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Security may be the degree of prevention of danger, damage, loss, and criminal activity. Securities being a form of safeguard are constructions and techniques that provide or improve security as a state. It is without a doubt a great require and can for some reason be a great loss when it is prevented. Security with individual responsibility and interference have become at risk of damage because of the technology that certain machines can do.

One of this can be a swipe card technology. Swipe card technology is the process plastic sneaking in of protected data in to card which has a magnetic deprive that is go through by passing the card through a usually slotted electronic device. Personal recognition and identification happen to be special function to this sort of technology. With the aid of this, the instances of receiving human completely wrong identification will probably be diminished and.

With this kind of, organizations and schools (specifically) will be in great benefit of security and order. Just about every school must be on their highest protection and so that it will ensure it’s jurisdiction inside the school areas. Schools perform have college students willing to learn to the extent of usually attending all their classes, in reality all of us can’t ignore the fact that some of the students tend not to attend their particular class as a result of some crucial reason and this their parents are not aware from it.

As the condition become particularly noticeable, the researchers aim to develop a Pupil Attendance Monitoring System using Swipe Card Technology that will offer and powerful and exact answer pertaining to monitoring defection. Student Attendance Monitoring Product is known as an essential part of the institution security when it comes to attendance examining and performance of a specific student, combines with the Swipe Card Technology, The researchers make an effort to come up with the perfect solution is for a guaranteed, fast, and accurate program that will answer the parents, teachers concerns for the students. Significance of the study This analyze will be good for the teachers members, government, and the father and mother of the scholar of Mary Josette Senior high.

It provides the college a properly secured log-in and log-out intended for the students to help the problems about student presence monitoring. Students will now be educated within the essence of logging-in and logging-out because of their attendance functions. The system can create studies of the student’s attendance for the teachers and parent or guardian evaluation.

It might send TEXT MESSAGE warning messages to the student’s parent/guardian relating to on their 3 consecutive disette. Figure1. Conceptual Framework Physique 1 shows the process required in developing the system, The inputs will be the needed requirements to process the needed student details for the machine.

The process entails the steps in developing the needed requirement that will cause the output which is the Presence Monitoring System using Magnetic card Technology pertaining to Mary Josette Academy.

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