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1 . 25th Hour, described by Increase Lee, shows men partly in a normal way. The typical representation of men in Hollywood film defines them as being aggressive and powerful. They are anticipated to bear discomfort silently, reduce their emotions easily, and dominate their particular women. As well, typical males usually don’t pay any attention to all their sicknesses and try to prove their masculinity to others. However , the movie includes a hegemonic negotiation of emotional outbursts over the classic image of masculinity.

Therefore , the main character, Monty, is a famous and respected medicine dealer who also spends his last time of independence. He is provided as being effective throughout the video because he was living the American wish, driving a high priced car, running a fancy house, having a amazing, exotic sweetheart and hanging out in high-class clubs. Even though he is self-employed, being a supplier for Naturelle and living an expensive your life, he depends on drugs to keep up his electric power.

Monty’s condo has hard wood floors and tall windows facing the brownstones across the street. There are some black-and-white photographs, lining the walls, and the largest photography, hanging over a sofa, presents Brogan’s Tavern; the design of Monty’s apartment shows his electrical power and riches that came coming from drugs. Monty’s costuming and look illustrate his classy personality.

His grayscale shiny shoes, sober and dark garments, stylish and well-groomed curly hair reflect his past gorgeous and prosperous life. Even though Monty will prison in 24 hours, this individual suppresses every his feelings and sufferings. He taking walks slowly with Doyle, his dog, and reflects gently on his your life. The length of these kinds of shots is about fifteen seconds and shows his manly insensitivity the past day of his independence. When he goes to the Cardiff Preparatory Institution, he discusses his team picture smiling at his past content memories.

Monty goes to speak to Jacob about a change of plans while nothing provides happened; he’s very calm and doesn’t show virtually any emotion. This individual even sees Mary saying she looks cute. Monty tries to imagine that every thing is fine, being indifferent and not affected by his imprisonment.

Also when Naturelle asks him to talk to her, he answers as if there is nothing to speak about. Montgomery tries to show that he is emotionally powerful to overcome his fear of likely to prison. Additionally, when Frank beats Monty, the latter neglects his discomfort and doesn’t even want to go to the doctor. He is getting prepared emotionally and suffers in silence, when he would have to withstand prison discomfort without grievance. Additionally , the regular male needs to control females, and Montgomery dominates Naturelle throughout the movie.

For example , once Montgomery comes back home and they walk on the stairways he strolls first and Naturelle follows him. He could be in a major position as well as the woman only follows and listens to his issues. Throughout Naturelle and Monty’s conversation Monty is shown in low camera aspects, which present his electrical power and control of his girlfriend. On the other hand, Monty shows not caring to people although inside he’s furious and terrified. The hegemonic arbitration of traditional masculinity is presented mainly because Monty likewise shows several emotional malfunctions showing his weakness and powerlessness.

This can be a more modern day representation of masculinity just like 1950s American films. There are several film form elements that present males as being weakened. Monty doesn’t emulate his father but he follows his assertive instinct. The background music emphasizes the hidden thoughts and feelings of Monty and of different characters troubled by his imprisonment. The music provides a very strong perception of anger, fury, regret, and sorrow.

It is in ideal equilibrium to Monty’s inner feelings. For instance , from the starting scene the background music played presents tension and sorrow and although the ” cadence ” changes continuously it is continue to in relation to Monty’s reactions and emotions of his last day of freedom. After the opening scene, Monty is sitting together with his dog receiving harassed with a drug abuser; the mise en landscape of this field illustrating Monty behind bars foreshadows his future as being depressed, sad and weak. The high camera angles of Monty present him while fragile, very humble and prone.

The disappointing, gloomy and dark weather condition accentuates his vulnerability. Also, although he’s dominant above Naturelle this individual cares about her future and tells her to overlook him. His strong, exterior armor is cracked by his psychological outbreak during Monty’s bathroom monologue. Within a collage of over-exposed photos of different stereotype people, Monty curses and blames every single group, and race pertaining to his demise and for his wealth greed.

