Twelve Angry Men presents the pessimistic view that all humans ...

Foreman goes with most vote rather than independently forming his individual judgement Juror 10 stereotypes all migrants. Offensive remarks eventually bring about the other jurors turning their backs on him and this individual finally demonstrates enough to improve Juror 3‘s relationship along with his estranged kid conflicts while using case and exactly how he is intolerant to young children (ageism) he also is convinced that a common way of managing conflict in the family happens to be with physical violence. Dependence on violence as a problem-solving strategy.

Juror 7 is far more interested in absent the baseball game compared to the case (selfish) The experience who dons eyeglasses says she found the last two cars passing the increased train implying that this wounderful woman has 20/20 eye-sight. Juror being unfaithful “woman who testified the girl saw the killing had these deep marks within the sides of her nose”. Juror eleven feels ashamed of his The german language culture and tries to action more American. Juror 12 keeps to himself and seems diverted and not interested.

He takes on noughts and crosses and draws paintings of his advertisements. Are not able to articulate his reasoning and changes his vote on multiple occasions Juror a few lived in slums and could correspond with the offender but this individual chose to have your vote guilty when he felt assaulted by the various other jurors Remorse or chasteness is never uncovered Strengths with the jurors Juror 8 wishes urges others to be patient and to consider the details of the case. Points out the weaknesses inside the other jurors. Paternal instinct to the offender due to the youngster having a stressed upbringing. Changes the jurors vote.

Juror 11 can relate to the boy as he lived the same life in terms of the environment by which he was raised. Reminds other folks of their duties and that personal feeling should not play a role in deliberations. Juror 4 desires fellow to jurors in order to avoid emotional arguments and stimulates them to take part in rational debate. Foreman usually takes his role seriously and endeavours to be fair Juror 5 proves key to persuading the votes of the leftover jurors and also has a good sense of justice Juror 6 is principled and respectful “You oughta incorporate some respect, mister.

If you say stuff like that to him again- I’m gonna place you out” in response to Juror three or more. Paragraph Framework Introduction – setting- author-date- mention a sentence about McCarthyism-answer to question Human body Paragraph 1- how the faults helped the case- certainly why it absolutely was good Human body Paragraph 2- Positive aspects Body Paragraph 3- why it was bad prejudices- sexism-ageism Human body Paragraph 4- negative aspect Conclusion- sums the paragraphs. Overall….

What to include in Paragraphs Jurors debate The way the Jury program was confirmed to be effective Created by the public Includes more than reasonable question Weaknesses from the system The way the jurors had been mostly people were not essential enough to get jurors ‘Twelve Angry Men presents the pessimistic watch that all human beings are flawed’ Introduction Reginald Rose’s enjoy Twelve Furious Men placed in a New You are able to Court of Law in 1957 describes the hardship of getting to a final verdict based upon personal misjudgment, opinionated landscapes and bogus statements of twelve various men who also are confronted with their views and morals that jeopardises the case. The play was written near the McCarthyism era where accusations of being or perhaps supporting communism had triggered the proper rights system becoming abused.

Increased had wished to leave the impression that America’s democratic jury system was powerful as it was which may not are unsuccessful through Juror 8. Mainly because Juror 8 who was the first in line to vote not liable was segregated from the solid attitudes in the eleven different jurors whom used their very own personal concerns to make a reasoning on the charged without evaluating the evidence just before they had made a decision. These 14 diverse males who are forced to stay in a heated area for a time period which adds superb tension amidst all of them will have to prove the innocence or perhaps guilt of any young man who also could be looking at capital consequence.

The twelve jurors whom reveal their very own weaknesses and strengths through the duration of proving reasonable question shows that without needing a hint of doubt a guilty person may be able to walk free. The play reveals that no matter what age, gender or background the jury method is a struggle when jurors are generally not one-sided, nonetheless it is a means of seeking justice. Rose demonstrates that all humans reveal all their imperfections after they can relate to a situation.

