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Leaders of conflict guide others in battle exhibiting them that their best suggestions may result in disastrous actions being made. In The Charge with the Light Escouade Alfred Tennyson reflects on the consequences of warfare for the whole of the British cavalry who were wiped out in the Crimean war. In Mametz Solid wood, Owen Sheers describes the rediscovery of lost World War 1 graves so that we can be reminded of what happened.

The two Alfred Tennyson and Owen Sheers think about how fragile life is which it can be lost so conveniently due to war. Both poets use symbolism in order for all their thoughts and feelings to become portrayed; this kind of shows the actual leaders would to the troops during the war. In The Fee of the Lumination Brigade Alfred Tennyson personifies death and hell into some sort of monsters the fact that soldiers can’t escape via because they had jaws of death’ and a mouth of hell’.

This shows the reader the fact that soldiers been seen in as devoid of a chance through the very start and that could be they were forced into offering for their country by their t called frontrunners because they felt as if they needed to do what they thought was right when ever really that wasn’t right at all. Both the words death’ and hell’ bring thoughts to the visitors that are abnormal and not anticipated, it shows us that the poet needed the reader to find out what war does to a person and the only alternative is death which shows that not much believed goes into how loved one and families can cope after the tragedy’s because the leaders did not think about anybody else yet them ending in them putting their selves ahead of others allowing them to get hurt.

We likewise see that Alfred Tennyson desired to show the reader what these types of heroes experienced and what they had to endured each and everyday due to their leaders showing them to move forward and battle, he does this by talking about how they had to plunge [plunged] in the battery-smoke’. The poet is demonstrating that the troops kept on heading even by using a blinding wall of firearm smoke that was right now there each day; this kind of shows their very own courage and determination and that they didn’t desire to let anyone down mainly because they were purchased to do it.

The phrase plunged’ displays the power of the smoke and just how fast this spread in addition, it shows the violence in the smoke and that as it pass on it also killed and continuing to destroy as the war went on. The language in Mametz solid wood also uses imagery although this is to show the horrors of warfare and what these military went through to obey purchases they were offered. We see which the finding of those bodies made havoc and were unpredicted to the maqui berry farmers. The farmers were employing plough blades’ to are likely to the soil putting it back into place when they come across a chit of bone tissue, the china and tiawan plate of any shoulder blade’.

This shows the reader how horrific battle can be and how fragile the remains from the dead and life it is self may be when some thing undiscovered is located, it also implies that the getting was unpredicted making it even more difficult of part of the dead bodies which have eventually recently been found. The term blades’ creates an image of something violent that can generate pain and hurt to the people if found in it like war, but it also produces an image of truth and the eventual getting of these physiques may place many brains at rest and this these bodies will never be overlooked due to the so what happened in the war. We see the soldiers happen to be belittled to be seen as being a fowl when the poet states the blown/ and broken bird’s egg of your skull’.

This suggest that the leaders with this war permit these courageous and identified soldiers down, they but let them die for country doing what ever they will could to perform to make this right. It also shows someone that by the poet belittling these soldiers its like it was the leaders were belittling them showing all of them that they are second best and that they didn’t have the heart to deliver the military back to exactly where they were known best or to their loved ones because they knew they would take the wrong. The thoughts and feelings in both of these poetry both show what commanders caused during the war and just how it damaged others.

The Charge from the Light Groupe is seen showing admiration through out, due to the poet admiring the soldier’s braveness because even thought there was cannons all around them that they still boldly rode and well, into the oral cavity of death’. This reveals the reader why these men sacrificed their lives because their very own leaders advised to these to carry on, that suggests that no matter what they got told to complete they would take action because they were determined to obey the orders that they can were given regardless if they understood that it was the incorrect decision or they believed death would be likely this process. It also claim that the poet person admired all of them because these were brave and skilful no matter what horror they were about to confront.

The word boldly’ shows the reader that they were determined and they would make an attempt to do their very own mission with pride to exhibit people that that they could take action, it also shows that they may have done it using their power and willpower because that they knew that death would be round the part and that they wanted to show people who they hardly ever gave up. We also see a sense of admiration with the very end of the poem when it claims noble six hundred’ this kind of sums the way the poet wanted the cavalry to be kept in mind which included the soldiers that died. It also shows the reader that no matter what these soldiers were characters in everyone’s eyes and this nobody can change the way we see them.

It suggests that this kind of last series is touched with a feeling of sadness due to a lot of the soldiers declining which means that vehicle a memory space to the community. The word noble’ suggest that these types of soldiers showed courage, kindness and honour and that the fought as hard as they will make them popular by many especially those that didn’t go into battle. Mametz real wood on the other hand uses the memory space of these military to create emotions that are described to the reader so that they can’t forget the lives that were shed and that the leaders should have completed something about the bodies of those brave enough to perish fighting for his or her country.

All of us first notice that the frontrunners didn’t the actual soldiers proper rights when they passed away because these were left a foreign body’. This suggests that the memory space of these poor soldiers could have been forgotten due to their leaders certainly not sending all of them back to the actual knew best it also claim that they died somewhere that they shouldn’t possess maybe as a result of following requests that were incorrect. It also suggests that because these kinds of bodies died in another country their particular memory by where they were doing come from may have vanished showing you that no person should forget the past or be ignored when not in home area.

