The Higher Education Sector in Bangladesh Essay

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That doesn’t subject from what perspective a single tries to view the importance of advanced schooling, one thing is certain that it is importance cannot be undermined. But it is incredibly disappointing that, in Bangladesh, the so called “Higher Education” is in no chance up to the common one expects it to be. This is the result of decades of ignorance and unplanned decisions.

So it can’t be solved overnight. It may need a huge amount of great thinking, organizing and accomplishments of these ideas to see several real advancements. The first step to boost the quality of advanced schooling in Bangladesh is to know its present state, and can never be performed just by requesting a few teachers about it or reading a couple of articles about newspapers and magazines. Go ahead and it is a considerably more complex job and warrants delicate and careful handling.

Until one can find out the root cause, any pitch for cure seems pointless. The prime factors on which the standard of education generally depends are definitely the quality of teachers, the quality of students as well as the quality from the teaching training. The elements are the academics environment and teaching assists (including library, communication facilities etc).

Nevertheless that being said, usage of higher education is the central piece of the puzzle. Due to limited range of seats in public universities, and high expenses fees incurred by the non-public universities, entry to university education is rather limited in Bangladesh. Degree schools that account for the lion’s share of enrolment at the higher level of education in Bangladesh, suffer from limited infra-structural facilities (libraries, labs etc . ), and deficiency of qualified teachers.

The poor go percentage and high chance of unemployment amongst the graduates indicate to lower levels of external and internal efficiency respectively. So degree colleges are nowadays almost considered as a tale a by simply some people. They may have become the last resort for the people who don’t have access to open public and private educational institutions for monetary or other reasons. But the less than satisfying specifications of these organizations are typically responsible for the disappointing educational quality of the country.

Private universities with inadequate fulltime faculty people depend heavily on or perhaps teachers sketched primarily by public educational institutions and these kinds of incidents detrimentally affect the quality of education in these universities. With a few notable exceptions, most personal universities give education of uncertain top quality, and substantial tuition charges charged by such establishments make them accessible only to the affluent areas in the society. Nowadays the number of private schools in Bangladesh has increased substantially. And the amount is increasing with every single year.

Although out of such numerous fresh universities, the quantity of universities that may provide their particular students with quality education is very handful of. So , the majority of these universities are actually lowering the education standards of Bangladesh. General public universities, mainly dependent on limited government financing shrinking in real terms are unable to make additional methods by increasing tuition fees due to politics constraints.

The universities happen to be hardly in a position to improve their quality of education through better investment in libraries and laboratories. Many democratic conditions of the University Acts not merely infringe after the limited teaching time of the teachers members by simply engaging them in active politics, nevertheless also neglect to ensure responsibility of the educators, that lead to lengthening of session jellies and frequently accentuated by the unscheduled closures of universities due to chaotic inter and intra-party schisme of scholar fronts of major politics parties. In addition, as it takes place quite often, ‘voters’, not ‘teachers’ are recruited and that detrimentally affects the caliber of university education.

As right now there hardly is available any addition between general public universities on the other hand, and organisations and the employment market on the other, many university graduates, made at some considerable cost towards the society, have to remain out of work for a great agonizing time period before they can find employment, often in areas exterior their areas of research. So , the us government should make some significant changes in the education policy. It can be true they have taken a lot of steps to cope with the difficulties, but it is not going to be adequate.

Some significant things are nonetheless being overlooked in this education policy, that will obviously lead the nation towards another race, where the citizens will run after accreditation for career rather than understanding. We are unable to ignore the dependence on employment, nevertheless we as well cannot ignore the race pertaining to the material side of education or the contaminated system of education in Bangladesh, where education has become inhuman and the pleasure of the elite. In this system, both general public and private establishments have become automobiles for those with money and power. And those who enjoy a better education can get an improved higher education as well.

The poor cannot even think about getting education at a personal university, due to the cycle of education and prosperity, and public universities, most the indegent cannot carry on in the race for education. The government should be urged that instead of presenting a general national education policy; it may highly consider a liberal system that would substantially accommodate every individual citizen from their respective positions. A method in which, education would be a highly effective medium of progress and development intended for our world and contemporary society.

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