Although the eleven additional jurors whom voted guilt ridden due to ignoring the evidence in order to save precious time even though Juror almost eight presents his argument by stating the accused can be described as teenage son who has “been kicked around all his life”, though this kind of example the 8th juror indicates that the dysfunctional home can have a chaotic and emotional impact on children. Juror three or more an psychologically distraught gentleman who has certainly not been in contact with his alienated son votes guilty based upon biases to young children that have lack esteem to their elders this is displayed when he points out to Juror 2 “I’d think we’d be better off if we took these difficult kids and slapped ‘em down prior to they make trouble” this enrage provokes a sense of dislike in the audience to Juror three or more as he believes that violence is the key to problem-solving.

With regards to both jurors there is always appears to be tension amidst them the moment Juror eight constantly uncovers Juror 3’s weaknesses that is delaying them from getting to a final verdict. Went up uses these two jurors to shows how there is always 1 juror who will always reveal people’s imperfections. The action of being unethical in a society may occur when many people present false statements. Even though Juror 8 has convinced nine different jurors to determine reasonable hesitation they additional discuss a witness in her forties “making a tremendous effort to look thirty-five for her first public appearance” and states that the lady lived in the other apartment from your accused fantastic father.

Juror 9 who points out that “the woman who testified that she saw the killing had these same profound marks privately of her nose” proving the fact that she wears eyeglasses plus the statement in her testimony was incorrect. This changes the three various other jurors verdict of voting guilty as you witnesses accounts could of made the other jurors believe that her memory was accurate as well as the accused would have received capital punishment. Increased portrays a feeling of concern in the audience if the jurors disregarded the witness’s statement demonstrating that the rights system would have proven to are unsuccessful.

Rose shows without a problematic society it could be difficult to imagine the benefit of the doubt. Through Juror almost eight we see him with endless imperfections when he is characterised as the protagonist constantly being devoted and reasonable to those whom deserve this. However , in Act II the audience discovers more about Juror 8 when the switch-blade knife continues to be presented. In the course of the play the switch knife was the weapon the accused experienced used and was considered to be considered a unique object.

Juror eight who had ‘reached into bank and immediately withdraws the knife’ shows a sense of amazement in the juror especially juror 3 whom thought the 8th Juror was excellent. The knife been presented depicts juror 8’s who is a trusted citizen inside the American contemporary society having “broken the law” indicates that he is not really perfect and participating in an illegal act makes the market question whether he must be trusted.

Unlike the 11th Juror who starts to appreciate their “it would nevertheless be an incredible chance for another person to have stabbed the father with all the same sort of knife” in the beginning changes his vote to ‘not guilty’ and provokes a sudden difference in Juror 9 the eldest of the other jurors decision that makes him political election not guilty even so as he still has the smallest feeling that “the son on trial is probably guilt ridden. But I would like to hear more”. Juror a few who decided to vote guilty as he experienced attacked by other headstrong jurors tries reasonable doubt when the switch- knife will remind him of “the neighborhood where My spouse and i lived” and demonstrates how to deal with the knife to the other jurors.

Although the 12 other jurors have come to conditions in putting away their biases and bias Juror several who holds a depressed view of young people primarily votes ‘not guilty’ when the other jurors encourages him to give the accused a second opportunity by “letting him live”. Throughout the enjoy men were used as jurors to produce a judgement within a period of time and ladies were not since significant to participate in a jury system. It the actual audience assume that women might have voted ‘not guilty’ as they felt a sense of empathy towards the accused without examining evidence. Rose shows that jurors who present themselves because heroic in a democratic justice system possess imperfections however; it is a basic part of your life and ‘no real damage has been done’.

Overall Increased highlights the importance of the court system in giving other’s a fair trial irrespective of age group, gender and cultural history. Although Rose had employed a set of various men rather than women that shows that females would have appeared more hypersensitive to the circumstance and may have let the offender live despite the fact that he may had been guilty. The imperfections in the system, shows that the opinions and beliefs that are set up in all humans helps them to make a reasonable judgement when examining the facts.

Rose ensures us to not view human being imperfections within an undesirable method as most human attributes are the consequence of who they are in fact it is their responsibility to perform a duty to protect their society. It is through this kind of play that makes us truly feel hopeful regarding the flawed world we all live in.

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