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The Art gallery of Fine Arts, Harrisburg is an expansive assortment of art and artifacts that span multiple cultures and historical periods, as well as artwork movements, by classical to modern. Considering that the focus of this class is usually Ancient Egypt through to the European Middle Ages just read was the displays in which I was mostly interested during my go to. The museum itself provides a much more broad focus, yet there is a great deal of pieces that fit into the time periods of the course and it was interesting to really see the cultural remnants of the persons and famous periods which will we are studying.

My visit really was interesting due to how extraordinary the collections of the museum were. There was interesting art work from several cultures, like their Oriental collection, and naturally the more contemporary pieces that really brought to light the changes in movements in art during time. There is not a well guided tour which i was able to participate in during my go to, but I was able to do a self-guided travel throughout the majority of the museum and found the entire building to be easy to navigate and beautiful to the eye.

The ancient skill was the first stop on my tour with the museum since it is the first time period that we have analyzed. There was a whole lot of beautiful parts found below, including art and other ethnical items, however, many of the artifacts were a lot more beautiful and elaborate. There is a beautiful coffin of Osiris, that really had a lot of sophisticated detail that made it come alive as a great artifact. To me, the various other artifacts that emphasized the gods, together with a of sculpture of the god Thoth being a baboon and also other Greek and Roman artifacts that all cope with deities, had been an important lesson in how important it was to these groups of people.

For them, the stories with their gods and goddesses were as connected with them and the world as they were. They will saw their very own deities in nature around them and in their particular homes. That is why the gods are believed everywhere in their very own artwork and why all their stories are extremely well portrayed. This, similar to this course, features given me a greater comprehension of how the values of ancient peoples is connected to their particular culture in a manner that cannot be ignored, it was such a great power in their lives.

The Euro exhibit was in two parts. There was the exhibit that dealt with Early Christian art, which transitioned from early to Renaissance and Baroque artwork. There is also another everlasting exhibit referred to as the Dorothy Campbell Blaffer Collection. In these collections I used to be able to receive another strong vision of what was crucial to the people who also lived in the Middle Ages of Europe.

The first Christian a muslim was very interesting as it, like the ancient work before it, shows the value of faith to artists during the time in which it was created. One of the prize works of these selections is an ivory sculpture of Goodness the Father that was awe-inspiring in its ease and it’s splendor. There was also a gothic Virgin mobile and Child sculpture that was created by Niclaus Weckman the Elder. Both of these items were fabulous and revealed me essential the things wish learning from this course should be our knowledge of the past. It was fascinating to determine what we have discovered come to life in the sculpture, artifacts, and works of art found at this museum.

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