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-Chip Media Argumentative Persuasive EssaysTV Violence and the V-Chip

America has the highest crime charge in the world. Along with that offense

rate is likewise the substantially high assault rate. Exactly why is violence

becoming and everyday event inside our society? As you flip for the

tele and tune into the news, the highlight of each show is definitely somehow directly

related or connected to violence. We see that every evening and perhaps say Oh

my gosh, how awful. and then forget all about that two minutes later. Or

perhaps we all dont even make any kind of comments in any way, just a straightforward grunt or perhaps

.. huh… This numbness to violence is very scary and intensely real. Why is it

then that America has the most crime and violence. Why not Switzerland or

Quotes. Are we not as civil and advanced as they? I believe it is this kind of

numbness to violence which includes made America so chaotic.

After i think returning to my childhood and remember television I recall

watching such programs since Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, and Scooby Doo. We

have nothing but pleasant thoughts filled with joy, peace, understanding

and learning. When you view childrens applications today the thing is senseless

violence often as the first means of solving a problem. The classic look at of

great versus nasty is the basis of these reveals with assault as the answer.

When kids watch these kinds of programs that they copy the actions and morals of those

shows describing good and evil. Children do not know what good is or what

evil is, how can that they? This world can be not broken into good and bad.

Evil to children is what opposes them, what does not really agree with these people, or any

different person or thing that poses a possible difficulty. Children must be taught

that there are variations in this world. Our planet is filled with various people

having different beliefs, ideas, and morals. That is what makes our planet

so one of a kind and vibrant. Children should try to learn to admiration these differences from

a very young age. They have to learn to talk out and solve any disagreements or

problems through other means than physical violence. They must certainly not know assault as an

answer, as though violence was never also an option to consider in solving a


Recently i became mindful of the problem of violence in children while i

started seeing small children in play inside my apartment complicated. I had known

one tiny child especially when he was just understanding how to speak. I had fashioned watched

him and spoke with him for several years and noticed nothing violent neither

aggressive about the man. Back then he played even more outdoors hardly ever going

inside (except the moment his mother called for dinner), but as this individual got elderly and more

thinking about television I recently came across that having been becoming considerably more aggressive

specifically as he performed outside together with his friends and sisters. He would punch

and copy the moves from the cartoon shows he watched even for the point of copying

all their war meows and words. The press claims that they have no effect on

kids, that could not really be further from the truth. Youngsters are the easiest

to control and benefit from because they are blameless and because they will

are blameless they are also uninformed. Some people admit the boy was only

maturing, becoming more like a person. But just how many five year old young boys do you

realize that have testo-sterone flowing through their body system? The main difficulty was

the tv shows that having been watching. That is certainly very apparent.

The problem with the above mentioned case has not been just television itself

however the combination of television and kid. Children are extremely susceptible and

easily asked as we all know. In the early 1960s, Albert Bandura of

Stanford was the initial to present the theory that kids not only learned from

their very own parents through imitation nevertheless also through imitating tv. So when

children copy what they discover on television, especially when it is some thing

that is paid, and knowing how violent television is today, television

can and does effect children in violent and aggressive means. When kids

are brought up with chaotic television they turn to be desensitized to real individuals

suffering (Leland 47). Once children view a man acquire blown up through the

screen and find out the hero prevail in the conflict it encourages the thought that

when you wish something, the alright to have it through violence mainly because you

will be rewarded in the end. This together with the fact that a murder in

television shows is so common that children continue to project what they see upon

television onto the world they live in and resulting in confusing fantasy with


Most specialists believe that multimedia alone is not the only problem of

violence in children, but one in particular, Dr . Leonard Eron disagrees. He

has been doing a 22 year analyze of children as they mature from the age of 8 to

adulthood to show his theory that television set has a better affect in children

than most think. His answers are shocking. The studies conclude that the one

best predictor of adult life violence and aggression is definitely not due to violent homes

poverty, poor school functionality, single parent homes, nor to real world

violence, rather to large amounts of television/media violence. But of

study course not every kid is affected. (Qtd. Leland 47). The explanation for this

is basically because children with fewer all-natural aggressive tendencies are less affected

by tv set violence, basically, if a kid is naturally hostile

violent tv set tends to deliver these attributes out. Eron also found that

the content with the television will not need to be violent to have a chaotic

affect about children. Actually television shows with high amounts of action and

tension had the same results while those with violence, adding to the best

spectrum of television programs that can have effects about children. Researchers

have also discovered that the impacts of assault in tv on adults is much

lower to that of kids because adults know the difference between precisely what is

real and what is television set land. Eron also claims that even though television will not

affect adults as much, they are really nevertheless afflicted, though consist of ways.

Another view provided by Walt Wink, a professor of biblical presentation

at Auburn Theological Seminary in New York City, states that:

Children identify with the good fellas so that they can

consider themselves of the same quality. This enables these to project

out onto unhealthy guy their own repressed anger, violence

rebelliousness, or lust Salvation can be guaranteed through

identification with the hero. (Qtd. Levine 24)

Another interesting tid-bit about television violence: by grow older 18, a kid will

have observed at least 150, 1000 acts of violence within the television. By simply age half a dozen, most

kids will have viewed 5, 500 hours of television and by the end of high

school, above 19, 000 hours. That is a lot of television.

What would happen with out television? A single epidemiologist called Brandon T.

Centerwall statements that with out television the usa would have nearly

10, 000 fewer murders per year, practically 70, 500 fewer rapes, and seven hundred, 000 fewer

assaults. Although a lot of disagree Centerwalls statements and predictions

there isn’t doubt that without television set there would be fewer aggressive

actions in the United States. Demonstrating the simply no television, fewer crimes theory

will be very difficult but the proof will at some point surface in the years to

come. Probably then the television set companies and corporations will begin to see

although perhaps it will probably be too late and television will be planted to deep into the

roots of yankee society.

