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1/A thesis proposal submitted to the Teachers of the Department of Supervision, College of Economics, Management and Development Studies, Cavite State School, Indang, Cavite, in partially fulfillment with the requirements intended for graduation together with the degree of Bachelor of Research in Business Managing, major running a business Economics. Prepared under the oversight of Doctor Nelia C. Cresino. LAUNCH Soft drinks may trace their history to the mineral water found in all-natural springs. Baths in all-natural springs is certainly considered a healthy thing to do and mineral water is said to have curative powers.

Scientists quickly discovered that gas carbonium or perhaps carbon dioxide is definitely behind the bubbles in natural mineral water. Soft drinks simply by its term are beverages that are not alcoholic drinks. Carbonated soft drinks are usually referred to as soda pop (About. com, 2011). Precisely what is special about soft drinks is that it is very simple to find and that all people could get it. It is definitely good in satisfying thirst associated with an individual.

It gives a refreshing sense especially on the very hot climate. According to the study conducted by the Gale Group Farmington Hills Michigan (2008), the softdrink industry began in the mid-1880s.

During the our childhood, soft drinks were sold only in stores that could provide water feature service. Elevating distribution was tied to building additional viscous syrup manufacturing plants. The first advertised soft drinks appeared in the seventeenth century being a mixture of drinking water and lemon juice sweetened with darling. In 1676 the Compagnie de Limonadiers was formed in Paris and granted a monopoly for the sale of its products. Suppliers carried tanks on their back from which they will dispensed cups of of lemonade.

Sari-sari stores remains the greatest distribution channel in 2011, little neighborhood retail outlets called sari-sari stores made up the largest proportion of product sales in carbonated drinks. Located in local communities, these stores make items easily accessible to lower- and middle-income customers, especially in provincial areas where modern day channels just like convenience stores and supermarkets are located in full centers which might be far from home areas. It will also be known that Filipino consumers typically do not buy in bulk and store sodas products at your home.

Thus, sari-sari stores become a convenient funnel for buying carbonated drinks in the preferred smaller and returnable cup packaging (euromonitor, 2011). Intended for dealership 1 will need a lot of collateral. The amount is dependent on the area of distribution. Soft drink dealership is profitable, nevertheless one should need to watch out for lots of things where one can lose money like breakage, theft, and so forth The dealer should be 200% hands-on due to cash and lots of credit that is to be handled. Depending on the visiting on the sales office of Coca-cola, Pepsi-cola as well as Hoheitsvoll Crown in Cavite there are 52 carbonated drinks dealers inside the province.

Soft drink dealerships and also other businesses contribute to the improvement inside the economic condition of people in a certain area or field and the community in general. Hence, the profitability of its procedure is worth studying. Statement with the Problem Especially, the study attempts to answer the subsequent questions: 1 . What are the socio economic characteristics of soft drink dealers in Cavite? 2 . Precisely what is the salary of carbonated drinks dealers in Cavite? several. What is the profitability of carbonated drinks dealership organization? 4. Precisely what are the problems encountered in fizzy drinks dealership? Conceptual Framework.

The framework from the study which is composed of the socio-economic attributes as the input, the dealership as the process plus the net income while the output is shown in Figure 1 . The socio-economic characteristics in the soft drink sellers such as era, gender and academic background is definitely the used since input in operating a dealership business. The output which is the web income with the business depends from the input which will be prepared in functioning the business to generate the profit. Determine 1 . Conceptual framework with the profitability of the soft drinks store in Cavite.

Objectives in the Study Generally, the study will be undertaken to determine the profitability of soft drinks dealership in Cavite. Specifically, that aims to: 1 ) describe the socio-economic attributes of soft drink dealers in Cavite; 2 . determine the income of soft drinks dealers in Cavite; 3. determine the profitability of soft drinks car dealership in Cavite; 4. identify the problems came across in soda dealership business. Importance of the research The potential investors are able to use this information while basis in deciding to into the soft drinks dealership organization.

This will supply a good method to obtain data for his or her feasibility study. The student and researchers are able to use the result of the research as mention of the have a deeper study about softdrink dealership in Cavite and also other related studies. From the result of the study, the soft drinks seller will have a concept of the current situation of other traders and compare their costs strategies while using other soft drink dealers in Cavite. Scope and Limitation of the Study This examine will be conducted to analyze earnings of soft drink dealership in Cavite. It can be conducted by October to December 2012.

The participants will be the owners, managers, or owner-managers of soft drink dealership business. The research focused generally on the socio-economic characteristics in the respondents, profits of soft drink dealers and problems came across in carbonated drinks dealership business. Only traders of fizzy drinks such as Pepsi, Pepsi- soda and Noble Crown will probably be interviewed. Accounting transactions for one year period, 2011 will probably be included in the examination of income. The data that is to be used in the research will be restricted to what the respondents will provide throughout the interview. Functional Definition of Conditions.

