Working holiday Essay

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The purpose of this exploration report should be to examine the attitudes to working getaway among students of College. The survey was conducted for Hong Kong campuses. A total of 500 copies of questionnaire were allocated within 03 and the response rate is 100%.

Because this project examines the attitudes to working holiday among youngsters, our target group is a students older between 18 and twenty-five study in college (see Figure 1 ) 1). A large percentage of00 respondents happen to be females (see Figure 1 ) 2). Plus the highest education level of many respondents is Associate Degree/Higher Diploma Degree (see Determine 1 . 3).

A majority of participants are with no experience. The questionnaire is divided into two parts. The first 10 questions will be for respondents with functioning holiday knowledge while the later on 7 queries are for respondents devoid of experience. Besides distributing the questionnaire, secondary research was conducted to achieve more ideas about concerns. The promoting data can also be collected via online electric sources.

Favored destination for operating holiday Before having a working holiday break, it is important to choose an ideal destination for the trip. For most Hk young people, British speaking countries possibly may be their highly recommended. Regarding the learners surveyed, varieties Figure installment payments on your 3, most of respondents whom without real experience likes to have their doing work holiday in Sydney and Britain. It could be suggested that respondents who with out actual encounter threat having working vacation as a trip to improve their English language skills and a tool to communicate with residents.

It is according to answers via respondents that have working holiday experience. Every one of them choose Australia as their vacation spot. Also, this can be consistent with the response to Q8 from the questionnaire regarding the reasons of selecting a place for doing work holiday, by which around 70% of participants who with actual encounter rank lifestyle as a key factor for their choice.

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