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Organization Information:

Carolina Business & Tax Assistance is a great independently possessed company that specializes in income tax and payroll companies to all sized businesses and individuals in our community and native areas. All of us currently have 5 locations to pay the seaside counties in Northern South Carolina and are in the act of opening our most recent location in southeast North Carolina. You simply supply the employee’s details and we figure out the salaries. We can print your payroll checks on your checks or we can fernkopie you the info so that you may hand write the checks.

We all also overcome your financial institution statements to develop the reports needed to file your companies’ income tax earnings. We document all month-to-month, quarterly and yearly taxation statements as required by the metropolis, county, and federal laws.

Our staff is totally trained and continuously current with the most updated laws and regulations regarding neighborhood and federal tax laws that affect your company or perhaps individual needs. We also have about staff a retired IRS . GOV agent which has the knowledge to manage any complications you may have got in the past relating to your personal or perhaps business tax.

You can expect electronic processing of your personal income taxes so that you may obtain the fastest conceivable return inside our area. While an additional support at no charge, we all will collect any income taxes (personal, salaries or business) taxes which have been due and submit all of them immediately to the appropriate organizations. Our offices have prolonged hours of operation during tax period including Saturdays to be able to provide your needs on your availability. Should you be not able to come to all of us, we can come to you!

Business Framework:

The business composition for this business is informal but specialist. As we all know, you can actually be afraid of a person in standard. I feelthat if each of our attire plan is informal, then our customers will feel more at eased with us whether they have an easy question or possibly a more complexed problem. Although we will be outfitted more informal then our competition, we will remain professional at all times including at company sponsored picnics or perhaps other affairs. Each office will have an appropriate waiting region complete with tvs, soft drinks and snacks. We all will also give you a smoking place to our clientele (some persons get actually nervous the moment dealing with their money! ). In addition , each office will have a single manager who will oversee almost all aspects of the office they are responsible for and will report directly to the organization owner on a weekly basis or more frequently should a problem arise.


The traditions of this business focuses on being an honest, reliable, respectful, educated and beneficial employee. Workers who can demonstrate these characteristics that we shoot for will be compensated on a quarterly basis through pay raises or different means that are best suited and agree with the company requirements. Any staff who simply cannot meet these kinds of standards will be replaced with one more who can. These qualities needs to be displayed by any means time while dealing with customers along with co-workers, supervisors and the owner of the organization. Above all, confidentiality is the maximum importance through this business because of the nature from the information that we handle.

I select the company structure, business model and culture depending on the on-going need of these services for each and every individual and new small businesses that are beginning almost daily. The tax regulations are changing all the time in fact it is important to know the dimensions of the changes that affect every person and organization. I have been to and have found many businesses like this one that I have created where the workers have no knowledge of business or tax principles, never mind all of the changes that the government is constantly changing.


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