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Professionalism, Authentic Command, Servant Leadership, Patient Care

Excerpt coming from Term Newspaper:

Professional Identity and Stewardship

Having conducted an interview between myself and a colleague who may be a registered nurse working in precisely the same hospital, there are lots of issues that stood out for myself in terms of the professionalism as well as the ethics therein as well as the a result of the specialist approach to breastfeeding on the career or the daily work in the nurse. It also brought out the perspective that my colleagues have on the aspect of teamwork in nursing in general.

The nurse indicated that he was a part of several teams in the hospital nevertheless one that was out for him was the quick response crew that is more voluntary and f which in turn he is the manager of marketing communications and response. This team consists of lively nurses who have are willing to eliminate even their very own holidays to attend to any urgent that may emerge and overpowers the normal standard of staff members. He indicated that his part of transferring communication around the type of unexpected emergency, the necessary response, the spot to respond to and the preparing needed by hospital to manage the crisis has drastically impacted on his commitment to do more and experience part of the hospital more. This individual has also learned to give assisting hand to colleagues actually where he is usually not motivated to.

According to the nurse, professionalism and reliability is not only the acquisition of the necessities of being a nurse and ability to provide the required companies to the sufferers as specified by the training manuals plus the related studies, but heading beyond the fundamental training and certification towards the ethical thought of the patients, meeting all their special demands, empathizing with the condition and initiating collective response to the challenges the nursing career may confront in general. This, he indicates, has empowered him with an open approach to challenges, always asking in which he is not sure and also helping where he may, correcting where he sees the nursing ethics being overstepped, hence making the nursing work in the organization more friendly and less difficult.

In the hospital, the doctor considers the leaders as good stewards of the health care given that they work to inspire professionalism and reliability especially among the newly hired nurses throughout the regular exercising and seminars as well as exchange programs the leaders start to enable the nurses inside the hospital to have a wider point of view of the medical care process and in addition experience distinct environments with different challenges inside the health care systems.

The nurse considers it a matter of significant importance that specialist advocacy is usually keenly executed and considered in the daily operations inside the hospital. While SEAP (2015) indicates, professional advocacy involves helping other colleagues and patients exhibit their would like, views and needs to the influential people within the organization whom make the decisions, an take action which they might otherwise certainly not been able to. The health professional sees this kind of as a way of empowering people who find themselves vulnerable and marginalized within the organization and making every individual be an authentic part of the business.

The health professional expressed organization belief in servant command in the medical profession as well as the strength in consultative medical processes that take into account not merely the specialist aspect of breastfeeding but also the social aspect plus the team soul. He as well expressed substantial embrace for professional proposal and the rendering an allowing environment for all to suitably perform within their duties.


The other interview was with the supervisor of one from the departments who have sought invisiblity but

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