly less useful, as it was even more to do with me personally than with my personal ability to analyze, although it offered me several things to consider. My spouse and i created this chart: At first glance I actually identified it quite demoralising the disadvantages and dangers seemed to be somewhat more extensive than the strengths and opportunities. Even so as I analysed it even more closely, My spouse and i quickly realized this was unfounded.

I think though I absolutely need to consider the dangers and disadvantages, they have a lot less pounds in comparison to the strengths and opportunities section. As long as I can check in with my weaknesses are things I will compensate for and take into account?nternet site study. They are my thoughts and solutions for each of which: 1) Limited prior experience of the subject staying studied: This is only a temporary issue.

I was doing a great deal of background research in this assignment’s portion two, and searching into books which might dietary supplement my know-how. I think I will feel caught up in the near future. 2) Sometimes extremely perfectionist (i. e. I can struggle to remember that done is preferable to perfect): I am environment myself time limits about how long I could edit and re-edit my own work. We am consciously writing points that I know may well be deleted or completely revised afterwards, simply to make certain I have a base to work from.

3) Can become over-involved in studying to the level that other locations of my entire life suffer: I have compiled a detailed schedule to get myself, to ensure that I can maintain a balance in my life. I have made sure to hold time free, in particular the weekends when ever my children are not in school, and to allow time to sustain my home-based responsibilities. 4) Not having a classroom of other college students to jump idea around with may limit potential: I have been investigating groups of additional trainee counsellors and adult students. I’ve also ensured to check-in on the Oxford College forum20 so I have the potential of conference other people.

I actually also found the process of self-assessment useful in countering this weakness, We give more in depth thoughts on that later through this report. 5) Sudden loss in enthusiasm if I excess myself with unrealistic desired goals I tend to desire to quit: In part this is included in my remedy for some weakness 6), however I have recently been carefully digesting each product and each project so it is in bite size, manageable chunks. If I can easily focus on basically completing every single section inside each unit, without getting confused by the whole, and in particular with all the word rely, I can full everything with no panic.

The threats We identified happen to be largely out of my personal control. My spouse and i am price that it will take me four to six weeks to finish each unit to the most of my capacity. This leaves me using a minimum of six weeks free towards the end of the two year time frame. I think that should be enough to compensate for any slowing down during my pace due to unforeseen situations. Listing my personal strengths and investigating my opportunities was obviously a very confident experience to me.

Knowing that I actually am proficient at research, knowledgeable in distance study, and this I also have use of a college or university library has made me feel a lot more confident of my abilities. Even so acknowledging my personal weaknesses and proactively picking out plans to counter these people has been the most helpful section of the exercise. d) Evaluate the practice of Reflecting Writing. It is additionally a useful method to keep track of things you think should have further consideration. So for example when I was researching SWOT, I came across a fascinating theory simply by Athur Humphrey saying that the fact that level of people’s work and the effort they put into it is strongly related to reward23.

Down the line as I was researching the actual effective scholars, I came across a scientific study by simply behaviour economist Dan Ariely that demonstrated this same theory24. Although this info seems interesting, I decided it was not truly directly highly relevant to what I had been asked to evaluate. It was however something to notice and look into my reflective writing as something that may well possibly be relevant later on and something I could learn from. e) Measure the practice of Self-Assessment Self assessment, is one of the most important and vital skills in this course.

One aspect of it is reflecting writing, (detailed previously) although there are several different components. After i do the self-assessment activities inside the units I actually am supplied with a baseline of my current knowledge. When I look up the answers at the end of the text this gives myself feedback on how much I know, and also will help me to spot what I needs to be researching to boost my current knowledge level. This is a diagram showing how I am using the self examination activities: Essentially, once I realize the level of my own knowledge, I can see what I need to focus on.

A large a part of self-assessment appears to be organisation and understanding. The Black Package Report25 about self analysis in United kingdom schools noted that the primary barrier to student do it yourself assessment, is being unsure of exactly what you must be achieving. If you possibly could establish that you have got a program from which to work. Through my SWOT assessment, I actually established my own personal areas I have to work on.

Through the subject particular learning targets, and self-assessment activities I can establish the things i know and what I should try to learn. As understanding is cumulative, organisation is key here writing up my glare, with particular reference to the learning objectives of every unit, and collating them in my ePortfolio to provide a human body of research specific to my needs and learning preferences. f) Consider the Principles associated with an ePortfolio. ePortfolios are trusted, and an integral component of various online courses. The advertising of ePortfolios is also an EU policy26 as a way of valuing and celebrating the achievements individuals. 27 By under graduate student to doctoral study28 in counselling ePortfolios are now frequent.

The Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Profile Research29 says they are a system for students to both make and file learning. It’s important to think of an ePortfolio as equally a product -a digital assortment of artefacts- and as a process of reflecting on those artefacts and what they signify. 30 You will discover three primary goals when creating an ePortfolio. Firstly, mapping my progress as a student, to obviously set out my own research, programs, essays, and self expression.