More importantly he curses him self saying: ” No, have sex with you Montgomery Brogan” (25th Hour). This individual finally realizes that it is not the society that may be accountable for his actions but he is, in fact it is time for him to pay for the choices he made during his lifestyle. Therefore , this scene discloses his level of sensitivity and psychological pain. That presents just how love for a lifetime can change into hate.

The darker light and self- representation of Monty resent his inner fury that is ready to explode, as the intense music highlights Monty’s personal trend. Therefore , there’s a shiny and brave strength to Monty, combined with a charming and sympathetic side, nevertheless also a calm desperation and sorrow in Monty’s previous hours of freedom. Monty’s friend, John is offered as a straightforward teacher which has a crush in the rebellious adolescent.

He is not able to cope with his feelings. His character is a hegemonic discussion of traditional masculinity as they is afraid of being evaluated for his feelings. He acts passively and appears weak before females. He is emotional and humble before Mary; although he is white-colored so he doesn’t problem the patriarchal dominance. Excessive camera perspectives of John show his inferiority and humbleness above other character types.

His poor costuming symbolizes his basic personality because he feels guilty for being born rich. If the bell jewelry and the class lecture is finished, Jacob continues to be alone; a detailed up of his face show his profound emotions. In the teacher’s lounge scene, John is presented as being pressured and unable to take control more than his your life. His eyeglasses represent brains and rationality, as the typical representation of male. Jacob is scared of expressing his feelings, thus he is lying his friend Frank about his thoughts for Martha, saying that Terry a friend professor likes her.

This individual even attempts to make a good impression above Mary stating that this individual likes a new DJ. In the club Jacob can’t resist Mary’s seductions and he kisses her. The crimson lights highlight the danger John is going through. He works frantically plus the mixed track “but it’s alright ” highlights Jacob’s feelings.

He made the choice of the kiss her, wonderful choice will be reflected through his existence. On the other hand, Honest represents the conventional representation of men. He’s rich, effective and good.

He could be a Wall Street stockbroker and is prepared to take risk in order to become successful. His costuming and cosmetic present him as a man that likes you his physical appearance and attempts to create an effect on people. The mise en picture of his work environment reveals a very occupied, stressing and hectic place of work but in in an attempt to succeed he has to withstand the hardship. When he talks to Jacob regarding Monty’s imprisonment he is quite hard on Monty but practical. He says the friendship with Montgomery can end from then on night; the background music, the dark setting and visualization in the devastating Earth Zero reflect the terrible reality.

A lot of close ups of Outspoken portray his emotions and guilt concerning Montgomery’s penitentiary years. Outspoken tries to produce Naturelle think guilty although doesn’t take into consideration his mistakes of certainly not helping Monty. As various other typical man who throw the guilt to everyone else besides himself.  Therefore, throughout the film males will be represented within a typical Hollywood way yet Spike Shelter introduces a hegemonic negotiation where males appear more sensitive, psychological and vulnerable.

2 . Inside the film 25th Hour, female’s representation is usually stereotypical. Naturelle, Monty’s girl, is shown as the beautiful, loyal and exotic partner. Naturelle may be considered the epouse fatale staying smart and sexy. Her smartness is usually reflected inside the scene where she is expecting Monty to come home, she actually is reading an e book; so she actually is not as naive as people consider her.

At the beginning, men characters think that she is the traitor, so she symbolizes a danger for men. Monty has concerns and trust issues to Naturelle mainly because she knew where the prescription drugs were. However , in the end Naturelle wasn’t the traitor, wasn’t the woman that destroyed the person that provided for her, rather it was Monty’s bodyguard. It turns out that Naturelle’s loyalty and love is genuine, among a stay at home mom.

When Montgomery comes home from his long walk, this individual finds out that Naturelle anxiously waited for him the whole day, which will shows her concern pertaining to Monty’s existence. She smooches him first and reveals her proper care and love throughout the video. While Naturelle and Monty walk inside apartment, Monty lies upon the lounger whereas Naturelle goes 1st to home, as a womanly instinct. Her fragility is usually shown the moment she attempts to open the honey container. Eating uncooked honey shows that she is basically sweet and tender.

