The beginnings of blues music composition

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The Roots of Blues Music

Blues is an extremely important form of music. Most music that you hear today

has some type of blues in it. Whether it wasnt to get the blues there wouldnt be any

rock and roll, region, rap, take, or jazz music. Blues is also important for Africa

American traditions. African Us citizens were also the folks who started the blues.

The Blues started in the later 1800s in levee camps or plantations in

locations like Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas were many Photography equipment Americans were living.

The doldrums of that the time has been the time hath been called region blues. It had been a mixture of Africa

music, discipline hollers, operate songs, spiritual music, and ragtime.

The main influence of blues music was African music with a strong

and steady overcome using plats or additional instruments. It is beat and singing demonstrated

in the doldrums.

Work tunes and discipline hollers were an influence on blues. They were typically

made up as the music artists were vocal. They were an assortment of story telling

and chatting with a particular call and response.

Spiritual music was very important in forming doldrums music. Since most

blacks went to Christian churches from an early age and were exposed to

Christian hymns.

Ragtime was an influence that came later which is a more quickly blues used

the keyboard and somebody singing which was usually played out in bars called barrel or clip


The first country blues that was created and posted was Memphis Blues

by W. C. Handy in the early 1900s.

The 1st recorded doldrums was Crazy Blues by Mamie Smith in 1915.

Most country blues were played with an acoustic guitar and with somebody

singing. It also has a particular call and response involving the voice and guitar.

Various guitars were utilized because that were there a broad array of notes, they were

portable, cost-effective, and they were permitted simply by slave owners at that time. The

slave owners didnt grant drums mainly because they thought the piles could be accustomed to

signal to one another.

There were various beginning Doldrums musicians yet only a few experienced their tunes

written, posted, or documented. The couple of who do became quite popular. One

example is Sightless Melon Jefferson who started documenting in 1926. His records

outsold some other male artist at the time. Other popular artists were

Robert Johnson, Son House, Ma Rainy, plus the most famous Steve Patton who will be

credited to be the president of the Delta Blues.

In the long run you can say that Blues originate from many areas, played an

important component in Black culture, And was but still is a popular type

of music for everybody.

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