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” In some way, the Committee is incensed that their position has become misrepresented for the American persons and they can not understand how some of the white-colored population can easily disagree with all the providential knowledge of driving the Native Americans even further western than they have been powered. When the Cherokees exercise the same common sense and claim a similar rights of whites on their own territory, this is certainly seen as radical and out of order. To further quotation the Committee’s work, that they remark that “No respected jurist offers ever extremely contended, that the right with the Indians to hold their set aside lands, could possibly be supported in the courts with the country, after any other earth than the give or authorization of the sovereignty or Express in which this kind of lands lie (Erbach, “The Cherokee Removing Group C. Readings”). inches In other words, like slavery, oppression of the Natives is satisfactory when made by the state governments and the U. S. federal government can do nothing to interfere. Such reasoning would haunt the country later as it went into the City War.

Inside the response in the Cherokees, they freely acknowledge that they have conducted the American Republic ahead of on behalf of The uk, but did that because we were holding the most strong force on the continent. Got they compared Britain, they might have been crushed earlier. Then they made serenity with America and entered into honorable treaties. They understand only wreck if they leave the land with their fathers. That they ask as being a small region to large and strong nation to acquire mercy on the small and poor and weak in the form of the Cherokee region. They see and indicate the fortune of the Native American tribes that have been wiped out and inquire if that they, a remnant will also undergo this fortune. They also be aware they are now being treated like tenants in land that belongs to Government to be expelled at will, even thought the Great Court offers recognized their particular rights. The President will not likely honor the treaty requirements that the United States took upon itself and has amended time and again in treaty following treaty. They will appeal for the Christian great will of the United States not to end the improvement of culture and Christianity within the Cherokee nation (Erbach, “The Cherokee Removal Group D. Readings). ” Unfortunately, even compression will not bring them respite from the Trail of Tears.

To recap, the Cherokees found themselves in the classic twice bind. The schizophrenic insurance plan of the Government symbolizes the issues that the youthful nation acquired with its responsible conscience and the call of empire.


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