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My spouse and i. Time circumstance Over a ten year period beginning 1986, simultaneous while using growth of all their personal care business, the Hortalezas had been already engaged in philanthropy through donations to groups and families in need. In 1997, a decision was performed to institutionalize this work through the establishment of Sprinkle Foundation Designed (SFI) to serve their particular greatest phrase of determination in helping the economically disadvantaged.

It is their very own way of helping society, a thing of enduring benefit. In 1995-2003, the unemployment rate continues to be higher between females than males: women unemployment rate raised via 10. seven percent to 12. 6% while the male unemployment rate brought up from almost eight.

8% to 11. 9% and the total unemployment level in the Thailand both men and female was 9. 5% to 12. 2%. 2. View level Dra. Rosalinda Ang-Hortaleza, Chief executive and Couch of Little Foundation Inc.

Being a Chief executive and Seat of SFI, she has the power to help, provide, and determine the teams and people in want. She has the authority to develop program towards advancement of Filipino persons. III.

Statement of the trouble How can Sprinkle Corporation provide job opportunities for the Filipino who are less privileged? IV. Affirmation of Aims To provide a livelihood program and small business if you are unemployed Philippine people especially the female undergraduate ages 16 to 31, and it also improve the sales of SFI cosmetic products by teaching the new generate to manage small company especially in managing cash and inventory. MIRE.

Alternative Courses of Actions 1 . To undertake the five time course of Ganda Mo, Hanap Buhay ko Program together with the target beneficiaries of Little Corporation. installment payments on your Selling product through direct offering strategy. SWOT ANALYSIS 1 . To undertake the five day course of Ganda Mo, Hanap Buhay ko Program while using target beneficiaries of Little Corporation. 1 ) It only help the girl unemployment in support of few men who are prepared to undergo schooling.

2 . Couple of teen-agers are certainly not interested since they don’t have tasks in life but. 1 . Unsupervised spending will somehow land in financial damage. 2 . Could be some can attend the seminar although won’t apply what they have discovered in the Workshop. SWOT EXAMINATION 2 . Marketing supplement through direct selling technique. VII.

Recommendation The Sprinkle Corporation is going to precisely suggest direct selling strategy, since direct offering is a great aggressive and fast way to increase sales, by this various unemployed Filipino would be given jobs just for this kind of offering strategy. VIII. Action Plan The Splash Company will build funds how much the company happy to spend on the project, they are going to set up preliminary studies just before they launch in full swing plus they can easily make some changes if complications arises.

They may hire an excellent cosmetologist to teach them. Let them have lecture how to deal with small scale business and in cash matters, make an effort to help them find a better position for their set up business pertaining to better sales and profitability and teach them regarding companies merchandise and how they can manage the direct offering strategy.

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