Schizophrenia by jim stevens essay

“Schizophrenia” by simply Jim Stevens is a poem depicting the way in which a schizophrenic person’s brain works. In the first type of the poem Jim Dahon says “It was the residence that suffered the most”. Although he is using the visual images of a property, I believe that he is really just using imagery to show a human. I really believe that each stanza portrays another type of symptom of Schizophrenia. Through my own studies with this poem, I used to be unable to discover any documentation of the poet, Jim Dahon; therefore I was unable to evaluate his lifestyle and his reasoning behind publishing this composition.

Because of this I’ve had to produce my own supposition that Rick Stevens might be writing this kind of poem regarding himself. His lack of publication leaves an extremely eerie atmosphere to the composition. All I discovered was purely speculations, of the actual poem could mean or perhaps why it was written, not any assurance. The second stanza tells of slamming doorways, angry feet, and slamming dishes.

This shows the behavior of your schizophrenic person. It is reckless for no reason. This is a symptom known as “catatonia” QUOTATION Psy14 \l 1033 (Psych Central), which can be when the subject moves exceedingly and features violent habit.

The fried stains dispersing on the fabric is symbolism for disease spreading within the body. “Certain doors had been locked at night, feet stood for hours exterior them” this depicts locura; this is another symptom of Schizophrenia. Many people will have delusions that there are other people around; therefore the writer believed that he needed to secure the doors in order to keep people out. He believed that people stood outside all night. “Dishes had been left filthy; the material disappeared under a hardened crust. ” A large number of people with schizophrenia are not interested in their cleanliness or their own well being CITATION Psy14 \l 1033 (Psych Central). The writer don’t care about his home being clean or even the state of his house in general. “The house reached miss the shouting sounds, the dangers, the half-apologizes, noisy relocations, the sobbing that followed”. The article writer is offering into the mental instability, he could be not fighting it anymore, and he’s letting it control.

I believe the writer is now so consumed with his disease that he is too weak to fight back. “Then lines were drawn, edges established, a lot of rooms declared their loyalties, keeping to themselves, keeping the actual other”. The term schizophrenia in Latin is broken up to (skhizein) and (phrēn) which literally means ‘to split’ the ‘mind’ CITATION Oxf14 \l 1033 (Oxford Dictionaries). These lines signify the borders being drawn, your brain splitting up into two. Every part of the mind is deciding on its area and staying right now there. In line 15 it says “the residence divided against itself”, I believe this is directly related to the first line where that says “it was the home that experienced the most”. The author is usually demonstrating how a mind will split into several conscious personalities or “thoughts”. The house necessary divided against itself turning into two different sides. The fifth stanza is bodily depicting a person with Schizophrenia.

“Seeing cracking fresh paint, broken glass windows, the front door banging in the wind, the top tiles traveling by air of, one by one”, each one of these pictures shows all of us a different physical attribute of schizophrenia. I believe this indicates frail breaking hands, bloodshot eyes, a babbling oral cavity, and hair thinning that slowly and gradually falls out. Each of these is usual symptoms of schizophrenia and I believe that this is what the writer is trying to get throughout. It is an file format of insufficient hygiene and physical health. The last two lines are in my opinion, the strongest, “the neighbors said it was a madhouse, it had been the house that suffered most”. Instead of literally calling the home mad, the author is trying to see us the “neighbors” no longer actually determine what goes on indoors. They just say they are “mad” without in fact understanding what is occurring inside the person. I think he’s trying to help to make us see that it is not usually as it seems on the outside, that there is more going on inside.


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