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54 1900)

The value of

Staying Earnest

by simply Oscar Schwanzgeile (1854


Type of Operate:

Comic, farcical play


London, and a country house in Hertfordshire

England, the 1890s

Principal Characters

Jack port Worthing, lady of the Manor

House, also called Ernest

Celcily Cardew, Worthings pretty fresh


Miss Prism, Cecilys governess

Algernon Moncrieff, Worthings friend

Lady Augusta Braknell, Algernons cousin

Gwendolen Fairfax, Lady Bracknells daughter

The Reverend Several Chasublc, Prior of


Story Overveiw

While Algernon Moncrieff wonderful manservant

prepared for a visit froi-n his aunt, the formidable Female Bracknell, their very own

conversation looked to the question of marriage. Seeing the maids

somewhat lax views on the niche, Algernon announced, Really, if the lower

orders dont established us a good example, what on the planet is the usage of them?

This chat was interrupted by the unexpected

appearance of Algernons friend, Ernest Worthing Worthing was very happy to hear

that Lady Bracknell and her beautiful little girl Gwendoleii would be

appearing pertaining to tea. Yet Algernon aware, I are afraid Aunt Augusta will not

quite accept your bein here. Mildly insulted, Ernest demanded to find out

why. My own dear other, Algernon solved, the way you fidanzato with Gwendolen

is correctly disgraceful.

It is almost as poor as the way in which Gwendolen passade

with you. At this point Worthing announced that he intended to propose

marital life to Gweiidolen, but was shocked by Algernons response: I

doiit offer my consent. Worthing, could first need to explain a particular

Cecily in the life. Since evidence of this kind of relationship, this individual produced a cigarette

circumstance left behind simply by Worthing with an earlier visit devotedly written

from Cecily to her supportive Uncle Jack port.

Well, publicly stated Worthing, i’m

Ernest around and Plug in the country. Industry, he said, that Cecily

was his ward, who lived in his country residence under the careful eyes of

a sterii governess, Miss Prism.

But to break free the rigid constraints of

country living, Jack got invented a great alter ego:… To acquire

up to town I have always pretended to have a younger close friend of the identity

of Ernest, who hails from Albany, and gets into the most dreadful scuff marks.

Thus, Plug was known as away to the city to relief irrepressible


Smiling, Algernon now revealed that he

too was obviously a Bunburyist, a friend of the evenly fictitious Bunbury, apermanent broken, whom he visited whenever he chose to get away.

When Lady Bracknell and Gwendolen arrived

Algernon took his aunt besides, leaving Ernest and Gwendolen alone. Miss

Fairfax, Worthing stammered, since I attained you I’ve admired you

more than virtually any girl I’ve ever achieved since I actually met you. Gwendoleii confessed

to returning these warm feelings, partly because my ideal provides always

gone to love somebody of the name of Ernest. Would your woman still like him

asked Jack, if perhaps his name were, say, Plug? There is little or no music

in the name Jack port, observed Gweildolen. Before even more could be explained, Jack

knelt and asked her to marry him. At that moment Woman Bracknell entered

and the couple announced all their engagement.

Highly displeased, Lady Bracknell

requested a personal conference with Mr. Worthing, in which the lady asked about

his income, his politics, and, finally, his parentage. We dont actually

know who also I was by beginning, lack discussed, as a baby he had been found in

a handbag in the coalroom of the train station. Lady Bracknell was shocked.

None she neither her spouse, she huffed, could enable Gwendolen to marry

in a cloak-room, and form a great alliance having a parcel.

Right now Jack regarded his situation.


least, this individual decided, he could handle the complication of Ernest. His fictional

brother must soon dic of a serious chill. Deep in these fresh intrigues

he left.

In the mean time, Algernon, his curiosity spurred

by ports mysterious young ward, determined he must meet this Cecily.

At the Way in Hertfordshire, Miss Prism

and Cecily were speaking in the garden. Cecily portrayed the expect that Plug

would shortly allow his reprobate close friend Ernest to check out: We might possess

a good affect over him.

Miss Prism disappointed this thought, but simply

a few moments following she acquired left to get a stroll with her own admirer, Dr .

Chasuble, the area minister, the butler declared the appearance of Mister. Ernest

Worthing, and in strolled Algernon Moncrieff, posing while Jacks deliciously

wicked and non-existent buddy. After several chit-chat and also a bite

to eat, Ernest (Algy) implored his relative to reform him.

Rapidly Miss Prism and the Reverend returned

just in time being greeted by Jack Worthing, who appeared with holes of


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