Nowadays, there is a number pf psychological checks, intended to assess leadership-related talents as well as bureaucratic style and orientation. In our paper I want to describe my very own results with the following online surveys: the Willingness-to-Communicate Scale, the Leadership Style Preferences Inventory, the McGregor Theory Back button and Con Surveys, the Followership Questionnaire, the Leadership Grid Review and the Least Preferred Colliege Scale.

The Willingness-to-Communicate Size

The Willingness-to-Communicate Scale was created in order to decide the aspects of communication where the individuals fewer competent or more suspicious, just as different environments individuals usually express themselves in dissimilar techniques.

This study first appeared to me strange, when it was difficult to remember how often I wish to establish contact or connect in certain scenarios.

The survey suggests that My spouse and i am ready to interact with other folks in group discussions and through meetings, interpersonal conversations (the highest score) and when it is necessary to communicate with a buddy, whereas I actually am most likely a bit shy or insufficiently self-confident to speak on open public, moreover, the results suggest that I rarely wish to talk to strangers. Inside the context of leadership, this test may possibly indicate that this the work in HRM world would require of me personally additional variation, as sometimes I do certainly not wish to create rapport with strangers. On the other hand, I i am a team member, who can maintain friendly relationships and symmetric communication with trustworthy and reliable colleagues/inferiors.

The Leadership Style Tastes Inventory

The Leadership Style Preferences Inventory demonstrates that we am bale to maximize man potential and encourage or perhaps motivate others, in addition , We often employ empowerment and active tuning in as my own tools.

Self-confidence and capacity to innovate are less notable, yet also symbolized in my persona, whereas We am not always capable of inspiring others ” this means, I can offer psychological motivation to an specific, but not always invent innovative ways of inspiring, whereas the survey claim that I will become a truly ingenious leader merely will view and assess the related cases (as a component of my current studies) trying to generate alternatives to the decisions, made in the scenarios. My own overall ability to lead is definitely higher than moderate, so it is organic for everyone to obtain weak points to reinforce.

The McGregor Theory Times and Con Surveys

The McGregor Theory X and Y Online surveys are i believe quite obsolete, as this approach divides managers into simply two classes: the category X managers are generally fewer ‘mature’ and ‘wise’ than patients belonging to the second option group. Concerning me, the results claim that I have even more Y-characteristics, contrasting to those related to X-managers.

What this means is, I am motivated to start with by larger psychological and cognitive requires like self-actualization and am more likely to inspire my inferiors rather than penalizing or threatening them. In addition , the test implies that my discussion strategies will be based upon constructive discourse and attention to the opposing party’s interests. In addition , my way of management in the event that rather ‘futurological’, i. electronic. I seek to predict the long-term effects, brought by my personal decisions after which find alternatives and alternatives, which enable avoiding tangible negative results.

Nevertheless, the test can be widely criticized, since the students, who also attend management classes are very likely to have already learned (cognitively, however, not always in behavioral dimension) the patterns of performance, essential of a ‘successful manager’ and simply put these types of patterns as their true command style.

The Followership Customer survey

The Followership Questionnaire is primary directed at measuring the person’s critical and independent considering and the capacity to engage definitely into the superiors’ assignments and team discussions, as the authors consider they are the significant prerequisites to effective followership. In my opinion, the ability to follow is usually to great extent a skill, similarly to bureaucratic talents and capacities.

My results suggest that I am an ‘exemplary follower, nevertheless due to the fact that I am typically ‘consumed’ simply by my important thinking, I would occasionally behave like ‘alienated follower’. Great followershipis definitely an easy path to effective command, as independent followers, whom contribute to group dynamics, are likely to ‘grow’ in confident commanders, who will manage to unite their particular team.

The Leadership Grid Survey

The results illustrate me being a ‘Middle of Road Manager’, who concentrates on balancing among positive human relationships and the fulfillment of certain organizational desired goals. This style often characterize inexperienced market leaders, so I consider, after learning new skills, We are able to prevent the possible ‘side effects’, linked to the aforementioned ‘double policy’.

Furthermore, the results probably illustrate that I was not assured enough, , in fact , the down sides lies not inside my ‘shyness’, but rather in my poor experience in managing persons and managing their commitment and performance ” this means, We still don’t have clearly dreamed of management and leadership ‘in action’.

Least Preferred Coworker Scale

This kind of survey is considered the most interesting, as it involves projective techniques. The results suggest that my orientations to associations and responsibilities are nearly equivalent, however the former factor demonstrates 3-point higher end result. Thus, as a leader, I tend to take into account multiple factors and proportions (although they are really more than 2) of the same concern or difficulty and reasonably preserve positive relationships with my own team, yet conform only in individuals decisions, which in turn seem realistic and sound. Nevertheless, being a leader, I accept that humans are irrational beings, who must be approached with basically positive cognitive constructs about them.


The above shown results characterize me being a flexible innovator, who can discover balance among tasks and relationships, other interests and confronting views. On the other hand, my own flexibility in the event that limited, seeing that I don’t tend lose the ability to believe critically and independently. On the other hand, my emotiveness is not enough to encourage my theoretical team immediately, therefore I ought to invent alternate means of empowerment.

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