Tambrands overcoming culture level of resistance

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Tampax, Tambrands’s only product, may be the best-selling tampon in the world, with 44 percent of the global market. North America and Europe account for 90 percent of people sales. (Cateora, Graham: 2007) Tambrands is a company that has been successful throughout America and The european union yet they have faced many barriers which may have made it harder to develop due to competition and also, because of incapability to expand internationally. In planning for expansion right into a global marketplace, Tambrands divided the world in three clusters, based certainly not on location but about how resistant females are to applying tampons.

The goal is to market to each cluster in a similar way.

Identify the particular group feels to be the essential issues

Tambrands wanted to showcase the usage of bouchon among women all over the world, but they lacked of the experience and methods to do so. That they launched a advertising campaign which intended to show girls that the myths that existed in their civilizations about tampons were not real.

These kinds of campaigns were too aggressive for people in countries such as Latin Many or Chinese suppliers. Tambrands chose to sell the brand TAMPAX to P&G, which represented the perfect opportunity for tampons to be used throughout the globe as a result of size of the company, its circulation channels and its particular reliability.

P&G effectively grew the usage of tampons in these countries which usually refused to work with them. Tambrands decide to work with Procter & Gamble, getting benefits pertaining to both. Equally companies understand that culture is an important topic intended for marketing, and they develop a prepare that allows those to get devoted customers. P&G and Tambrands understand that traditions change in just about every nation, also because of that, the two companies develop different plans for every culture.

Identify the elements of essential thinking and decision making installed into play Marketers decide to do marketplace segmentation, and they subdivide this market into 3 clusters, however the market are exactly the same for all of them Tambrands chose to work with Procter & Chance, because Tampax had not the money they had to develop it is market strategy; in the various other side, P&G had not electrical power in this market, and this plan will bring rewards for the two Tambrands and P&G build a great program, they recognized what the problem for marketing was, plus they found ethnic problems. In that case, they create a plan and with these types of ads that they explain that the tampon is known as a product that will not affect their bodies (their virginity).

Tambrands make a very interesting decision by choosing P&G to achieve their very own global growth because P&G is leading in the market globally, so Tambrands create the ideal strategy to support their just product may be sold world wide with the shadow of a leader that creates, confidence and seriousness through their customers in every continent, in the event that Tambrands would have chosen to continue to keep opening the global market by itself probably the have hot bankrupt presently, and the same scenario in case the have selected another business to release them that wasn’t that strong.

P&G should keep in mind the idea of the 3 clusters Tambrands previous allow us because it was an interesting and intelligent technique of approaching to their objective of global advertising however they must, because they did, move deeper about that idea as they do in South america in the point out of Monterrey they proceeded to go deeper by interacting with the ladies, making concentrate groups within just specific countries and targets. Within the Group number three or more, which the 1 with more level of resistance, they must focus on the teen women from 12-20 years old since their moms and granny have resided already and perhaps they have handed that stage of their lives, and the teenage girls are about to get into that level, so devoid of fighting all their culture and ideas recently breed in their minds about using a pad = loosing virginity way of them with a modern and protected style of promoting making important their WELLNESS. Most of the Latin Americans’ countries have similar cultures and so maybe the strategy used in Monterrey may be adapted to try and re-open the market in Brazil, applying the model previously describe, the features of this unit must be:

-Target: teen women 12-20

-Respect previous concepts

-Respect culture

-Create innovate advertising

-Focus within the HYGENE and HEALTH

Recognize the group’ s analysis of what might have been completed change the scenario to produce a great outcome, if possible Before introducing a global crude “real plan, Tambrands really should have done the appropriate research in those market segments they planned to enter. Naturally , research designed spending economic resources these people were not able to get. In the other hand, the world might be globalizing although no nation is the same as additional, at least not yet. Therefore it is really difficult to create a proper global marketing campaign due to cultural distinctions between them.

The sole thing Tambrands accomplish with this kind of campaign was going to make ladies in these markets to refuse even more to use Tampax. Perhaps, that they could have sought for a more feasible market, in which they did not need to change ladies perceptions of their product, to be able to expand the business, obtain better profits, increase their economic resources and, when ready, release their merchandise into a more difficult market like Latin America. But , given that they did points wrong and almost ruined all their opportunity in those market segments, they did well in selling the manufacturer to a more experienced company, which has been able to raise the tampons’ take in.


Cateora, G. R., & Graham, J. L. (2007). Tambrands””Overcoming lifestyle resistance. In International Promoting (13th male impotence., p. 656). New York: McGraw-Hill.


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