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Directed by simply F. Gary Gray, “The Negotiator” is actually a suspenseful actions thriller depending on a real circumstance experienced by simply police in St . Louis. In a desperate attempt to prove his purity, a skilled police negotiator charged of problem and killing takes hostages in a govt office to get the time he needs to get the truth. Logical choice theory is the criminological approach that retains traditional theory’s view of free will certainly but recognizes that situations may impact the exercise of personal choice.

That views bad guys as reasoning human beings who have evaluate the total circumstances before you choose to participate in acts that violate legislation, including their particular personal circumstances (experiences, requirements, wants); situational factors (type of secureness barriers, effectiveness of regulation enforcement); risk of getting captured; seriousness of expected consequence; and worth of anticipated yield. Theorists see the decision to make crime is influenced by simply two types of variables: those related to the offense, offense specific, and people related to the offender, offender specific. There exists three different methods rational decision theory applies to “The Negotiator”.

Firstly, logical choice theory is placed on “The Negotiator” when Danny Roman chose to take up hostages and hold up in the government workplace. His instances of being framed caused him to make a personal decision of taking rights into his own hands, which this individual concluded might bring him more serenity than soreness. Secondly, rational choice theory is used on “The Negotiator” when Philip Sabien chose to help Danny out instead of arresting him. Chris was starting to believe Danny that he was faithful but the F stepped in and dismissed Chris so his situation caused him to break the law and help Danny uncover the reality.

Lastly, realistic choice theory is applied to “The Negotiator” when Give Frost chosen to steal the cash. Frost sensed as though the rewards he would receive from stealing the bucks would take him more pleasure than pain. Assuming that rational choice explains criminal behavior, one program I would personally create to minimize crime is a feed the less fortunate system.

This program might feed and shelter the needy. This system would get rid of the crimes of those people who steal food or money to outlive on a daily basis. To conclude, rational choice theory is a criminological approach that keeps classical theory’s view of free will yet recognizes that circumstances might affect the workout of personal choice. Rational decision theory is applicable to the film “The Negotiator” in several different methods.

In my opinion, no matter what your circumstances could possibly be, they can under no circumstances justify your criminal activities.

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