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In “The JacketGary Mara?a uses meaning to think about the portrayal and development of the narrarator. Soto generally seems to focus generally on a clothing, which has many meanings over the story. The jacket is used as a symbol to show poverty, the narrarators insecurity, and the narrarator’s form of self-destruction.

Since the story uses a specific object, the Jacket, while the meaning of several issues, it generally focuses on the narrarator’s poverty-stricken family. Firstly, an example of the poverty is definitely demonstrated when the narrarator gripes that the coat “was so ugly and big that I recognized I’d need to wear it an extended time(paragraph 3). It is crystal clear that his lack of money was a injury in which he would have to keep the jacket because he could not afford a new one. The narrarator in that case feels uncomfortable and disappointed by the clothes by proclaiming “I fault my mother for her negative taste and cheap ways(paragraph 10). Simply by mentioning his mother’s “cheap ways he can conveying that he is irritated because of his mothers choice to choose poor and unpleasant clothes to save money. One final way that the jacket can be used as a mark for poverty is acted when a puppy in the history tears the jacket and the narrarator “¦ Scotch taped it close but in rainfall or cold temperature the recording peeled off like

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a scab and more stuffing came up out(paragraph 10). The fact which the narrarator cannot fix the torn part of the jacket can indicate that his is struggling to afford money on their own. These specific examples help portray the difficulties of low income that the narrarator’s family struggles.

The Jacket represents poverty as well as the narrarator’s insecurity throughout the history.

An example of the insecurity that is demonstrated inside the story is usually mentioned if the narrarator’s teachers were of “no support, they looked his method and discussed how silly he appeared in his new jacket (paragraph 7). The narrarator seems insecure because of his presumptions that his teachers decide to make fun of him the moment in fact , they can be not realizing him whatsoever. Further more, he continues to claim, “At lunch I tied to the unsightly boys bent against the sequence link fence¦ our mouths (paragraph 9). This affirmation proves the narrarator is having bad luck as a result of jacket and is destroying his reputation for school. A third reason why the jacket represents insecurity happens because the fact that his classmates see him with the clothing, he feels that they “¦say out loud “man that’s ugly, I observed the buzz-buzz of gossip and even laughter

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(paragraph 7). Just as he felt the same as he did in the teacher scenario, he feels the coat is a thing that makes him self like a scam and improves his low self-esteem.

Self- Damage is a last meaning intended for the symbolism of the coat which helps the character develop himself inside the story. When the narrarator sensed that the coat was damaging his lifestyle, he said “I leaped outside, all set to cry, and climbed the tree by alley to believe bad thoughts (paragraph 10). His bad thoughts were of humiliation and pity all caused by the idea of having this certain jacket. Another example was when he got upset and he had chucked the coat down and he afterwards “¦swiped the jacket off the ground and went inside to drape it across his leg and started to mope (paragraph 11). Showing disappointment towards a subject shows his frustration toward himself, realizing that he are not able to accept the person he has become with the jacket. Finally, if the narrarator declares “I put in my sixth-grade year within a tree looking forward to something great to happen in my opinion in that jacket (paragraph 10). The narrarator’s expectation to feel useful in the clothes is what makes him happy.

In summary, Gary Soto realizes that without the significance of the clothes, there actually would be no meaning

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to the account. His usage of poverty, insecurity, and self-destruction of the narrarator is what makes the story complete.

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