Cost of sales refers to an expense incurred simply by soft drinks traders which is attained by spreading the regular monthly sales volume level by unit cost. Gross income refers to the monthly total cash amount received by soft drink traders from the organization. Net profit refers to the entire cash amount left towards the soft drink supplier after deducting all relevant expenses from your total sales. Profitability is the ability of soft drink traders to improve the financial position with the business. The ratios which will be used will be: Gross Revenue Margin, Operating Profit Margin and Net Profit Perimeter.

Sales volume level refers to the monthly level of soft drink offered by softdrink dealers. Soft drinks is the main merchandise traded by soft drink dealers to their consumers. This consist of carbonated refreshments such as Skol, Pepsi- soda and Hoheitsvoll Crown. Fizzy drinks dealers consider the person who also sells soft drinks for money. Total cost/ expense identifies all expenditures incurred simply by soft drink traders in a month. Total product sales refers to the exact amount of carbonated drinks sold in monthly. It is received by spreading the unit selling price by the regular monthly sales volume level. METHODOLOGY.

This kind of chapter will certainly discuss your research procedure being used in the analysis. This will end up being presented inside the following section: 1 . ) research style, 2 . ) source of info, 3. ) data gathering procedure, 5. ) study instrument, your five. ) approach to analysis. Analysis Design The cross- sectional survey study design to be used in learning the profitability of soft drink store in Cavite. This style will facilitate finding the answers to queries on socio-economic characteristics of soft drink sellers, income of soft drink retailers, profitability of soft drinks car dealership and the complications encountered in soft drink dealership business.

Inside the cross sectional survey design, data will probably be collected for one moment in time from October to 12 , 2012 by a sample selected from a population at the particular time. Sources of Info The participants for this analyze will be the sodas dealers in Cavite. A list of soft drink traders in every city was wanted from the sales office of the different companies such as Coca-cola, Pepsi- diet coke and Noble Crown coca-cola in Cavite, namely: Alfonso, Amadeo, Bacoor, Carmona, Cavite City, Dasmarinas City, Gen. Trias, Imus, Indang, Kawit, Maragondon Naic, Noveleta, Sarta, Tagaytay, Tanza and Trece Martirez City.

Only neighborhoods that have softdrink dealers will be included in the research. Data Gathering Procedure The information to be used in the study will probably be gathered through interviews with the aid of questionnaires. Visitation to the several towns of Cavite will probably be done to decide the number of soft drinks dealers. Table 1 shows the circulation of respondents by products and by neighborhoods. A total of 52 respondents will be as part of the study. Stand 1 . Distribution of respondents by products and by towns.

PRODUCT/TOWNFREQUENCYPERCENTAGE Pepsi- cola Carmona 2 four Bacoor a few 6 Dasmarinas 3 6th G. Meters. A. one particular 2 Silang 3 6 Coca-cola Amadeo 1 a couple of Bacoor 4 7 Cavite City one particular 2 Dasmarinas 3 6 Gen. Trias 2 some Imus 2 4 Indang 1 2 Kawit 1 2 Maragondon 1 two Naic you 2 Sarta 3 6th Tagaytay 1 2 Tanza 2 a couple of Ternate 1 4 Trece 1 two Royal Top cola Alfonso 1 2 Bacoor two 4 Carmona 2 4 Cavite city 1 a couple of Dasmarinas 1 2 Style. Trias 1 2 Imus 3 6 Noveleta you 2 Silang 1 two Tanza you 4 Martirez 1 a couple of Total 52 100 Percent Exploration Instrument The questionnaire to be used as the primary gathering instrument of data. The questionnaire is usually divided into 5 parts.

The first part is about the general information in the respondents. The other part is going to focus on the proper execution of organization organization, and the third portion will direct attention to the techniques and approaches in making income. The fourth as well as the last part include the business income and expenditures in the soft drink sellers and the concerns encountered in soft drink store. Method of Examination Frequency rely and percentage will be used to describe the socio-economic characteristics of soft drink dealers, factors impacting on the salary of soda dealers and problems experienced by fizzy drinks dealers.

Economical tool including profitability proportions will be used to measure the generating capacity in the business. The ratios which will be used are: Gross Revenue Margin, Functioning Profit Perimeter and Net Profit Perimeter. Gross revenue margin. Measures the percentage of every peso sales remaining after the firm features paid for its goods. The greater the gross profit margin, the better, the lower the relative expense of merchandize sales. Gross earnings margin sama dengan Gross revenue Sales Working profit margin. It decides the percentage of every peso product sales that is showed by functioning profits.

