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I would really like to start by simply saying that my experience is obviously has inspire me available world, since I was a teen I had this special affinity for seeking an item and finding a way to sell it. Let me tell once I actually started a small company of advertising perfumes in to my friend’s circle. When the small business started to increase, I was not just selling this to my friends I began to sell these to random people.

As I see that this business could be expanded to others Educational institutions, I chosen 5 persons in order to help me to sell more in various Universities. This kind of showed us a whole new point of view in business that i deeply get pleasure from learning. Personal satisfaction and jobs possibilities also enjoy a key function in my job and existence decision, making myself a reputation from this amazing industry. Across my personal experience, the acquiring of new skills and information features helped me to adapt to the fast-changing world, as well as a stronger interest in innovation.

In addition , this kind of career with open potential customers would give myself constant motivation to improve myself by attaining knowledge and reaching my own goals. I realize an advantage among others by learning the language of the business world, although not just the vocabulary of business; also having the ability to lead and manage an employee to incorporate the same and everything the company as well. I want to learn, just as much as I can, the ethics and business mind of this side of the world.

I have been given a chance to study with this developed country, so far faraway from my residence. As I go by, I see all those facts that we want to get more involved in, including the sense of productivity and usefulness that Feng Chia University displays so happily, which I truly feel it is a useful life experience for my personal future profession pursuit. As to myself, My spouse and i am a person with a great interest in organization, motivation can be my durability and Taiwan is my road to success; the blend of traveling passion, world globalization tradition, effort and sacrifice for the reach of my desired goals has presented me a extremely broad perspective to what my life can be.

We strongly believe although some are certainly not related directly, all these attributes will impact my desired goals. I know i can gain qualities that Feng Chia University can provide me. My personal communication abilities are good and i also like expressing ideas and concepts.

We am an innovative person and quite often think within a contemplative method about various issues of practical importance and I believe that this university or college will encourage me in this issues. This will likely prove very valuable because it is a fundamental element of being a bachelors in Business. I am aware that for the person to achieve success it is very important that it maintains good relations with their peers as well as their teachers and keep all of them motivated all the time and they must be seen as a property to the globe.

I have been seen as a person who has maintained good relations with professors and classmates. I possess always been capable of lead a team while carrying out any kind of academic jobs. I plan to have this kind of relations and behavior when I get to Feng Chia College or university. Sports can be a big part of my life, which usually shows command, teamwork, winning desire and a competition environment.

I think in this way I can bring up more directly with college students, and thus learn from the Taiwanese culture. When i finished my personal undergraduate bachelors I’m going to study my own master, depending on the area of interest discovered in business. After i return to my own country We plan to have as much positive things as I can, used it presently there and hope to become a effective professional. It really is my desire and passion to contribute my personal education and management abilities in my nation. I know that my region possess all the tools to get as great and develop as Taiwan.

Taiwan has turned into a country with power, able to invest, make and develop. That is anything I want a great deal to bring back home. That is why I want to prepare myself in the easiest way and learn one of the most I can to get productive in the highest level. There is no other way I have to do it however the excellent method. I hope being accepted in Feng Chia University, and find out as much as I am able to, improve my Chinese about my classmates and learn from the excellent instructors this university or college has to offer.

By doing so, be able to accomplish my goals and dreams.

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