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Submitted by simply Ken Cooper

Location Unidentified

Please agree to our tiny contribution towards the Sept. 10 fund. The other $5 is via my-6-year-old baby twins, Dalton and Nora. The hearts step out to all of you and your families.

Submitted by simply Jamil Khan

Location Not known

Your users are the best of Americahardworking, tolerant, progressive. My spouse and i only want I could afford to give more during your hour of will need.

Submitted by Louis Diamond

Chicago, il

I hope this small amount is helpful in this difficult time. As a medical care worker, I wish that I had a union because bold and strong while SEIU has become for janitors. Be very well. Be strong. Take care.

Submitted by simply Jim Hijiya

Local 1895

American Federation of Teachers

Heres the $600 my wife, Barbara, and I acquired from the taxes cut. All of us figure which the families of the members, specifically from neighborhood 32Bj, are able to use the money more than we can.

Submitted by simply Connie Mazur

New York, NY

Schroder Purchase Management United states Inc.

Dear Andy:

My sincere condolences to the SEIU members and families who were affected by the tragedy on the World Trade Center the other day. The list of folks I knew in person who will be missing develops daily. It had been a horrific and mindless deed. I wanted to send the check, which can be matched simply by Schroders, to you personally as soon as possible.

Submitted simply by Becky and Gene Yeates

Location Unkown

My 12-year-old son withdrew $50 via his family savings. I mentioned to my own son I would personally match the $50.

Published by Greg O.

Area Unkown

Im grateful to get the opportunity to take action other than watch in scary. United our company is stronger.

Posted by James Clancy

Nepean, Ontario, Canada

NUDGE Nationwide Executive Panel, National Union of General public and Standard Employees

None individuals can change so what happened yesterday. Although every one of us can alter what happens down the road. We stand behind you in solidarity, make to shoulder, for numerous tomorrows as it takes.

Submitted by JEM



were 11 years of age and we planned to help, and so my sixth grade category at lynnwood intermediat would a finance rasier referred to as coins for caring to rasie money for the red mix.

Submitted by simply Timothy Welp

Local 503, member

Portland, OR

My spouse and i am a MOC who have recently arrived on staff with Community 503. The commitment I realize from the members is such a confirmation of why I therefore strongly trust in unions. Assemblage are so fundememtally important in at this time when a sense of community appears harder and harder for connecting with. The Dept of Revenue, Local 150, leadership is actively engaged in a great aggressive campain to involve the lower paid out workers inside their agency by doing one on one connections with five identified work areas. The activists will be introducing themselves, and finding out what the personnel need. Pretty basic products, but often shyed away from by market leaders because you must put yourself and your philosophy out in the open. The typical membership can be responding, more than 30% with their members went to the month-to-month meeting (thats about 200 members), associates unannomously dicated to send 500. 00 dollars of their treasury funds to the SEIU alleviation fund, the leaders possess set up collection cans during their complex for individuals to make recurring donations to the SEIU Alleviation Fund, as well as the local offers plans to revisit an additional 500. 00 dollar promise next 1 / 4 for if the attention of the public may well start to waver. The households will need help long into the future when now they can’t imagine their needs. I am speaking from experience?nternet site lost my father, a State Police Officer, in 1967. The fact that individuals who have by no means met offer what they can to unknown people in need is so comforting. Its an indication that there is an enormous resevoir of power that sometimes just requires a common way. sorry about the bad spelling, thanks for tuning in Timothy

Submitted by simply Bob Kirkman

New York, NY

SEIU Employee

I published the following as I was looking to come to grips together with the feelings I had regarding the incidents of Sept. 2010 11, 2001.

Passing through Terrible

No caution

Melting Metallic

Breaking Minds

Out of the blue

Early morning sky

Creativeness had not gone there

Astounding weapons

Unthinkable targets

Getting through Hell

Moaping Ashes

Work for your lifestyle

Wait for Guidelines

Where can we go?