That measures the complete operating effectiveness and features all the expenses associated with the ordinary or normal business activities. Working profit perimeter =net working income Net sales Net profit margin. Consider salary after cost. Operating cost and taxation have been subtracted. Net earnings margin is usually divided by simply net income after taxes by simply net revenue. In inspecting the income of softdrink dealers the formula that will used to resolve the net salary is: NATIONAL INSURANCE =TS ” TC Where: NI sama dengan net income TS = total sales TC =total price Return on expenses.

Steps the generating power of the business for every sobrecarga spent. It can be obtained by dividing the net income after taxes by total expenses. ROE= net income after taxes Total expense REVIEW 0F RELATED LITERARY WORKS Carbonated Fizzy drinks Dealers Soft drinks are liquids which contains carbon dioxide. In the years that followed, various variations of carbonated beverages, the process of carbonation can occur normally underground or perhaps artificially, it truly is through pressurizing. Examples of soft beverages incorporate spring normal water, beer and soda, or pop.

Best example is Pepsi which is the household name around the globe. Makers of soft drinks use caramel colour more than some other color inside the food sector. Carbonated beverages can generally be 90 percent drinking water. They are in most cases associated with becoming non-alcoholic, even though by explanation beer is usually a soft drink (Jeanne, 2011). In line with the Pinoy Progress Philippines. Com, The Filipino Beverage Market is composed of corporations producing glaciers tea beverages, soft drinks and colas, strength drinks, dairy, juice refreshments and mineral water.

In the fizzy drinks or soda pop category Pepsi and Soft drink of the ALL OF US dominate. The soft drinks portion of this market right now is dominated still by the two American giants”Coke and Pepsi (pinoyprogress. com2012). Royal top soft drinks are the leading brand of soft drinks for the Filipinos. Getting Filipinos to appreciate RC Cola, a century-old manufacturer founded in Columbus, Atlanta is something which the local bottlers of RC Cola have been completely doing daily for the past ten years (Manila Bulletin, May16, 2011).

Soft drink Cola Items Philippines reported its revenue figured getting down to $2. 74 mil in 08 from $3 million in 2007. This really is expected to be a result of people’s growing positioning towards healthier drink options (Philippine Drink Industry, 2009). Consumption of and Revenue of carbonated drinks The consumption of carbonated soft drinks is usually high, and is fast achieving saturation. And so future expansion in the Filipino soft drinks companies are expected to originate from non-carbonated soft drinks, says “Philippines Food and Drinks Industry: Emerging Opportunities, the latest research on the Philippine food and drinks industry (Philippines Meals and Refreshments Market: Growing Opportunities, February. 2009).

Status of product sales in soda industry have been good functionality over the recent years. Enjoying substantial per capita consumption among Asian countries. The sales of soft drinks are required to come to reach 6 Billion dollars Liters in 2008, 23% up more than 2005 (Philippines Food and Drinks Marketplace: Emerging Options, Feb. 2009). Small retail outlet which is called sari- sari stores is accounted for the largest amount of product sales in fizzy drinks.

Because it is readily available to lower- and middle-income consumers, especially in provincial areas where modern channels such as grocery stores and grocery stores are located in retail centres that are far from residential areas (Euromonitor. com2012). In the Israel, the competition inside the carbonated refreshments becomes more robust. The Coca-Cola Export Corp remains the undisputed leader in the Filipino soft drinks category. The Coca-Cola Co can cater to lower-income consumers through its fully-owned subsidiary Cielo Bottling Corp, which manufacturer’s competitively-priced local brands (Euromonitor. com2012).

In line with the research done by the Canadian Beverage Association (2009), sales tend to end up being seasonal, with higher consumption occurring throughout the hotter summer season. Unusually chilly or stormy weather during the summer months may have a negative impact on sales. Besides for carbonated drinks, bottled water and fruit juice will be the many profitable inside the non carbonated soft drinks in the market. Many factors affecting the sales of soft drinks market “Growing wellness awareness and health protection concerns amongst Filipinos is definitely the key determining factors with this growth , says an analyst for RNCOS.

Elements, including growing young populace, rising salary and changing consumer preference are also very likely to add to the regarding health drink market near your vicinity (S. C 2009). Concerns Encountered by Soft drinks Market According to the exploration conducted by the Euromonitor’s staff, the year of 2011 is a very challenging 12 months for the soft drinks sector in the Philippines. Because of the economical back drop, shorter summer periods and higher inflationary pressure, the industry’s total volume revenue contracted (Euromonitor. com, 2012).

Increased competition from other non-alcoholic beverages, particularly bottled water, but also refreshments such as fruit/vegetable-based drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks and relaxation refreshments, has presented consumers more beverage options. Changing consumer preferences and demographics, using a larger portion of more mature consumers who are progressively concerned about their particular health, and concerns about obesity have resulted in a heightened demand for new products (Canadian Beverage Association, 2009).

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