Who Is to Blame for the Deaths of Romeo and ...

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare In Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, the feud between the Montague and Capulet families triggered the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

It has been debated that is really the fault? I think which the person the reason for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet is mostly Romeo. In my opinion I would personally blame him for eradicating himself in such a hurry as a result leading to Juliet’s suicide. I do believe Romeo is actually hasty and quick on his actions, because he is always running around as if almost everything were an unexpected emergency.

An example is definitely when he says, “O let us hence, My spouse and i stand upon sudden haste”. This shows that he is too quick and running around looking for Friar Lawrence to tell him something in a hurry. I think that he has to calm down and never be therefore hasty and plan items instead of becoming so immediate.

Romeo again is fickle and is speedy when he recognizes Juliet initially and falls into love with her. Romeo fell in love with Juliet nearly immediately and he didn’t even want to get to know her better 1st. Another actions showing how Romeo responds is when he asks Juliet to get married to him following knowing Juliet for just 1 day after the get together.

Romeo arranges the marriage, and gets the health professional involved with wedding ceremony too. This is clearly proven when Romeo walks off of the stage as he was unable to receive down the wall of Juliet and says, “By the hour of nine. ” Another location to show Romeo’s attitude is definitely when he gets rid of Tybalt intended for killing Mercutio, his frame of mind here boosts rapidly and he gets really furious and stabs Tybalt. His anger can be shown if he says angrily “And fire-eyed fury be my carry out now! ” Here he could be extremely upset and should control his frame of mind and this individual should think about what to do, rather than acting thus quickly.

Romeo killed Tybalt, because Tybalt killed Romeo’s best friend, Mercutio. I think anyone would’ve been a bit angry and want to get revenge yet most people could think that through first. Romeo was too quick on his activities to getting rid of Tybalt along with his sword. Friar Lawrence is likewise partly to blame for the fatalities of Romeo and Juliet because he wedded them when he should have noted that getting married to them could bring tragedy and even more feuds in the future between your two family members, Montague and Capulet. Friar Laurence really should have understood that Romeo and Juliet had been only young and they couldn’t think direct at the time.

Others who are to blame is the Montague relatives, The Capulet family, as well the Registered nurse and fortune. The two family members feuding produced Romeo and Juliet wish to run away or kill themselves. Overall, I would say it truly is Romeo’s wrong doing the most. It truly is understandable that their father and mother didn’t but let them marry due to grudge between the families.

In case their wasn’t this grudge, they wouldn’t have died but the parent’s didn’t know. Romeo on the other hand, must have known what would happen. Even when he observed Juliet pretending to be dead, this individual should have waited and required help or friends rather than killing him self immediately.

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