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In his book of brief stories, The Lone Placer and Alelado Fistfight in Heaven, writer Sherman Alexie explores the theme of Native Americans as outsiders and outcasts. Throughout a lot of his testimonies, Alexie’s uses the motifs, imagery and figurative terminology to underscore the topic. Three of these stories are “Every Small Hurricane, “A Drug Known as Tradition, and “Indian Education; Alexie uses the motifs of storytelling, alcoholism, and the warrior to explore how the incomer status of his Indigenous American character types affects all of them as persons and reveals the resiliency of their community.

Alexie’s utilization of imagery and figurative terminology help show the distance between reservation Indians and the white colored culture, plus the diminishing customs of the past. Many of the personas in The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Paradise benefit psychically from informing stories. Alexie suggests that storytelling offers both equally healing as well as a pathway for Native Americans aid their background their ethnic traditions.

He depicts many kinds of storytelling throughout this guide. His testimonies offer information on tribe history and the way the Native American experience is promoting over time. Alexie uses the smoothness of Junior to tell tales that talk about the customs of Indigenous American and just how they portray both truth and optimism their group. In his account “A Drug Called Tradition, Alexie depicts the storytelling theme. Native Americans tell reports as a way of preserving their culture. These types of stories are often accompanied by music and move. Some dances celebrate victories and acts of braveness, while others stand for renewal of life. The Ghost Move carries a which means of re-union; it symbolized the reducing of the light man, and a return of land back in the American Indians. In “A Medication Called Tradition, Junior is definitely telling a story about the Ghost Party when he states, “I’ll party a ghost dance. I will bring them back ¦ “With every step and American indian rises¦ “We dance in circles developing larger and bigger until we are standing on the short, watching all the delivers return to Europe. All the light hands are waving good-bye and we continue to dance. Junior’s story indicates the importance of his heritage. Also with this story, Alexie uses radical language through the character of Victor to portray the dying of the Native American culture through each generation. The character of Victor isspeaking of a Tommy story has told, “Ain’t nobody more going to listen closely.  “Some people state he received dropped on his head when he was little. Some of the aged people believe he is magic.  This can be representative of the space between past and present Indian cultures. Alexie’s usage of imagery in “Indian Education does a great job of taking the incomer theme. This individual conveys this kind of by using negative diction, such as; Alexie opens this account describing characters first level year by saying, “My hair was short and the U. S i9000. Government spectacles were horn-rimmed, ugly¦ His use of the term ‘ugly’ signifies the personas lack self confidence in himself and shows just how his overall look is seen as distinct and not acknowledged. Alexie continues by writing, “¦ at school the other Indian boys chased myself from one nook of the play ground to the other. They pressed me down, buried me in the snow until I couldn’t breathe in, thought I’d never breathe again.  As the school years passes by Alexie features the soldier motif to assist develop his theme.

Apart from the fact that he longer gets bodily hurt, nothing at all really seems to change about the characters treatment. He still feels uncomfortable and dejected from his own group and will often be a regarded an outsider. Regardless of his status while an outsider, the character is constantly on the go after his goals and prevails. The warrior theme is apparent throughout this story, with each obstacle he prevails over during his school years. Top of Formthe His AA; ex lover The hardships of the Native American traditions are displayed in the story “Every Little Hurricane.  Alexie uses the motifs of dependency on alcohol and poverty to highlight these hardships. Addiction to alcohol is a very problem in the Local American community, and Alexie depicts a reservation where many lives have been damaged by ingesting. He identifies the turbulence of a typhoon as a metaphor to the violence that stems from alcoholism and pain of their outsider status. Alexie uses figurative terminology to convey to his readers the feelings the Indians are experiencing. As an example the following quote describes equally pain and poverty from the characters, “Victor imagined that his father’s tears would have frozen solid in the severe reservation winter seasons and shattered when they strike the floor.  ¦. Victor imagined that he organised an empty container beneath his father’s eye and accumulated tears, placed that box until it was full. Victor would place it in Sunday comics and give this to his mother.  Although many from the stories inThe Lone Ordonner and Alelado Fistfight in Heaven are riddled with tales of challenges such as alcoholism, poverty, and isolation by society beyond their reservation; Alexie also emphasizes the lining strength and resilience that helps many Native Americans cope with these kinds of problems. Through each of these struggles there are stories that support the strong sense of community and support for each and every other. Through his use of the soldier motif, Alexie was able share the perception of community and resiliency which is a significant aspect intended for the Indian cultures in the past and present instances. Alexie’s utilize motifs of storytelling, alcoholism, and the warrior helped his readers explore the overall incomer theme of his Native American characters. He was able to reflect the positive and negative affects on them while individuals, as well as show the resiliency of their community.

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