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Cross dressing is considered one among society’s irregular ideas as a result of stereotypical sexuality roles. Unoriginal gender jobs are stated as, biological females happen to be feminine and biological men are manly. Cross dress up does not stand for the sexuality specific functions, in which men and women are suppose to follow.

The idea of males and females acting and dressing like their contrary sex is usually unacceptable to the reality that they face. The movie The Chicken Cage facilitates the idea that society’s stereotypical thoughts about cross dress up remains the same.

Society is not knowledge of what is regarded different from the standard. The belief that men are masculine and women will be feminine is usually not the truth of male or female versus sexual intercourse. In “Sexual Mythologies by Brian Pronger, he says that “Sex is a physiological distinction that is drawn among male and feminine, whereas male or female is a ethnic distinction that divides power between women and men.  (226) This presents the misconception that men are masculine and females are feminine. In reality male or female is manufactured by cultural influence, and sexual is genetic.

In the movie The Fowl Cage, Albert is born a male, although chooses to be feminine, consequently suggesting that men do not need to be masculine just because genetics say thus. Cross dressing is defined as males who gown feminine and females who outfit masculine, although society reacts more to men shower as females as opposed to ladies dressing while men. Girls dressing as men can be viewed a “tomboy which is prevalent in culture, whereas men dressing because women can be considered “homosexual or transsexual.  Why is it that women may wear gents clothing, although men are unable to wear could clothing?

Contemporary society sees dresses as a rendering of beauty and men are suppose to become masculine, and for that reason men cannot wear dresses. Although jeans are at first worn just by men, but due to changes in period, pants are viewed as unisexual. As an example, a woman going for walks down the street in pants, persons probably usually do not even notice that she is using pants. But once a man moves down the street in a dress, householder’s eyes can turn and they will begin whispering. Why should a male be looked at virtually any differently in comparison to any female?

In the video The Fowl Cage, the society of South Seaside is not a stereotypical usual. There are many homosexual and combination dressers within the city, and it is not regarded abnormal. Armand and Albert are pleased owners of the club that presents a nightly move show. Their particular son, Alternativ, is engaged to Senator Keeley’s little girl, Barbara. Val wants the two families to meet, but the Keeley family will not know that Val’s parents are lgbt and run a drag show. Senator Keeley is a old-fashioned man, and morally does not support homosexuals. Senator Keeley represents the stereotypical opinions of world.

Armand the good stage about how society feels about homosexuals and mix dressers. “Albert, these people will be right-wing old fashioned. They no longer care if you’re a pig, they simply care should you be a fag!  This kind of quote presents the views of world about gay people or cross dressers. Armand pretends to be a right man by simply showing just how masculine he can by stating “Al, you old boy of a hoe! How ya doin’? How do you feel about that contact today? Come on, man the Dolphins! Fourth-and-three use their 40 yard series with just 34 mere seconds to go! , This demonstrates that stereotypically males are suppose to be masculine and a sport that signifies masculinity is usually football. Culture has remained unrevised in their landscapes about get across dressing because they choose to see and believe only what they want to determine and notice. Why is it a woman can wear jeans? Back in the nineteenth century women were not allowed anything else except a dress. Society can accept this alter because of the impact of time as well as the boldness of girls. In The Bird Cage, Louise Keeley (the senator’s wife) makes a superb example of just how society only perceives what wants to see. Why, as if young men playing leapfrog! , Is it Ancient greek language?  In fact Louise Keeley is check out a piece of cina with pornographic pictures of young men. Louise Keeley would not see precisely what is really right now there because the lady blinds very little in order to safeguard herself by what is considered immoral and a sense terrible. Society as well tries to conceal and shield themselves by situations that they do not just like, such as homosexuals, homeless persons, cross desks, etc . Because society would like to blind alone, does not mean these people will not exist.

Combination dressing is viewed as wrong in the eyes of a stereotypical society. Biological men and women are supposed to be masculine and feminine correspondingly. Cross dress up is not considered a norm in society. This kind of idea is observed through the video The Chicken Cage. In reality sex will not determine male or female, as showed by Brian Pronger in “Sexual Mythologies.  Consequently sex cannot determine gender, but world will always look at what it desires to see. Except if society can learn to recognize people pertaining to who they are and what they use, then we will have a truly have a society high are no stereotypes.

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