The Wizard of Oz Film Review Essay

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  • Published: 11.14.19
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The plot of the film is quite basic, to say the least, since it involves the adventures of Dorothy and her dog, Toto, as they visit a way back residence. Throughout their travels that they encounter numerous characters who also each have their own complications and collectively they drive off to meet the Sorcerer of Ounces who can make them. This really is a basic story that is found in most excitement stories. Yet because shown from this movie, it is the interplay of all literary elements which make it the hit that it is.

As mentioned, the characters, the setting, the symbol metaphors and sculpt elements, every play a crucial role in the development of the theme plus the plot. Thought Dorothy is no longer exclusively in Ounces, her companion pets are not exactly the perfect bunch. Each has a probleme that works to get or against them and this is demonstrated in the schisme with the minions of the Evil Witch of the West. It becomes an even more compelling tale as the setting deepens to the wonderful feeling the audience experience.

The colorful units and the excessive costumes most add to the previously rich photo that is offered.

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