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Just how has the feature film you have studied captured and endured the viewers interest? Yes exactly and today in my seminar I will identify these key phrases to analyze and answer this question.

In the film ‘A Beautiful Mind’, the representative Ron Howard, along with writers, producers etc include used many techniques in order to capture the viewers curiosity and sustain it through out the film. I have discovered the most important methods used since: Most of us currently knew that folks suffering from schizophrenia do things a bit differently from your norm, nevertheless why? Absolutely we can’t understand specifically what’s going on in these individuals minds? To me however this all transformed when I saw ‘A Beautiful Mind’, as I can now feel empathy for victims of this mental illness.

Characterization is an extremely important part of this film because each acting professional moulds in to the character about screen. The main character Ruben Nash is usually excellently enjoyed by Russell Crow and never virtually any question of the authenticity of his persona. Ron Howard does an incredible job of engaging his audience, as from the very beginning of the film we see that Nash is highly different from the other learners attending Princeton University, as he sits by himself at the back of the class away from the rest of the students.

Nash is odd and often rude (for case when he bluntly asks a girl to sleep with him, with out showing her any respect whatsoever), however all of us also notice that he is extremely intelligent -all these elements help the audience experience the truth of the mental illness he suffers from. We see that he can obsessed with his work which can be clearly described in the field early in the film in Nash’s room where he is definitely frustrated by himself when he struggles to create a cutting-edge theory. He admits that to Charles “I can’t fail, this really is all I actually am”, this kind of shows how much his work really way to him.

This characterization went on until the incredibly last landscape of the film where we come across him 20 years later receiving a Nobel Award, he is a now much older, dreary haired David Nash. Crow does remarkably playing an older Nash as he does not count on elaborate makeup that he’s wearing. This high level of characterization maintains the audiences interest before the final landscape of the film.

The “prodigal roommate” Charles happens to be the full opposite of Nash, which will when the turn is unveiled we discover is no chance at all, he’s in fact a personality created simply by Nash’s mental disease as a result of internal discord occurring in the mind. That is why he is a polar opposing of Nash as he can be laid back, humor and sociable, adding contrast to the videos characters. Jennifer Connelly performs the challenging role of Nash’s wife, Alicia, helping steady Nash and his hallucinations. In reality one would think it might be extremely challenging to even work falling fond of someone of Nash’s selfishness, rudeness and clear insufficient social abilities.

However through the very beginning Alicia hears not rudeness nevertheless honesty in the suggestion that they can “bypass platonic activities” on the way to lovemaking. Education Harris is usually very effective in his part as William Parcher, a Department of Defense Officer and there is without doubt in Nash’s or the viewers mind that he might be imaginary. This individual adds actions, excitement and in many cases danger to the film, sketching in the viewers attention. By start to finish these types of actors are generally not just behaving, yet change into their personas in this film, leaving not any trace among their part and truth.

This helps record the viewers interest as they grow an association with these kinds of characters, and sustains the audiences attention as we find out about them since the story develops. Ron Howard has used cinematography and special effects to produce impact as it engages the group. It helps bring in an excellent primary character helping us experience the reality of the mental disease.

We see the majority of the film through the Nash’s viewpoint, helping all of us understand his situation plus the reality of his delusions. Characters who are in Nash’s hallucinations are always viewed from his point of view through handheld camera shots. A good example of these perspective shots is a scene where Nash believes Parcher is going to harm Alicia wonderful child therefore he lunges at her in an attempt to protect her. Even so we likewise see through Alicia’s point of view that “John, there’s nobody there” and Nash seems to be assaulting her through a senseless work of assault. When we tend not to see the history through Nash’s eyes we see him through views just like circling Steadicam shots just like Nash’s trip to the Government.

At first this kind of shot arouses the exhilaration of the visit but afterwards we can bring up it back to his schizophrenia. Lighting is usually a technique widely used by the overseer to set Nash apart from others. We often discover Nash’s confront in the dark areas symbolizing that he is struggling and different by a normal person socially, although cinematography has become used to light up other heroes such as Charles and Alicia. This shows that they are even more light hearted and calm and evidently do not deal with the same struggles as Nash. Extensive use of special effects double as the film moves along to engage the group and reveal John Nash and his ways of thinking.

This can be first revealed at the hand techinque bowl picture when Nash sees an additional students link through the light reflection of the punch bowl on the table. Nash tells him “There should be a statistical equation for how negative your tie is” while from his point of view the pattern of sunshine shining through the glass coincide with the patterns on the connect, this display of light along with a tinkling sound is a very significant special result as it will help the audience figure out Nash’s way of thinking and see that there is something different about him that’s not quite right. Another example of special effects is in the bar landscape with the brunette girl. Nash finds inspiration through his mathematical insight into the discount theory.

The blondes face lights up because Nash points out to the guys not to buy the blonde as that way they do not get any one of her friends either. When he explains it shows the boys being obliterated one by one in to puffs of smoke because she rejects them, conveying his theory in concrete floor ways. Design for cinematography and special effects went on throughout the film helping maintain the viewers interest. It’s no wonder Nash wouldn’t acknowledge that all these individuals and trips he takes portion in are fake.

Via early on in the film speed is used for capturing the audiences attention, the moment Nash’s code-breaking expeditions continue to heat up, as he is supposedly being chased by the Russians and moments such as the car chase are results of this spy job. This blast out which will ends while using ‘enemy’ car and its occupants sinking at the docks is one of the many small climaxes of the film, as it the actual us, the group, believe Nash really is getting hunted by Russians. This pace and action, makes the audience truly feel a sense of threat capturing all their attention and drawing them in. However , this is basically to heighten the turn which we all discover the moment Nash is usually taken to a psychiatric medical center to be cared for for his mental disease.

This usage of use of rate is extremely misleading as it fools the viewers into convinced that they are going to see a task movie. Even so, when we do discover that they are hallucinations, Ron Howard handles to keep the viewers fascination by maintaining a reliable pace to the film with many more orgasms in the tale, as Nash still won’t accept that these people and occurrences are certainly not real “Imagine if all of your most important remembrances, and the persons and spots had not died or vanished; but had never been”. Okay, and so going back to my main points.

From the very first scene from the film wonderful characterization by actors and the use of a variety of techniques especially cinematography, special effects and speed have been utilized to make this film successful in capturing the viewers curiosity. The makers and actors mixed up in creation of the Beautiful Head have continued these methods throughout the film to make intended for an getting out twist aiding keep a reliable pace and sustaining the viewers curiosity for the whole hundratrettiofem minute manage time. Besides this the film gives a wonderful insight upon what it is really like to suffer from a mental illness such as schizophrenia, assisting others to accept these people intended for who they are and that they are really very little different from all others.

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