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Ethics and Morality: The Theories of Ethics and Morality

This issue in this case confronts an ethical dilemma, wherever she has to choose between reporting an ethical concern and just playing along or doing nothing at all. Both choices have significant consequences – reporting would mean that i) she seems to lose her job and livelihood because of a privacy breach, and ii) the lady stops her organization coming from producing the environmentally-friendly hovercraft, and consequently, turns into the reason why the world will never enjoy clean uncontaminated air. Playing along, alternatively, would mean that she wrist watches as two hundred, 000 blameless lives are misplaced as a result of the hovercraft’s incompatibility with existing models.

This issue has a duty to uphold confidentiality in every dealings that have to do with the company. Disclosing such information to the press might amount to breach of this duty. However , as a member of a corporate and business body, she also has a obligation to constantly look out for the welfare in the community. Utilitarianism requires individuals to always choose the action that maximizes the best interests of the majority – in this case, the deontological responsibility owed towards the citizens overrides that payable to the organization, which essentially means that the subject is appreciative to statement the study allegations first to their boss, after which to the press in case zero action is usually taken (Fedler, 2006).

Then simply there is the different question – would it become ethical to stop the production of the hovercraft, which is deemed to minimize greenhouse exhausts and improve the quality of life in years to come? In my view, your decision will be led by the consequentialism theory – that actions ought to be assessed based on the excellent they bring (Tully, 2006). Given the high cost of the hovercraft (about four occasions that of a great SUV), most of the people may not manage it, and it may take years before their numbers on the roads are sufficient enough to have a apparent effect on green house emissions. Therefore it could fundamentally take many years before the a result of the same around the environment can be felt. However, deaths caused by the kick off of the same are likely to be triggered quickly, and are regarded to increase because the number of hovercrafts increases. If we are to possible until the hovercrafts are satisfactory to have a touchable effect on the surroundings, and we are losing among 100, 000 and two hundred, 000 hails from accidents every year, then we might have no 1 left to enjoy the ‘clean’ air by 2050. Depending on the consequentialism theory, therefore , it makes sense to quit the launch of the hovercraft.

However , because the subject is usually guided by professional code of values, they will

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