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FOCUS: MR Salary Man

TO: WNBA Salary Board

FAX NO: 817-596-8405

FROM: Genitrice Thomas: Agent Latoya Jones

Professional Athletics Representation Agent

SUBJECT: Rookie Salary Discussions

Latoya Thomas

Rookie Salary Negotiations

Sweetheart Black

The spring 30, 2001

Dear Sir

I actually am writing to discuss the main points of Latoyas Thomas deal in which my client disagrees upon. For entry in to the 2001/2002 Ladies National Hockey Association, reported from here as the WNBA, player draft.

Latoya is a 61 all around player and is incredibly versatile my personal client is actually playing pertaining to the WNBA and offers considered arriving at America to learn for your group the WNBA

In looking over the minimum requirements I noticed that the few points rose to my attention. In particular real reviews allowed, deal length, benefactors, work out schedules, travel conditions, and salary increments. I will attempt to addresses all of my personal reservations and give suggestions to remedy these requirements and this can create a scenario for negotiation between negotiation group and myself. If you can not fulfill these requirements then my personal client will never be allowed to enter in your WNBA draft 2001/2002.

Firstly, let me quickly summarize Latoyas extensive playing history and this will illustrate the level of perform that Latoya can offer to your league. Starting out at 14 years old in the seventh grade Latoya played out for Reduction Middle College. In the eigth grade in addition, she played pertaining to Richland Northeast High School around the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams. In continuing her career the girl made the Varsity staff her Freshmen year and contiuned to learn all four years. As a freshmen she proportioned 15 items per game and was named Freshmen of the 12 months. As a Sophmore she averaged 18 items and 14 rebounds. As being a Junior, Latoya averaged twenty-two points, doze rebounds and 6 support. She also business lead the team plus the nation in scoring. The girl lead they to a Seminar championship and a State Shining. As a Senior she was #1 player in the nation, averaged a triple double with 23 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assist. For the 2nd consecutive season in history she lead team to a state championship and lead the country in rating. All four years in Secondary school she was selected to become on the all-state team, all- region group, and all-conference team. During the summers of her Secondary school years she would continue rehearsing and playing for an AAU staff.

To play for a great AAU group you must end up being selected by regional panel of which you belong to like a player. All years LaToya was a starter and business lead the team in scoring three consecutive years with an overall average of 23. 7 per video game.


Weatherford Junior College was selected pertaining to Latoya to attend by Julia Wavius whom is the Head women golf ball coach by University of South Carolina. When attending Weatherford College LaToya as a freshmen was called Freshmen from the year. Averaging 22 points and 10 rebounds. Likewise Selected Initial team all-conference and First team all-region. Lead they in scoring and to an appointment championship. As a sophomore she was named player from the year. Hitting 29. your five points per game and 12 rebounds which lead the team to a second conferece championship and to a Local and National title. Latoya extended to play by Lamar University or college as a Jr . and Senior. As a Jr LaToya began and business lead the team in scoring and was known as Southland participant of the yr averaging 27 points asnd

several rebounds. As being a senior Latoya was the leading rebounder to ever lead the nation in the history of Lamar University. The lady was picked to be inside the WNBA draft in which you are well aware of nevertheless she switched the present down to perform due to low salary and and disrespectfullness towards womens basketball.

So in response to your letter you sent my consumer asking her to reenter your draft I hope you comprehend what type of person you want and how come her criteria are so large.


After turnig down the admittance WNBA draft Latoya went overseas and play pertaining to the NBA(NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATIN). The NBA was established in 1946 and was broken into two individual leagues one which was made for guys and 1 made overseas for women. As a way you can see this kind of league can be well established. Players are well taken care. The NBA is definitely sponsored by simply every brand name basketball shoe ex. Nike, Reebok, and Adidas and so forth

The obtain the NBA is six years getting started if you drafted and 3 years if your a no cost agent. The NBA also uses the train if they travel on away game titles. The real estate is all taken care of and furnished and it is yours to keep. You could have Life insurance for the remainder of your life in case you stop playing once you have signed the contract under every circumstances. NBA starting earnings is several million and maximum starting salary can be 7 mil. As you read Internet marketing sure you see the difference when compared with your little league.

My client is very greatful in which she is and these are the alterations you may need to consider if you want Latoya to play continue her job in the WNBA.

Income Cap Limits

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