The word foreign’ sounds unnatural for a gift to have died like that also to be called that, it also sounds as though they had simply no importance because of them been seen as no one but a dead body. We also see that these soldiers memory had been lost right up until they were finally found, Sheers states only now, with this unearthing’ this emphasises to the reader the time it took for these physiques to be uncovered and for these to be finally remembered as being heroes. Additionally, it suggests that because they had recently been found from your past that now they would be remembered of all time showing that they will never become forgotten once again.

On the other hand this might suggest that the leaders of this war didn’t care about any person but their selves and that they didn’t care about supplying these people the respect that they can deserved. The complete feelings and attitudes via both of these poems show the target audience that the frontrunners from these types of wars produced the wrong decisions which in the long run created a impression that these soldiers were tricked which impacts the reader massively. The form and structure of both of the poems is definitely presented to show the reader that it is in chronological order.

Inside the Charge with the Light Brigade we see the leaders mail their troops forward even though they recognized that they were sending them to death, we come across this on the very beginning if the poem when ever Tennyson declares cannon to right of those, -cannon to left of those, -cannon before them’. This is certainly repeated additional on but is different showing the fact that poem is at order and that the soldiers continuing to go ahead even though they will knew what was there. This shows you that these individuals were sent forward no matter what was there and this their leaders didn’t care for other individuals lives and they thought that the commands were the only thing that counted.

Also the repetition helps it be clear for the reader that that they are surrounded and that there is absolutely no way back because the opponents were armed with guns much more powerful. The repeating of the expression cannon’ implies pure assault and that these types of weapons might kill any person if they will needed to. It also suggests that the opposition needed those guns in order for them to stay strong and supreme. We see that the poem is also such as a story as you go through the stanzas and that the leaders never chose to get their troops to retreat all someone said was forward the light brigade’ showing the reader that the frontrunners didn’t treatment that they had been sending individuals to their loss of life.

Also the repetition from line 5 in stanza 1 displays us the leader was determined and constantly said this order as if he knew that which was going to happen but will need his troops do the job prior to it was in its final stages. It also implies to the audience that these troops where heroic because of what they were performing and that not only the reader but the poet admiration their bravery and determination. In Mametz wood the poem fuses from sharing with the poem as a story chronologically to telling you what is happening in present day we see this between stanza’s 4 and five, it becomes obvious to the visitor when we listen to This early morning, twenty men buried in one long grave’.

This displays the reader that the poet seemed he needed to show us what happened before hand and what is now happening. That suggests towards the reader that things are changing but that leaders general do not modify, because the market leaders of the Initially World War commanded their soldiers to fight and then left those to die by their selves without loved ones. That shows the reader that these poor people have finally recently been put to snooze and that they no more are subsequent their leader’s orders.

We all also notice that in Mametz wood can be written in terects and this there is no frequent rhyme, this is certainly particularly as it switches from past to present- between your skeletons staying discovered and the skeletons be reburied- this shows us that the the planet is delivering reminders of what happened’ to the two reader and the peoples family members that dropped someone, it shows us that the poet made they seem distant because these were never discovered and because they will died individuals and he wants all of us to feel sorry for them. Also because it is a reminder’ displays the reader these innocent persons had been ignored because their leaders didn’t do anything which creates a unhappy tone overall.

The overall structure of such poems displays the reader the leaders from both wars caused chaos and dysfunction but it is definitely written in a simple and easy method to understand. Even though the Charge with the Light Escouade and Mametz Wood concentrate on completely different wars they match each other because of both of their leaders producing the wrong decisions that got consequences around the soldiers. Alfred Tennyson’s composition was written in shock as a guy that was well educated he probably did not think he would come across anything like this as he never skilled it first hand but he learnt about this and the particular horrors of war can easily do.

The fact that Tennyson described the soldiers to be noble’ reveals us that he had a lot of esteem for the soldiers and this even though this individual didn’t experience it quality he wanted people to manage to understand warfare in a simpler way that others can relate to in lots of years to come. Also the composition shows you that Tennyson understood the actual leaders would and didn’t agree with it even after only learning about it. Owen sheers as well didn’t knowledge war first hand but he felt saddened by the wasted young’ because he knows that it is a wasted your life and a lost family member, which this individual knows is down to deficiency of knowledge in the leaders.

Just how that Mametz Wood is usually written shows that Sheers wished to be distance but give the clarity of hindsight with the findings. As well the explanation is almost authored in archaeological terms which in turn suggest that they were neglected. The fact that there is a feeling of man tragedy reveals us that leaders let these people expire and the commanders in present day still permit their military die.

It has clearly been proven within both of these poems that leaders of conflict cause the loss of lives and lots of stress due to incorrect decisions being created. Each composition is a reflection of what leaders could cause and the actual can do to people; they show two extremes that troops have to go through when being given diverse commands. That they both provide graphical information of death which produces disturbing images for the reader meaning that they will don’t ignore it very easily due to it being a real life situation.

Both The Charge with the Light Brigade and Mametz wood generate us sympathise with the military that participated in those wars but in addition for the military that fight to this day which concludes in us respecting them enormously and using a feeling of abhorrence for the leaders that let all those innocent persons die time in outing.

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