The nature of fact essay

What is truth? Through the history of mankind it seems that most of us have been searching pertaining to the answer for this question. The nature of truth cannot be discussed in a way that can satisfy us all. I really believe that the character of the fact is lies inside the mind of each and every of us. What is fact for one person is usually not truth for another. Reality is based on individual belief, and the evolution of each person. The reason by this is the fact each person goes through a type of evolution in his/her life where the mind begins to develop a bigger awareness.

Most of us begin to realize that there exists more to the process of lifestyle than staying born, ageing, and about to die. Ancient greek philosopher, Thales thought that “beneath the world of lifestyle and death there must be some basic substance which usually explained to make possible the rest,  (The Ionian Institution, undated web page article). Many people begin to believe that we are far more than our physical systems.

Which leaving our systems through fatality is not the end of your existence. Our life pressure, energy, or perhaps soul is going to continue to survive a different level or dimension.

Of course , believing within a sort of ‘life’ after fatality is a key topic of debate. Philosophers always ponder if perhaps this could be reality, Christians framework their lives around this idea, and science tecnistions argue that the fact is only that which can be verified. “Clearly, the mere fact that one believes in and lives by something is not of itself sufficient evidence that that some thing has actual, as distinct from imaginary, existence; that, intellectually, it feels right, as specific from non-sense,  (Somerville, 1967).

I believe that just because we all can’t demonstrate something through science does not mean that anything can’t can be found. For example , well-know psychics seem to be capable to communicate with the dead, and predict upcoming events generally with amazing accuracy. Even everyone else who have experienced near-death experiences insist that there is something even more, and often claim to have seen lack of of physical life. Therefore , In my opinion that the characteristics of the fact is different for anyone. Plus the secret to reality is in our own heads. I really believe that what will be actual in our lives, will be that which is real in our thoughts.


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