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Audrey Hepburn and Her Individuality Theories Psy/300 Audrey Hepburn and Her Personality Ideas Audrey Hepburn was born in 1929 in Brussels Belgium during a moments of economic hardship and personal strife. Her your life took a wonderful twist by her when food starving, fatherless, conflict frenzied, the child years and adolescent years simply by becoming a 20th century icon. She withheld perseverance forever that forced her in the Land from the Free and ironically in the luxurious world of film-making by becoming probably the most wanted performers in Hollywood.

Through her trial offers, tribulations, inheritance and the adjacent environments this paper is going to explain how they contributed to molding her character and what made her this kind of a unique person. Audrey got very little emotional support or perhaps family effect as a child. Her father left her, take the time and mom when the lady was the age of six. Her mom was forced to raise two children on her very own in a time of war with ample ways in which to concentrate on mental ties or even fundamental methods to nurture the children. Audrey once quoted any time her dad left that she was “devastated and had no one left to hug with. (Flonder, 1998) Being that it was this sort of a difficult amount of time in history Audrey and the impacts around her where forced to work harder than the person with average skills does within a life time. Your woman was raised morally by her Mother for the reason that they performed hard so that they needed in order to survive. Once the warfare was over her and her family even produced geographical moves in order prosper and attain their goals. It was as well documented that during the warfare she was a messenger on her behalf allies resistant to the enemies showing that the girl was widely influenced while very young to guard those that your woman trusted and believed in.

Although there was chance to steal and pillage her and her, family and friends travelled so famished at times that “they ate tulip bulbs in order to stay alive.  (Flonder, 1998) There are several ideas in the research of mindset that recommend how a character is formed and what creates it’s exclusive characteristics in which drive a person to behave a particular way in certain surroundings and while reaching others. In Audrey Hepburn’s case the Objective Relation Theory and the infamous Sigmund Freud theory of Psycho-dynamic best fit her features and activities by what is usually recorded of her your life history and personal quotes.

Objective Relation Theorist focus on many ways in which persons cope with their very own feelings (defenses) and adjust to reality while trying to match their needs (ego-centric). (Kowalski , Weston, 2011) It also suggests that people which develop their very own personality in this way by environment and existence events offer an extreme lack of ability to trust relationships. This can be a progressive motion toward a much more mature relatedness to others. (Kowalski , Weston, 2011) The personality of Audrey Hepburn is mirrored in this theory in several techniques.

Her two divorces may have stemmed from the desertion of her daddy or the result the foes and disasters that the girl encountered during the war. The 2 divorces suggest signs of maladaptive interpersonal problems by having issues with others. The two cases of divorce may also be how that she coped with not having trust for the men in her life and a short lived child years. She when mentioned that she had “very little youth, handful of friends in the usual teen way and no security. Would it be no wonder My spouse and i became an inside sort of person? I think I used to be older in those days than We am now. (Flonder, 1998) As mentioned above the Objective Relation Theory also concentrates on a person’s ego or how much one thinks of one self. Audrey was obviously a very providing person inside the literal sense. She was said to be a fantastic mother of two kids and cited “all which i ever really wanted to be was obviously a mother. (Flonder, 1998) As a way to pay it forward to those that helped give food to her throughout the war she also gave unceasingly to children of additional countries by simply becoming the Ambassador towards the United Nations Foreign Children’s Fund. Therefore , your woman could share with others easily although she suffered from signs of ego-centrism and self- preoccupation.

With the incidents of her past she yearned to be loved and in many cases with wonderful success by worlds look at as a great Academy Prize winner the lady continued to get the truth behind true internal happiness. The Psycho-dynamic Theory concludes that individuals are determined by would like and concerns which Audrey had most of and shown openly that they can both drove her in lots of ways. She truly changed her name to Audrey in order to not face the name of her previous as well as by simply wishing for a better lifestyle with her new identity. Audrey offered “Edna was through enough already.  (Flonder, 1998) This theory also locations emphasis on just how ne’s personality takes development during early on development and is also highly troubled by the part of their parents. (Burton , Davey, 2006) Audrey clearly had an early on physical and loving connection to her dad to state that “she experienced no one to cuddle with once he was gone. (Flonder, 1998) Without this early on attachment accomplished her reputation of autonomy and self conscious freedom might have been meaningless. (Kowalski , Weston 2011) At this early stage of her expansion with her father the lady was able to type such strong desires to appreciate and maintain her kids beyond what her Mom could actually provide.

She also showed a very good desire to have close harmonious links by being extremely socially lively as well as tending to those in needs. Too, in her latter stages of lifestyle she did eventually along with love and stay in a committed marriage up until her death in 1993. (Flonder, 1998) In all, the Psycho-dynamic Theory ideal describes the personality of Audrey Hepburn. Although the girl faced a large number of challenges during her lifestyle in the face of adversity through the development of her life she did conquer them in healthy methods.

And although the desertion of her daddy left her unable to trust and trying to find love your woman was able to contact form some caring bonds with individuals throughout her life. To support this theory as well one of her most well-known quotes can be “people need to be loved, renewed and redeemed. Never get rid of anyone.  (Erwin , Diamond, 2006 ) Audrey Hepburn a new multifaceted persona due to the interactions that your woman had as child and established during adolescent but she slept true to her morals and was striven for answers that would boost her concerning overcome her past.

The lady appeared to be kind and adoring towards the people who meant the most to her in her life. Those that encounter her in brief also claim that she was a “giving and elegant spirit (Erwin , Gemstone, 2006 ) simply operating towards an improved life for herself and mankind. Sources Kowalski, Ur. , Weston, D. (2011). Psychology (6th ed. ) Hoboken, NJ: Whiley. 2005 Flonder, G. Biography. The Immortal Audrey Hepburn Aug98, Vol. two Issue 8, p46. 8p. 19 Larsson, P. Counselling Psychology Review, Vol. twenty-seven, No . you, March 2012 Erwin, Elizabeth., , Precious stone, J. (2006). The Audrey Hepburn Pieces. New York, Ny: Simon , Schuster, inc..

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