Doing this lets me not only evidently see my improvement, but to seriously assess and reflect on what I have learned. Secondly, my personal ePortfolio allows me to document my own personal growth, goals, and successes; to be able to look at what I did, how I possess viewed challenges and performed through these people, and perhaps work with those strategies again later on. One of the most crucial pre-requisites to being a counsellor is empathy; having a very clear view of myself, the challenges I use gone through, and my reactions as I had them is known as a relevant way of helping me personally remember and being able to associate.

Thirdly my personal ePortfolio offers a body details that I may use to help me personally format a CV both simply by showing what learning desired goals I have attained and how I have achieved after that, and by offering evidence of constant learning. At a later date it can also offer me while using basis intended for constructing a specialist website. Task 2 . Collect Web Assets Relevant to Guidance Studies, and Reflect on What Has Been Discovered.

As comprehensive in section b) I’ve evaluated coaching resources depending on their trustworthiness, i. electronic whether they happen to be peer reviewed, produced by a national or perhaps worldwide business, and the certification of the creator. I have only included methods that meet up with these suggestions fully or perhaps in part. We concentrated my personal web searches on these websites (in uncial order): Hullhorst Academic Search Engine BASE.

31 FOUNDATION is a search engine for academic related articles, and journals. A whole lot of methods related to counselling studies is available there. British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy BACP. 32 The BACP is a professional enterprise for counsellors and psychotherapists in the UK. This sets suggestions for good practice and provides various methods and data booklets pertaining to counsellors and psychotherapists.

They have recently end up being the first authorities accredited sign up for counsellors and psychotherapists in the united kingdom. CogPrints33 is a web based archive of journals and articles having a large mindset section. It really is run simply by Southampton School UK.

Columbia University Educational Commons34 gives access to a large number of articles and research paperwork including a large number of related to guidance psychology. Coaching and Psychotherapy Central Imparting Body CPCAB. thirty-five The CPCAB provides requirements for counsellors and psychotherapists. It also provides a large amount of guide information, which include videos on counselling practice. European Union EU. thirty-six The EUROPEAN UNION sets criteria and makes laws and regulations for the whole of Europe. There is a database using a large number of reviews, many relating to counselling and it’s implementation.

Falmouth College or university Library*3738 has a huge selection of content articles and publications related to coaching and psychology. FreeMedicalJournals39 a website offering access to journals and their content that have handed their rintangan period. Yahoo Scholar40 a search engine intended for scholarly content and journals. PubMed41 is a website run by United States Countrywide Library of drugs. It gives use of journals, articles or blog posts, and reviews concerning health.

RELATE42 is the UK based business specifically create to provide guidance for couples. It has a broad variety of publications about it. This website will be particularly valuable when learning the Relationship Counselling’ unit. Science Immediate (the replacement for the right now retired SCIRUS)43 Science Immediate is a web page that allows you to look for science related articles and journals.

The Directory of Available Access Publications DOAJ. 44 The DOAJ is a search engine for journals and articles, a large number of related to guidance and mindset and it’s worldwide setup. UK Council for Psychiatric therapy UKCP45 The UKCP brings together coaching psychotherapists using a broad range of specialisations throughout the UK. It can be nationally accepted and accredited. It has a variety of free guides for counsellors.

UN university46 provides a large assortment of research, content articles and publications including many with regards to mental wellness. United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF. 47 UNICEF relates to the privileges of children and mothers all over the world. They have a significant database of reports about the physical and mental well-being of children and young people.

This amazing site will be particularly useful when ever studying the Child Counselling’ unit. Un UN. twenty four The ALGUN sets universe standards for human legal rights and health care. They have a significant database of articles and reports producing recommendations for worldwide well being, including a significant amount regarding emotional health.

This can be a fairly comprehensive list of resources, and many with the websites shown gives usage of reports and articles which in turn number in the tens of thousands. I possess listed simply those web page which have a very good search treatment which means that when I try to find information I will cut down on several generalisations as is possible and find content articles that specifically deal with the topics in each product. My inclination is to 1st search for content articles in well regarded journals, and after that to move on to lesser known or perhaps new reviews and conclusions.

So for example to find information about Counselling Research I went to the Falmouth Library Repository and inspected for the three main magazines related to coaching in European countries: The Euro Journal of Counselling Psychology, Counselling Psychology Review, and Counselling Psychology Quarterly. Then i searched within these guides for content on Guidance Studies and Therapeutic Person Centred Guidance in particular. I read the BACP and UKCP guidelines and policy pertaining to counsellors as well as for their training. I manufactured notes and considered the things i had learned.

Before My spouse and i began my own research My spouse and i made a lot of brief records on the things i thought Guidance Studies contains: A practical study of people and the needs in times of crisis, and how a counsellor can finest help them; along with a minimal but still significant knowledge of counselling theory and philosophy. Having conducted independent research with this I think my personal ideas had been accurate nevertheless necessarily very basic. Counselling Studies is such a enormous subject it is hard to sum up in brief all the important qualities a counsellor requirements the prerequisite position of sympathy and the big difference between sympathy and compassion, the need for popularity rather than guidance, could fill several webpages alone.

Nevertheless I think that I have a idea of whom a counsellor should be and intensely much anticipate learning in greater details how to always be that person. Bibliography. BACP (2014) British Connection for Coaching Psychotherapy, Offered at: http://www.bacp.co.uk/ (Accessed: 25th Feb 2014).

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