Summary of learning Essay

During the On-the-Job-Training, I possess experienced various great items which I know I cannot find out in school. I am lucky to have Regal Travels Incorporation. as my own host firm because that they let me apply what I know and they enrich it even more by educating me new pleasures and making me experience it. My spouse and i learn on how you can cut the ELECTRONIC ENTRY PASS and AGENT COUPON. We also learn on how to organize it by simply number and on where you can find the top details of it. Our supervisor assigned myself at the ticketing area therefore they i want to experience the doing work process inside the ticketing office.

I as well learn on tips on how to work inside the accounting section by aiding and doing some transactions just like depositing to the bank as well paper works that they can file when they finish this. I discovered how to job and move fast with quality service. I also learned how to manage my own time in order to make the duties and obligations organized, the right way to follow selected rules and regulations with the company. I used to be assigned at the reservation place where My spouse and i encountered various people with different attitudes. I learned how to communicate with these people by the use of cell phone and in actual, answer their very own questions and help them whenever they need my own help.

Inside the reservation place, I’m among the reservations who are responsible to get callers to communicate and present some words and phrases. I entertain their questions and give a few information pertaining to the bundle that they acquired chosen. I learned how you can bond with all the current employees of the Travel Agency staffs.

We are such as a big friends and family helping each other in order to complete a very demanding day and finalized the bookings from the customers.

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