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If I were the minister of education We would most probably previous not more than a couple days, because of two main reasons. The first is that We would honestly want to bring a big change to the articles of the educational system.

The second main reason is that, recently, many ministers of educations that have successively filled this position have never lasted too much time, fortunately or perhaps not. The academic system is facing numerous complications today. The main one is that in 20 years there were over 18 laws of education, each one hoping to change the whole system. With this point, the issue concerns having less continuity. Therefore , if I may be the ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of education and previous for lengthy enough, I would certainly assure a few continuity of the implemented reforms.

Studying the impact the 16 laws would have had, I use come for the conclusion that very few of them were actually highly likely to have regular drawbacks. The other kinds should have merely been applied for a much larger period of time, therefore the effects could have been visible for the generations concluding a constant stable educating system. An additional thing I might certainly modify about the educational system concerns the universitary system of education.

The number of learners in the universitites is way much bigger than the rhythm of absortion of the functioning fields they will study. Because of that, most of the learners will not be capable of work in their domains, and you will be forced either to change the specialization location or to act as unspecialized in a less payed domain. This is exactly why I would lower the number of college students admitted on a specialization annually, so that the time market should be able to enter the operating system’s domains. Another thing that needs to be changed is definitely the evaluation system, which is not incredibly consistant, wether we discuss the initially classes of faculty or the previous masterate’s season.

The evaluation process should be a permanent, bidirectional, systematized and practical for just about every class or attended classes. This, of course , would mean that the teachers should be interested and well determined to prepare your children to the fullest extent of the term. Which will also brings about the obvious conclusion that the professors and professors shold much better payed, intended for the educational program to operate a translucent proficient method, without hazards of fraud, misconceptions or perhaps bad practice.

I would likewise require more study classes, even in the compulsory routine. For instance, another year scholar on communication has just 20 several hours of classes per week, which is half the hours the parents put in in colleges, from which we are able to conclude that the entire outstanding educational program has decreased the standards. The 20 several hours include twelve hours of optional training, to which going is certainly not compulsory, so that there are perhaps 10 real classes each week for a boy or girl who will, in few weeks from today, be specialised on this field.

There are, of course , students that have part-time or perhaps full time careers or who are intended in voluntariate programs, nevertheless this is not readily available for all of them, but to aproximate twelve to 20 %. Also, to be able to apply the theories should be a mandatory necessity, not optionally available and on every student’s free of charge judgement centered.

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