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Technology and Cultural Change

The Industrial Revolution totally changed the way that humans live and work. Prior to Industrial Trend, society was dominated by agrarian economies. The Industrial Revolution created a new way of life by which an increasingly significant percentage in the population both owned or perhaps worked in factories linked to mass creation. Populations started to be increasingly centered in urban areas; fewer persons worked on farms or possessed farms. Rather than making their particular goods and services, persons now bought the majority of the products they needed in stores.

The current Knowledge Wave is scientifically driven, similar to the Industrial Wave. It is motivated by the Internet and radically expanded ease of access of information to everyone who may have an Internet interconnection. In some ways, just like the Industrial Revolution, it is extremely democratic – in the same way many persons made their fortune through capitalism, the information economy of World Wide Web offers fueled cycles by creating connections in which they did not really exist before. Yet it includes also created profound divides between the haves and the have-nots of the world.

The newest revolution offers fundamentally improved the ways through which we correspond with others and objects. The commercial Revolution created the consumer and the phenomenon in the ‘shopper’ rather than the crafter. Suddenly, cheap products were accessible to the masses. Just like the Industrial Revolution improved the sun-up-to-sundown model of gardening labor, therefore has the Knowledge Revolution, supported by the Net. “Long proven workplace events – by defined business office hours to physical office space – are being thrown out the window” (Kaufman 2013). The Knowledge Innovation shifted the way in which we watch value – we are even more willing to worth their capacity to connect us to one another (such cellphones) vs material playthings

And just since the Industrial Wave speeded in the dissemination of knowledge through improvements such as telegraphs and phones, the Knowledge Revolution has changed the way in which we relate with one another. In earlier centuries, people happy to the concept that they can communicate with close friends and family and friends far away; now we communicate with one another – even persons we know well – via an gregario and distanced computer medium. Although the Knowledge Revolution was based in technology and thus a great outgrowth in the earlier Professional Revolution, it could have more basically changed how we view one another provides humans. Our company is now on the web personas and our physical selves, and therefore it is indeed a Sales and marketing communications Revolution too.

Q2. Technology and Determinism

Ultimately, the primary use of computers is to contact others, and this is the sphere of human being relations often characterized while female. The major shaping pushes of the Internet today are companies just like Facebook and Twitter, which in turn facilitate the creation of social links and produce bridges among people. This might be characterized like a highly ‘feminine’ activity, although it is power by technology. Other aspects of the Internet, just like its industrial potential to motivate shopping, also facilitate precisely what is commonly-viewed like a female pastime. “On average, women take more time online a month, 24. 8 hours in comparison to 22. on the lookout for hours for guys… Nearly 56% of adult women declare they use the web to stay in touch with people, compared to 46% of adult men” (How females use the web, 2013, Mashable). Therefore, by definition, to understand the world wide web requires a ‘feminine’ perspective, provided that women are its dominating users. Women can gain prominence on the net by creating blogs, providing goods and services, and effectively staying away from patriarchal middlemen to manage to get thier voices read and to put in economic electrical power. The fact that so many corporations

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