Storm on st kitts and patrolling barnegat essay

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The poem Storm on the Island can be written in the first individuals point of view and describes what is happening as a personal incident and allows you to match the heroes in the composition, and show that Heaney might have had personal experience with a storm on an island.. However in Patrolling Barnegat the poet has used the third people point of view however the poet uses empathy to share with the story of the storm, using empathy to get the people and describes the particular storm does to the area.

There is a dramatic opening towards the beginning of Patrolling Barnegat that has effective words including the roar from the gale that may lead to powerful pictures that relate to the vitality of the thunderstorm and the lashing of the dunes in the find when the poet person says the marine is shouting with demoniac laughter which tells you with the fierce seems coming from the ocean. In the composition Storm on st. kitts there is also a strong opening, although this tells of the positive activities the people with the island have done to try and try to avoid the thunderstorm.

This also tells of how proud they can be that they have build our homes squat and that they sink walls in rock and roll and roof them with great slate exhibiting that they have acquired experience of the storm prior to. Towards the end of the poem the poet describe the storm to a war to stress the vitality and risk of the thunderstorm on the island and shows the ocean as a great enemy during storms, although a friend if the weather is usually calm plus the weather is usually pleasant, yet turns on all of them like a wild animal.

The ending towards the poem is surprising that the island persons should dread nothing the moment there is a ferocious storm, they may say that they fear absolutely nothing because they have prepared very well and there village will never collapse, or they may certainly not fear anything at all because the islanders know that they can just restore anything that fractures as they have got each others help to do the tasks that lie forward. In Patrolling Barnegat the poet features personified the wind making it seem to be evil since it has evil laughter plus the wind acquired intention of destroying road blocks stood before it.

The storm that is certainly raging is happening at night. Evening is associated with danger as well as the mystery of not knowing precisely what is there rendering it spooky and mysterious because the surprise is to you of the composition, this comes from the surprise being associated with the supernatural previously with demoniac laughter and death-wind. The eeriness and spookiness in the storm allows you to feel shame and a purpose to help the people in trouble since they cannot try to escape from these kinds of a dramatic and dangerous effect of character.

The language found in Patrolling Barnegat gives emphasis as unnecessary repetition is used which gives you a place such as upon beachy slush and sand spirits of snow brutal slanting which makes you think about the storms condition and the utilization of imagery displays the storm to be like a winters working day due to the crushed stone spirits of snow, yet this is a great opposite about what the composition is hinting about the storm.

Over the poem onomatopoeia is used which usually lets us listen to how tough the tornado is and the diabolical truth that is happening during the storm such as demoniac laughter and beachy slush. The composition has duplication to get the point across and the listing used offers many specifics at once that you have to analyse to have the point across within a strong and dramatic method, such as the being to the lines all end with verbs without subject matter which produces questions as to what is doing the verb.

On the web two in Storm on st. kitts the poet used 1 syllable words to show how everyone is by itself when the surprise comes and attacks the location, as it is everyone for themselves and no one can avoid the thunderstorm. This tells me how lonely it must be to get the people who have live on the island if they are automatically, and how frightening it must be fro them because they have no that you turn to pertaining to help with out one can help or keep them safe.

In Thunderstorm on the Island the poet is definitely connected to characteristics and generally seems to know what it would be like to be there in the storm as he has were living the experience. The poet knows that the thunderstorm would not end up being the same whether it was to happen in a big city as they have firmly constructed complexes and if 1 was to fall down they could rebuild this easily nevertheless out on this island then they would have to gather solutions and they are not able to easily construct a building, or get it done as quickly as with a city because they do not have devices to improve them.

Even so on the island individuals are connected to the land and would rebuild their very own homes devoid of damaging the land contrary to the city dwellers who ruin habitats. The folks in the poem work together as being a community since the poet person talks even as we not I which displays they act as one unit not distinct people. The poet in Patrolling Barnegat also reveals connection to mother nature even though he’s writing in the third individuals point of view.

The onomatopoeia in the poem invites excitement and interest and helps you to picture what is happening out at marine and how scary it must be for the people involved. There is a anxiety built and there is links with the supernatural just like demoniac, and spirits which in turn add fascination and makes the poem spooky, which is not something which is usually associated with a storm, the usual feelings are to be scared but for think of it as odd or otherworldly would not have originally been obvious.

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