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This kind of 1962 advertising campaign promotes the Marlboro brand cigarettes, which usually now have a filter. On the other hand at the time, filtered cigarettes were new to people and therefore deemed feminine. This advert is targeted at a narrower and sceptical viewers of guys, since the image suggests that actual men also smoke strained Marlboro cigarettes. To convey successfully its emails, the advert has a number of visual elements as well as influential diction and structure to boost the overall top quality of the advertisement and find the message around more effectively.

The obvious visual aspect in the advertisement is the contrast among colours. The brand image and name happen to be highlighted in red color to attract the interest of potential customers. This is the primary objective from the advertisement. Along with red is definitely chosen to make the reader notify of the brand term and image if the advertising campaign is in a highway for example. The second goal or message is to showcase the in order to filtered cigarettes from unfiltered ones, hence the albhabets and picture of a football player in black and white colours.

A football person is used for making men see that smoking a filtered cigarette is not feminine in any way. The initial paragraph from the advertisement uses an opened question to help make the reader think why does he not negotiate back an have a full-flavoured smoke cigarettes? This makes someone want to buy a pack of cigarettes and enjoy all of them as Paul Hornung has been doing so inside the image listed below. Paul, the Player of the 12 months in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE is portrayed as a manly figure and makes readers sure that also guys can smoke cigarettes filtered cigarettes.

In the graphic Paul can be smoking among the new cigs with a filtration and the phrase on his face infers that he is taking pleasure in it, most likely after a heavy session to train, he is relaxing with a Cigarette cigarette, with all the tranquillity in the mind that his overall performance on the field will not be troubled by smoking mainly because now the cigarettes include a filtration. The loyalty towards a brandname of cigarettes is additionally encouraged in the advert as Paul is said to be a Cigarette man all the way up.

This will likely make visitors certain that they can trust the Marlboro manufacturer and hence incite them to usually buy Cigarette cigarettes while Paul Hornung. Just as problem at the top says, Why never you negotiate back Paul is staking it slowly and enjoying a full-flavoured cigarette Can make the reader desirous of Paul in the picture and makes these people want to buy a cigarette in route back home coming from work and sit back in their favourite chair and smoke one of these cigarettes. The image of Paul could be a serving suggestion. It explains to the reader how cigarettes should be smoked.

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