Close ups of Naturelle deepen her thoughts and emotions about Montgomery; and in the bathroom scene Naturelle expresses her love and happiness although being with Monty. Her Muelle Rican skin image shows that though her man, who was offering for her didn’t agree with the tattoo, she still first got it; her action shows her sense of independence when being loyal to her person. Throughout the video, fetishization of Naturelle’s physique occurs.

Through the bathroom field, her hip and legs are becoming fetishized while in the club close ups of her breasts accentuate her sexy figure. The men about her, such as Frank, often admire her; and her costuming and makeup focus on her sexy figure. She is dressed in brief, sexy, crimson, silver dresses that make her look powerful and hot. During a flashback of Monty, when he recalls how he met Naturelle, she shows up very nice, innocent, aged with a attention grabbing skirt. Monty admits that Naturelle is the only girl that this individual slept with and he keeps thinking about about her.

This demonstrates that the girl with a way to obtain temptation and happiness to get Monty. It truly is happiness because even in the illusionary stopping Naturelle is a mother of his children and he’d have a cheerful life with her. On the other hand, Mary, the young scholar, is shown as a damp, innocent nevertheless tempting woman.

She may additionally be shown as a epouse fatale because she represents a threat for the professor. The girl with smart enough to argue on her behalf marks. The girl uses her sexiness to create Jacob weak. Her cosmetic, costuming and tattoo present her as being a rebellious and independent woman.

She is independent because the lady fights on her behalf opinions; for example she arrived at argue regarding the fairness of her mark. The girl with playful and tries to seduce her teacher. Also, when she was reading a play in the course, Mary can be shot in low perspective while the mentor in excessive angle; this implies that Mary controls Jacob through her sexiness and Jacob shows up as weakened and unable to defend him self from Mary’s seductive attract.

However , Martha is still blameless because the moment Jacob goes toward kiss her she has her eyes shut down waiting for him, this demonstrate to her inexperience and fragility. Fetishization of her legs and waist shows up and Jacob is enticed by it. Therefore , women appear as a way to obtain temptation for the celebrities and, all their representation is usually stereotypical; Naturelle’s representation implies love and affection on her boyfriend whereas Mary’s portrayal presents a rebellious and provocative heart. 3. Main character or patient, there’s nobody to blame or honor intended for our activities than themselves.  Each person has to take responsibility and hopefully survive the hard lifestyle trials.

In 25th Hour, the protagonist has to be responsible for his individual actions and not blame other folks for his imprisonment. All the viewers could relate to Montgomery’s situation mainly because at a single point many of us have to pay pertaining to our mistakes even though it psychologically destroys us; but we have to be able to separate the terrible reality from the beauty of living ideal. The film opens having a black atmosphere and two beams of light, that can come from where twin podiums used to end up being.

World Trade Center is definitely presented as Ground Zero, an empty, damaging and ghostly space. This kind of empty space reflects the continuing future of Monty’s life because even though he had almost everything he plonked it away, therefore he’s responsible for missing what he owned. The music creates a more dramatic and mysterious effect.

The visitors are expected to behave sympathetically to Monty since although he did not perform heroic actions, he expresses sincerely his feelings. In the end of the movie is as illusionary while Montgomery’s cultural power; that lasts until the reality gets control. Also, Monty’s father details the happy and very humble life Monty would have in the event he would not go to prison and run away. It is an illusionary portrayal of the standard Hollywood end living gladly the American Dream. Nevertheless , it’s only a dream and Montgomery will take responsibility intended for his activities because he cannot hide or perhaps blame other folks for what he did.

Likewise, the director presents Monty in a intelligent way as being able to endure in penitentiary, to become educated and who knows probably after eight years to start out an honest and life. The audience is given the choice of offering for the hero, the second chance, as he offered one to Doyle, his loving dog. The film ends with a road, which suggests that Monty’s life routes depend just on him. Although the weather creates a melancholic state, the existence of green woods symbolizes Monty’s rebirth. Consequently , there is continue to hope for Monty after this individual takes responsibility for his life selections.

The ending of the movie makes us feel refractive because we all start to think about over what is wrong or perhaps right is obviously, over what we should praise or value and this we are all characters and victims, but can be our person choice that produces us exclusive.

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