Not again, Oh no, you should God simply no

No Effects

No awful movie

Your woman was a great executive

He was a fireman

She was a janitor

And oh moreover

it was the apprentices initial day

Getting through Hell

Posters are everywhere

Have you found

No, I actually havent

The members happen to be missing

My local freinds are all absent

And yet Passing through Hell

Humankind rising

Running to help

Are you OK?

Lion like courage

People suprising

by acts little and large

Passing through Hell

Dont blame me

Needed Dead or Alive

That is that guy?

Whos in charge here?

Would it not be out of commission

Or maybe ridiculous

To just end up being praying

That Passing through Heck

Never occurs again?

Submitted by simply Paul Zdinak

Local 668 staffer, retired

retired SEIU staffer

I had been not directly influenced but my family was, but it has a cheerful ending. We retired three years ago as being a staff person with Regional 668, SEIU, PSSU. My nephew, Alex Sabol, Jr. is a retired naval chief working in the Pentagon. Having been at work the afternoon the jetliner hit.. but , fortunately, having been on the other side from the Pentagon and also out unscathed. Two weeks preceding, his workplace was movedfrom the side minted by the hijacked jetliner. My buddy, Andy, lives in Suffren, N. Y. His neighbors kid is a NEW YORK CITY fireman listed as lacking and assumed dead. My wife, Faylene, and i also sent the SEIU comfort fund a $50 examine and I donated a pint of blood.

Submitted by simply Marcy Chong

DC HQ Staff

We work at SEIU Headquarters in DC, although I was for a conference in NYC when needed of the episodes. I believed the damage and misery all around me in the city for the day . 5 that I was stranded right now there. It was since tangible as the chemical smell surrounding this time. I came up home to DC simply by train, because the airports were almost all still sealed. Many persons in Penn Station been vocal concern above the lack of secureness there in the chaotic crush of people looking to leave the city. Sure enough, each of our train was halted for the bomb discourage as we acknowledged Newark. The one thing that became very clear in my experience, is that we cannot law enforcement our method to serenity either at home or in another country. The freedom we cherish can only be achieved which has a basic level of good will. No qualtity of law enforcement presence could secure Penn Station or perhaps most of the community spaces we travel through daily. Our contemporary society works, individuals feel they may have something to gain and something to get rid of. We need to considercarefully what it is that drove the terrorists to such acts of paralyzing desparation. True Tranquility is not merely the a shortage of violence, nevertheless the presence of Justice.

Submitted by Mack Y. Flores


Clovis, California

My own cousin is known as a firefighter, my father is a retired police officer, my personal sister is actually a federal employee, and I i am a state worker. This occurrence could have easily happened to mi familia.

In Tuesday, I was returning coming from beautiful San Luis Diócesis when I started up the TV inside my hotel room to hear the news during while I was getting dressed up. When I saw so what happened, my 1st thought was what third world country WAS attacked by simply terrorists however realized it was New York City. I actually realized at this time ALL our lives have been transformed forever at this time cowardly action.

All week long two televisions has been turned on at the job to let all of us know what is going on. My personal first thought was in the Port Specialist men and women whom I attained last year on the SEIU Conference in Pittsburgh names I’ve forgotten but whose kindness to my personal local make a indicate on my heart.

Every day, every night, all year long I’ve been telling my personal co-workers that WE have family in that building, along with the kindness of different SEIU residents to all of us and that now could be our time to give back in a BIG approach.

And now with the upgrade to the SEIU website, I realize we have even more family members included. Words are not able to express my own sadness, nevertheless I know my action can. I was reminded of any slogan utilized by Andy Demanding: Pray to get the useless, fight for the living. We pray every day for the souls of those union brothers and sisters who showed me (and my local) closeness and support through the years and I fight for the living, their own families.

Privately, I will be surrounding financially increase in forwarding the e-mail send from Andy to all my own co-workers. We are asking our members (and nonmembers ) to reach EXTREMELY deep to their pockets to contribute as well. To think of the lost, of the mother, father, brother, sibling, and friend how can we not work?

In person, I will be forwarding a check intended for $100 for you by the end in the work day for the reason that great category of SEIU is need, and just how could I do anything less?

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