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Inuit: A People Maintained By Ice cubes

Thousands of years before, during the last glaciers age, mile-thick glaciers protected a vast percentage of North America, as well as the Asian continent was became a member of to The united states by a terrain bridge. The Arctic areas of Alaska, Beringia, and Siberia were free from ice. Vast herds of caribou, muskoxen, and bison migrated to these plains. Next them were the nomadic Asian forefathers of present day Inuit and Indians. The doorway to Asia sealed about three or four 1000 years afterwards as the glaciers receded and dissolved. These people: the Inuit (meaning the people), adapted with their harsh tundra environment and developed a culture that remained untainted for a long time.

The Inuit people counted solely upon hunting for all their existence. With summers hardly lasting two months, agriculture was non-existent. Pets such as caribou and seal were essential. Groups of predators would stalk and eliminate many caribou with vulnerable bows made of driftwood, and their bounty was split equally amongst the tribe. Bone asparagus spears were created to quest seals which in turn provided food, oil, outfits, and tents. The seal off skins were also used to develop kayaks and also other boats the fact that Inuit could use to travel and to look whales. A single advantage of the sterile cold of the arctic was that it kept these folks free of disease (until that they met the white person. )

Inuit tribes consisted of two to eight loosely became a member of families. There is no one central leader in the group: almost all decisions were created by the community as a whole. Neither was there any particular set of laws and regulations, the Inuit, though generally cheery and optimistic, had been prone to uncontrolled bursts of rage. Murder was common amongst them and it went unpunished unless an individuals murders took place too often. At that time, that person was deemed volatile, and the community appointed a male to terminate him/her.

Within their society, the duties of men and women had been strictly separated. The males would search, fish and construct the tools used by the family. Ladies, however , had been responsible for cleaning the animal skins, cooking, regular sewing the garments ( a womans stitching ability was equally as attracting a man as her beauty was), and raising the children. Male children were desired because they will could take care of their father and mother in their senior years, female children when typically strangled immediately after birth.

Although today Christianity has breached some of the southernmost tribes, the great majority practice a kind of animism. Their particular rituals happen to be based generally on the hunt and the managing of slain animals. Magic talismans and charms are believed to control spirits, and shamans are conferred with in the case of damage or disease. There are footprints of values in an afterlife or reincarnation, but they are incredibly minor.

The Inuit persons, like many other tribal minorities, are significantly stereotyped and misunderstood by the common man. For example: the Inuit word igloo means house and can refer to the cabins made from sod that many Inuit take up. Also, the term Eskimo can be described as misnomer meaning eaters of raw flesh given to the Inuit by Algonquin Indians. This is an easy culture that remained undisturbed until whales became a precious commodity. Their isolation is gradually coming to an end since western world puts them into government housing and snowmobiles will be increasing as a means of transportation. They are attractively eccentric, and must job to preserve their culture.


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