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Owners of pets all over the world possess looked at their particular pet one time or another and considered what they were thinking. Various even have wondered what their very own pets could say if they could speak. Individuals have been unconsciously relating to pets but if you were to inquire these owners if they knew the connections in medicine between humans and animals they will most likely be dumbfounded. Acknowledging the commonalities is a very important factor but it would be most beneficial to both individuals and pets or animals to understand the value of these similarities. Advancing medicine is always important to culture regardless of time frame. The commonalities between individuals and animals in overall health, diseases and addiction are important because it can provide valuable info on medicine and further advance the understanding regarding humans being a species.

Diseases is a major sub-section of well being that is extremely important in this discussion because it can help us even more our knowledge on particular diseases when also enriching us into a cure for all those diseases. The author of Zoobiquity shows curiosity to this subject and searched if distinct animals were able to contract particular diseases. “I started with the big criminals. Do pets or animals get cancer of the breast? Stress induced heart episodes? Leukemia? How about melanoma? Chlamydia? And evening after night, condition after condition, the answer kept rebounding ‘yes’. inch (Bowers 7). It is not just evident that we now have some similarities between individuals and pets but there are specific diseases which have been found in humans and pets or animals.

When I first read that Rhinos might get leukemia or perhaps penguins might get melanoma I had been intrigued but is not shocked. It seems like as if many people just do certainly not know about this but when understanding it then it makes more sense. It is important for people not to only learn about this but being educated about this as well. Just then will certainly we be able to use these kinds of similarities among humans and animals to further advance medical issues in today’s society.

The reason this subject does not gain much attention is because of the truly amazing Chain penalized paradigm. This is actually the idea that we humans happen to be above all various other species with regards to a hierarchy. The reason this negatively impacts our understanding of the human’s vs animals subject is because we are quickly inclined to think that we would be the most excellent species. While it might be true that we can afford dominate many species as we have learned how to use guns it nonetheless does not replace the fact that pets or animals are very similar to us. Many people have a hard time that may occur to a koala seeing that we have been stuck on the proven fact that we are above all other kinds. “Could Koala research notify human public health strategies? ” (Bowers 8). This question by itself will make most people laugh and turn all their head but once you informed these same people that Koala’s were found to have being able to deal chlamydia which if we could understand why they contracted it then we can support Koalas in addition help the individual species by understanding the small differences and similarities between species. When humans can knock throughout the superiority complex we can then be enlightened by simply how much we are able to learn from different animals and species.

Addiction is also a main stage that Bowers dives in as well. As we know for individuals, addiction is a very serious state where you enjoy a compound that seems pleasurable however the continued use of it can become compulsive and dominate a person’s existence for the worst. This kind of brings up problem if pets or animals can become addicted to a element just like a human can. Zoophoria tackles this kind of subject even more in depth. Bowers mentions an instance where wallabies would go into a poppy seeds field and ingest the opiates present in poppy seed products and acquire high from it. They can do this all harvest period and when the harvest season was in the wallabies in fact went through an important withdrawal much like any man would after they stop going for a drug they’ve been addicted to. “Understanding what drives animals to ingest medicines might help all of us separate what is inevitable from what is recommended about this complicated disease. ” (Bowers 114). This is Bowers’ main stage of the Zoophoria chapter. Certainly with this kind of idea mainly because I feel like it would be extremely beneficial for most species’ whenever we could know why the wallabies type in the poppy seedling fields or why persons continuously employ drugs which have been very damaging to them. We have to understand whether it is a neurological problem with mind chemicals or perhaps if it arises deeper than that. Many people say simply stop employing drugs when ever hearing about a problem like this nonetheless it is actually certainly not that simple. Addiction to alcohol for example is considered a disease. Even though it is being dependent on alcohol, those people who are alcoholics have got a disease where they actually can not get a day with no drink. This can be a very serious problem in today’s society and has many similarities while wallabies consuming opiates. Being able to know what makes an alcohol addiction addicted to alcoholic beverages or the actual a wallaby want to get substantial will help us solve this challenge, and if we can solve one of many problems then we can more than likely bridge the gap between animal and human health insurance and open the doors to solve much more health related problems in many other species.

In conclusion I strongly believe bridging the gap between human health insurance and animal wellness will help away with fixing different types of disorders. Understanding the commonalities is a very important factor but being able to take action is a whole different story itself. Like Bowers, there are many people out there who understand that animals and humans are very similar in health but the majority of those people will never be able to have an impact on this circumstance. The people who are able to help, even so

would be doctors and veterinarians. By one time doctors and veterinarians would consult with each other and will take each others views into consideration when dealing with sufferers. Nowadays doctors feel like veterinarians are not properly with these people when it comes to just how helpful they can be or even how smart they can be. I believe this is certainly a huge blunder especially after reading Zoobiquity and understanding how similar were with pets. If we began to more of a press to connect the space between animal and human health, then we can realize how to prevent and cure illnesses as well as fixing the long time questions of addiction.

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