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Thales Ship at Marine Activity Goal: The purpose of the experience was to study that the Related Parts of Congruent Triangles are Congruent (CPCTC), and how you can use it in several situations. All of us familiarized ourselves with the related parts of congruent triangles. All of us also were supposed to discover the distance for an object with out actually computing the distance to that object immediately. Step one: Suzie Pipperno and I had to pick a concrete obstruct about fourty feet away from the sidewalk behind the school. Step two: We then simply tried to line up a cone with the cement block without getting close to that. Step three: We had to speed out a particular distance, 15 steps, through the cone, place a flag, the pace a similar distance again, in a constant segment, make another cone. Step four: We walked by a right position to the second cone right up until we had the cement prevent and the flag perfectly in-line. Step five: We took a string and stretched this the distance from your second cone to the place we ended walking. Stage six: We placed the string against a recording measure and located that the estimated distance from the cement stop to the first cone was thirty 8-10 feet-two in .. Step eight: We utilized the chain to gauge the exact range from the cement block the first cone using the recording measure to measure the thread, which was forty two feet-one “. Step 8: We utilized the chain to obtain an exact way of measuring from the initially cone for the flag. In that case used the string to improve the distance of the second cone from the banner. Step seven: We wandered at the right angle through the second cone until the flag and the cement block are lined up once again. Step ten: We used the line and strapping measure to measure the range of the way we walked and came across forty a single feet-two ins. Conclusion: I was able to conclude, without immediately measuring the space to the bare cement block, the fact that distance for the block was approximately fourty one feet-two inches. Relationship: The way this activity relates to our statistical studies is that it familiarizes us with the congruent elements of congruent triangles, and shows us that can be used the justesse of triangles in true to life. How we turned out the triangles congruent: Should you glimpse the attached diagram you will see that there are two sides having a | through them. This means that those edges, or collection segments, will be congruent. You will also notice two angles with? s comprising their perspective measure. Which means that that those two sides are congruent. Also you sees two factors with a || through them. That means the same thing as the first set of segments while using | through them, nonetheless it signifies that those two collection segments happen to be congruent together and not the other two. These triangles are congruent by a postulate SAS (Side-Angle-Side). Which declares that if perhaps two triangles have a Side an Angle and a Side Congruent in that case both of the triangles happen to be totally congruent. Comments about Activity: I believe that the activity was beneficial, because We learned just how errors in measurement and sighting could cause inaccuracies in measured distences, and the greater the ranges you will work with, the larger the problems. Idea to boost or Expand: My idea is to the actual activity three times, and in each have the obstruct at a unique distance. This could enable you to observe how distance effects accuracy. Glossary Angle- an angle involves two different rays which have the same preliminary point, the vertex. Congruent angles- two angles that share a similar measure Consonant segments- two segments that share precisely the same measure CPCTC- abbreviation for corresponding regions of congruent triangles are congruent Postulate-A statement accepted with no proof while true BARRIÈRE Postulate-If two sides and the included angle of one triangular are consonant to two attributes and the included angle of another triangular, then the two triangles happen to be congruent Triangle- A polygon with 3 sides

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