Systems Case Study Essay

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The subway network can be split into 4 main sub systems, those staying design, developing and protection, operation and customers. The look process in the beginning involves designing the desired rail network, nevertheless once the complete system in in operation the structure sub system involves the re design of features and parts due to arising issues as well as upgrading the system to work with newer systems.

This subsystem requires many disciplines of engineering which include electrical which usually designs most of the electrical features including the key power program responsible in powering of the general system [1], municipal which patterns structures such as stations, links and tunnels underneath the town [2] and mechanical which is involved in the design of railway automobiles [3]. The manufacturing and routine service subsystem requires the building of everything required for the device to function from manufacturing the trains themselves to creating the network of track, tunnels and stations they travel through. This really is all continually maintained to assure it is trustworthy and totally functioning allowing for the system to get operated.

One important anatomist discipline mixed up in manufacturing subsystem is production engineering which usually with the aid of various other engineering procedures is able to turn raw materials in to new products just like train buggies, railway songs etc [4]. The operation procedure is the subsystem that the consumers or users of this program rely greatly upon. The operation of this system consists of using all the parts of this method in order to satisfy its function of transporting its users.

The operation method involves frequent monitoring of the system to be able to allow for a schedule along with maintain safety and make sure the system is functioning correctly. This every requires many operators such as traffic controllers, drivers and conductors. Software Engineering is an important organ of the procedure process since it is responsible for expanding software to rail buggies, display entrance times and operate automatic train guidance [5]. The final subsystem of this product is the customers or the users.

This product includes all the users in the rail system and as the main purpose this technique is to give customers with transportation this subsystem as with any other depends heavily after all the other subsystems in order to allow the rail system to function. The primary subsystems and also the systems key elements interact strongly with each other and rely greatly upon the other person in order for the system to function. The whole purpose of the rail travel system is to make a more efficient, convenient and more simple way for individuals to travel to and from a desired position.

A high level of intelligent interaction and relationships between the subsystems allows the program to meet it is desired effects. As transportation is the users need there is also a strong conversation between the clients and the procedure subsystems. In order to meet customers’ needs the operation of the system has to be working effectively, this requires all of the parts involved with this subsystem to be running proficiently every dilemmas within this subsystem can easily impact the customers causing challenges such as holdups hindrances impediments and incidents which can bring about many issues with the program as a whole [6]. To be able to meet customers needs there exists a strong connection between the procedure and the making and the monitoring subsystems.

In order to operate the machine there initially needs to be parts that have been produced such as paths, stations and trains. However once the product is running frequent maintenance about parts as well as the manufacturing of new parts will be needed in order to allow allowing for the operation of the system to run proficiently [4]. Problems in the manufacturing and mainanace program can furthur lead to operation issues that can have a devastating effect on the customers. To make sure that apropriate parts are produced the making and maintainance subsystem depends on the design subsystem. This subsystem is extremely important in assuring which includes of the program are designed apropriatly eliminating any kind of potential hazards during the developing and operating stages [7].

Finally the customer subsystem has good interaction among all the other main susbystems. Activities and the behaviours of the customers infuluences and changes many ways all the subsystems interact. Even more users require more procedure which leads for the need of more making, maintainence and design. Less users could reverse this kind of effect.

To be able to create a eco friendly system the important thing elements need to rely heavily upon the other person [8].

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