Children need to be more creative and television certainly would not give

children the opportunity to be creative, Holly Alptrum describes best with The

absence of tv spawns creativeness. (Alptrum). Tv set gives the

viewers both sight and appear at once going out of only three senses to imagine. Radio

leaves four feelings. Books keep all five senses to assume. In fact a report in

Canada conducted simply by Tannis MacBeth 20 years back on the effects of television upon

a small town produced results that were not surprising at all. The girl discovered

that with the introduction of television set to this tiny town creative imagination dropped

and within 2 yrs the number of situations of driving, shoving, reaching

biting, and other forms of aggressive activities by children increased all the

as 160 percent. This cannot just be coincidence. Within related study

directed by simply Centerwall tough rates and in usa, South Africa

and Canada doubled ten to fifteen years following your introduction of television. There

are hundreds of documented checks and trials relating to the simple fact that

violence on television includes a very bad effect on kids.

Is the media for taking all the fault? Of course not. After all, this can be

America and i also believe nothing at all more firmly than liberty of conversation and

appearance. The solution to the problem is censorship. Censorship certainly not at the

government level, nor at the express level, nor at the wire company level

rather with the level of the fogeys. They and so they alone will be the ones who need

to decide precisely what is best for their children for simply they know what is best. The moment

I was children my mom was always there to tell myself what I may and could certainly not

watch. Obviously when I was smaller I hated it, but now that I am more mature I i am

so grateful and thankful that my personal mother censored what was fed into my own brain.

But another trouble arises! In todays culture, two functioning parents is the norm.

For a lot of children you cannot find any one at your home to tend them, to tell them what to

perform and implement it. Youngsters are left for their own. Child sitter as an adult

substitute is fine to get watching in the safety of the children, or else

they can care less the actual children observed because they undoubtedly viewed

or continue to watch precisely the same program or consider it safe because it is a great after

university kids animation.

What has the media done to combat this? Little or no to nothing at all.

They reject that the trouble actually exists. But the problem does are present and is

very real, and they can help prevent it. They can help change it. What then simply is

preventing it? What is preventing the media coming from trying to help? Money of

course. What could be more essential than money? These kids shows will be

big money creators and that says it all. The media has been doing very little inside the

actual resolving of the trouble, in fact about the only thing they have done is definitely

to add a special 30 second warning before a show or perhaps television video that may

consist of scenes that require parental oversight. Although this is a step in

the right course, more action is needed.

So where will the solution lay down? There are several alternatives some are

obvious and some are just mere tips. One way to control the television is usually to

not transform it on. An additional idea should be to not get a television, but that is

preposterous because tv can be useful and educational. Merely when it

appears that all hope is shed technology discovers an answer: The V-Chip.

The V-Chip was invented by a Canadian several years ago together with the purpose

of censoring what can be seen on television by youngsters. This computer chip could be

inserted into excellent television sets and would enable the owner to define what

type of television shows could be seen at home. This gives the parents total

control over what is viewed around the set when no one hosts keep an eye on the

nest. The chip can be complete with a password to stop the limited computer wizard

from overriding any options. Ratings include such issues as, physical violence (in

a number of levels), love-making, language, mature content, etc .. It offers a massive

expansive assortment of options and certainly provides its rewards. But with every single new

idea there is opposition. There are some that claim that it can never aid in

the fight against assault, but these are the same people who assume that

more actual type assault should be displayed on television due to supposed

fact that it would include a cathartic affect on the populace. Others are careful

about who also decides what television show is violent or what movie is too risqu.

They dread the government is going to take control over what the people will see and for

that reason the V-Chip is unconstitutional. Nevertheless the V-Chip needs to be offered

even so to those who wish to take advantage of what has to offer not really

unlike tv sets that are mandated to have products for the hearing


Dr . Eron, a common and well accredited psychologist, adds one other

possible issue to the V-Chip. He thinks that the V-Chip is too convenient. The

V-Chip actually removes the required being a parent or guardian. The

attraction for parents to merely prevent something away with a processor chip and concealing the

truth is much too great with the V-Chip. When parents simply utilize chip to

block out the unwanted data childrens attention is improved. The

parents responsibility ought to include talking and discussing the down sides of

tv set violence. They have to discuss the energy of subjects of true

violence and draw a distinct line among what is viewed on television and what is

actuality. Family rules should be manufactured on how much, when, and

what television set programs can be seen. The V-Chip helps in placing these

recommendations but is no way designed as a stand-alone apparatus.

One thing is for certain that is certainly tv does have an impact of children

today. It has been proven time and time again in the endless research and

years of testing that over time tv affects people. None are more afflicted

than children. This matter of the influences of tv set is just recently

becoming a known and well established health issue. A number of scientists and

psychologists acquired predicted that this nation would turn into a country of

morons. (Qtd. Davies 36). America went via a region with the highest standards

of education and excellence in education into a nation with a of the most affordable

scores in education in the third world. This prediction of your a nation of

morons. (Qtd. Revealed 36) is unfortunately becoming authentic. When statements like Six-

year-old billed with battering baby happen to be written through the front site of the

daily newspaper that is when we should realize that there is something wrong

going on in this nation. Children learn from watching television. Whether this

is something morally appear or some thing criminally appear children consume

everything that they see and find out it. Father and mother must be the first distinctive line of attack

against television taking over the children since they can not anymore ignore

the challenge and desire that the television set stations will certainly somehow develop a

solution. The stations have done very little to assist. The V-Chip offers a lot of

help although must be strengthened with parent discussions. Often there is one other

option to censoring what is fed in to the minds of your children. Philip

Goddard states that well along can turn the damn point off, you understand. (25)

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