The Loneliest Character Essay

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The loneliest personality in Of Mice and Men can be Crooks. Criminals is the loneliest character as they lives all alone and does not have any one to provide him company.

He’s not allowed in the bunk house because he is definitely black. In the depression time, blacks had been segregated, keeping Crooks separated and friendless. Crooks is lonely due to his contest. He gets treated differently than others one example is: S’pose you didn’t possess nobody.

S’pose you couldn’t go into the hoke house and play rummy ’cause you was dark. How’d you like that? S’pose you had to sit down out below an’ examine books. Sure you could perform horseshoes until it received dark, then again you got to read books (Steinbeck 80). Crooks is treated in a different way in the littlest of methods.

Many ways seem too promising small to affect some individuals, but they influence Crooks due to his isolation. Maybe you guys better go. My spouse and i ain’t sure I want you in in this article no more.

A colored man have to have some rights even if he don’t just like ’em (Steinbeck 90). Criminals has couple of rights as a colored person and he desperately would like more rights. During the depressive disorder colored people were often remote because of their contest.

Crooks hardly ever gets any business creating a a sense of loneliness. He even seems that this individual should not receive any company, for instance , You got no right to come in my personal room. This here’s my own room. No person got zero right in here nevertheless me (Steinbeck 66).

Crooks pushes people away creating even more solitude. Because of this he gets bored and finally lets Lenny in. Come upon in and sit awhile (Steinbeck 68). When Crooks lets Lenny in he feels treated that he has anyone to talk to.

It is a short lived sense. As soon as Lenny leaves he could be lonely once again. The seclusion created by Crooks powers his thoughts of loneliness. Crooks has inadequate cultural relationships, many of which is brought on by his race. He is as well lonely because he has no family members or friends on the hacienda like George and Lennie do.

Thieves is defiantly the loneliest character in Of Rodents and Males.

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