Worst day at any time essay

It had been a one excellent morning. Sunlight rose gradually, peeking throughout the curtain and illuminating Ian’s room beautifully as the sixteen-year-old young man was still profound in his slumber. Even the shrilly sound with the annoying noisy alarms did not wake up him up. It ongoing for about half an hour before Ian was greeted with ice-cold water on his face and body. Gradually, he opened up his eyes and the conclusion sank in as soon as he saw his mother’s face.

Judging via his mother’s facial appearance, he realized that he was late to school again. This individual muttered a loud remorseful to his mother as he darted towards the bathroom to get a quick bathtub. His mother could only shake her head by her son’s behaviour. Ian let out a painful moan when the steaming water hit his body. This individual backed apart, trying to shut off the hot shower room at the same time. However, he burnt his skin area a few times just before he finally succeeded.

Finally, he gave up about showering and started to mind down to meet up with the last coach to his school. Because weird as it sounded, Ian had a awful feeling it turned out going to always be his most detrimental day ever.

Everything appeared wrong from your very begin. First of all, he began his day late as he woke up later for college that working day. So here having been, chasing after the bus which will already on its way with its dedicated morning traveling all up to speed. Ian realized that it was a futile attempt because once the coach had moved away from the tour bus stop; there is no way to avoid it. He plopped down lazily in the buttock around the cold seat in the tour bus stop. His stomach was grumbling because he missed his breakfast as a result of waking up past due. His mother won’t let him have actually just a tiny bite of those delicious home-made pancakes of hers. Ian glanced down at his red timepiece, it go through 8. 01am.

Sighing out of disappointment, he made a decision that it will be best if he started walking to school. As he walked, he muttered a few incoherent problem words below his breathing, unaware of the existence of a large, black dog coming up soundlessly behind him. The next thing this individual knew is that he was running for his life, trying to get away from the frightening dog. Regrettably for Ian, luck had not been on his side that day time. His handbag was shown aggression towards by the brutal dog, leading to it to tear apart. His paper and homework were scattered everywhere over the road. Nevertheless it was hard to confess, it was certainly the worst morning ever for Ian.

As soon as this individual reached his school, everybody was mad in him. That looked like everyone decided to receive mad for him that day. Having been punished by security guard to get trying to rise the closed school door. Even though Ian himself knew that it was wrong to just climb the gateway like that, he was desperate and he understood that having been going to attract more problems in the event he was any kind of later that he currently was. This individual received a scolding from your guard before he was from the hook. The worst part of it was the simple fact that this individual injured his leg as he fell straight down from the gate just now.

Too much water himself in his own misery, he had to limp to his course, wincing every so often at the painful throbbing sense in his left ankle. It did not improve once he arrived at his class. He knew that things like this were bound to happen when he turned up late in the lecture. Ian was scolded by strictest tutor in the university whom he had a class with for the first two period of a period of time. It was most due to his missing research. Cursing his bad luck, Ian remembered the incident while using rabid puppy earlier. This individual looked regrettably at his torn tote as he willingly accepted the punishment the fact that teacher had in store for him. As a punishment, he had to perform around the college field. In other words, his working day could not obtain any worse with everybody obtaining angry with him.

Finally, worst got come towards the worst as the weather as well was not on his side that day. Darker clouds begun to gather on the once flawless blue heavens. It started to rain intensely while having been running around the field. The ground was slick and this individual knew that he had to be more mindful with his methods. His hurt ankle has not been much of a support as it simply contributed to him, feeling more serious than ever. When the throbbing sense on his lower leg became unbearable, he decided to stop. However, as soon as this individual stopped working, he accidentally tripped on the big rock that came out of no place in the middle of the field. Expecting what was going to come up coming, he closed his eyes as he chop down into a big puddle of thick dirt.

The rain did not show any signal that it was going to stop therefore Ian made a decision to rest under a big tree at the side of the field. He certainly would not see this coming. He was completely taken aback if the lightning struck the woods that having been resting underneath. He happened to run quickly to save his your life. The harsh lightning burned the tree. It was a thin escape from the tree although unluckily, he burned a few of his curly hair. He wandered away from the forest with these kinds of a sad back again, silently sobbing over his bad luck during the day. Thus, the bad weather completed his most detrimental day ever before.

Ian would not forget that day when everything gone wrong. The suffering and hardship that he went through that time shall regularly be remembered. Though it was a awful memory, this individual wanted to treasure that one écaille of his life permanently. It was certainly the worst day at any time.


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