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The level of control a leader desires to maintain over their staff also impacts their leadership style, like a may assign work in front of large audiences, but others feel the need to get involved in every aspect of day to day function therefore increasing their workload and often not utilizing their crew to the best of its capability.

Another component which can effect leadership style is the organizational structure and operating strategies, as they might dictate the leadership design that the managers must undertake as their very own. A leaders experience also affects their particular choice of leadership style mainly because managers without a lot of experience may desire to lead by the book’ as it exactly where rather than work with their own design for anxiety about making faults. Other factors that will affect choice of leadership models or behaviors in workplace situations happen to be new groups entering businesses as this changes the dynamics from the already set up teams, meaning that new personalities may need to always be managed in a different way to currently established clubs.

Changes to health and safety regulations and info protection aws may impact leadership design as a supervisor should always be aware of new legislations and how this affects these people and their team. Personal affects and crew experiences likewise affect selection of leadership styles as staff dynamics are changing and a good administrator will always make use of their associates so that everyone is attempting to the best with their ability. There are four key leadership variations, the 1st being Autocratic style that this manager keeps as much control and decision making authority as it can be, the manager does not provide employees any kind of input or consultation.

Another is Bureaucratic which is where manager deals with by the book’ which is where anything must be accomplished according to procedure and protocol. Mangers using this design will only talk to those above them inside the chain of command. They simple enforce the rules of the workplace.

The next style of command is Laissez-Faire which is also known as the hands off’ approach to supervision. The director usually supplies little or no course and give employees as much flexibility as possible. Most power has to staff and they are to dictate their own work ethics. The last management style is the Democratic design which is also referred to as participative style and this is usually where workers are encouraged to be a part of the decision production process.

The democratic manager keeps their personnel informed regarding everything that affects their job and duties. This design requires the manager to offer the final claim in decisions but gathers information coming from staff members before you make final said decision. 1 . 2 Describe why these kinds of leadership styles or behaviors are likely to include a positive or perhaps negative impact on individual and group conduct (24 marks) The Autocratic leadership style is effective the moment there are new untrained associates of staff who are unaware of policies and procedures, there exists a limited amount of time in which to produce a decision, a managers electrical power is questioned by a staff and employees do not interact to any other management style.

It is not necessarily effective the moment employees turn into emotional, workers expect to have claim in decisions, when staff become based upon mangers for all decision making in the workplace, this style is also unproductive when generally there low employee moral, an increased turnover of staff and absenteeism. The Bureaucratic leadership style is effective when personnel need to appreciate policies and procedures, as well when personnel are working with dangerous or delicate gear such as medicine and hoisting equipment which require a particular set of techniques and teaching. It is also successful when safety and security training is being conducted.

It is far from effective when employees set up work practices that are not beneficial to their clientele, also when employees lose interest in their careers and fellow works. It is also ineffective once employees turn into stagnated within their work and feel that that they only need to carry out what is anticipated of them and nothing more. Another leadership style Laissez-Faire which is effective when ever employees are really skilled and educated, when ever employees have got a strong work ethic and drive to be successful on their own.

It is also successful when team members are utilizing their skills in the workplace and also the moment employees will be trustworthy and experience. Not necessarily effective the moment employees tend not to feel that the management can be dependable, when the employees don’t have any feedback prove work and exactly how well they are really undertaking jobs. It also ineffective when the manager does not be familiar with requires with their role and depends on staff to get involved and embark on the mangers responsibilities.

The past leadership style is Democratic which is successful when employees are informed of all things that impact their work, the leader wishes employees linked to decision making and problem solving, alterations must be designed to the mechanics of a staff and when team development and involvement are prompted. It is least effective when time restrictions effect workers input, launched cost effective pertaining to the administrator to make all the decisions. Additionally it is least successful when the employees safety is actually a critical concern. UNDERSTAND COMMAND QUALITIES AND REVIEW PERSONAL LEADERSHIP ATTRIBUTES AND POTENTIAL 2 . 1 Assess own leadership behaviours and potential in the circumstance of a particular leadership version and own organisation’s working practice and culture employing feedback coming from others (State your results below) (28 marks) 2 . 2 Identify appropriate actions to enhance own leadership behavior in the context or the particular leadership version (24 marks)

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